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About us

who we are

DREIECK GmbH was founded in 1984 by the couple Liselotte and Alexander Herbst. The motto: shape - color - function 

In the early years, DREIECK focused on wooden box furniture and acrylic accessories. In the course of time, the focus changed more and more to high-quality glass furniture, today also a lot in combination with modern solid wood elements.

Ever since our company was founded, the focus has been on quality, local production in Germany and sustainability. 

Having a close relation with our customers and guaranteeing their satisfaction has been our central concern for over 35 years. 

After the deaths of the founders Liselotte and Alexander Herbst sen. the company shares were passed on to the children Dagmar and Alexander.

They have been running the company in the second generation for around 20 years now. 

The third generation, Malte Herbst, has been on the management board for several years. His focus is on representing the company in new media forms and online marketing.

Familie Herbst - Inhaber DREIECK DESIGNDagmar Herbst  -  Alexander Herbst  -  Malte Herbst

Today we are one of the leading design glass furniture manufacturers and cooperate with over 900 of the most exclusive and esteemed furniture stores worldwide.


The numbers

35 years of experience

100.000 products sold

900 partners world-wide

what we do

DREIECK DESIGN is one of the leading manufacturers and developers of high quality designer furniture - Made in Germany.

We rely on local production in Germany with the latest manufacturing standards. By eliminating long transport routes, we not only protect the environment, but are also particularly flexible when it comes to the wishes of our customers. With short delivery times, we can also easily implement special customer productions.

We work internationally with many high-quality furniture stores and also offer you the opportunity to order all products - including custom-made products - online on our website. We then manufacture your furniture according to your wishes and deliver it directly to your home. 

Since 1984 our passion for high-quality furniture and the desire to tailor the furniture experience to our clients has always been the core philosophy and has since been deeply embedded in our company.