Glass TV Stands

High-quality electronic devices need a stable and tasteful place in the living room: a design TV glass table is ideal for this because it impresses with timeless aesthetics and practical functions. Mobile TV furniture is popular on wheels, with which the TV can be flexibly moved back and forth. Read more...

The television tables by DREIECK DESIGN: Exclusive base for your tv

But even a fixed TV rack has its advantages and harmoniously blends into any room. Whether rotatable, TV stand on wheels or rack: All high-quality glass television tables from DREIECK DESIGN combine everyday practicality with elegant design and complete the tasteful decor of your living room.

A glass TV table in a modern design: enhances every living room

Modern clean design - this principle runs through our entire collection of glass TV tables. Our diverse designers, however, have their own unique design language and give every model an individual touch.

Do you prefer a discreet model with clean lines and puristic design? Then perhaps the TV carriage DIOGENES corresponds to your ideas: a classic glass TV cabinet with several storage compartments. For those who search an innovative work of art, we recommend our glass TV SEVEN by designer Benjamin Hanne: a futuristic composition of glass plates that are joined together in unusual angles.

Movable TV stand versus TV rack: flexible or rather static?

Movable TV stands offer the advantage that you can spontaneously decide on the television place. For those who prefer a bit more stability, a fixed glass TV rack is the better choice.

The rotatable TV stand: Design Wonder with wheels

Do you prefer to watch your favorite show in bed? In case you quickly need to get it out of the way, whenever necessary: At dinner parties with friends, TV’s only take up space, so just push it briefly into the study.

DREIECK DESIGN manufactures several rollable TV tables in different shapes:

the creation BRIDGE by designer Benjamin Hanne, for example, impresses with its innovative intermediate compartment that literally "floats" under the top panel. The JANUS X TV stand by designer Helmut Koppenhagen consists of mitred glass plates connected to high-quality chrome-plated metal bars. And our TV stand MEDIA also runs on wheels - as a special feature he also has a coloured, adjustable base.

Fixed TV furniture by DREIECK DESIGN made of glass

More stability is ensured by a fixed glass TV table. Such as our glass TV rack, LOGO, by designer Jürgen Sohn. A cross-shaped foot made of solid stainless steel ensures maximum stability. Thus, the television always rests securely on the rack and is not exposed to shocks.

The glass bench ARCADIA stands firmly on the floor and provides a quiet base for your high-quality TV set. ARCADIA is also available in many different sizes and colors, so there is something for every living room.

The glass TV table: a furniture with many functions

In addition to an appealing design, a TV table should also convince by its suitability for everyday use. The aim of DREIECK DESIGN is therefore to design pieces of furniture that combine function and form. Our TV furniture convinces with a variety of additional functions to make watching TV even easier and more enjoyable.

All around elegant: the rotatable TV table

The TV table with rotatable glass plate allows to place the screen at the optimal angle. No matter where you are in the room: with a glass TV table that rotates, you have a perfect view of the TV picture from any point of view. Optionally, the rotary element is located at the bottom or at the top of the television table.

Maximum flexibility is provided by our DIOGENES and JANUS XXX models: These designs are available with both castors and rotatable plate on request. Then you can set up the TV in the room of your choice and flexibly turn it in the desired direction.

The extraordinary: TV rack as a design hiding place

You really do not want to set up the TV permanently? The TV just does not fit into your other living room design? Then we advise you to a TV rack, which discreetly hides the device during the day.

Like our innovative model LEVEL: your flat-screen TV can be discreetly stored in a cubic body made of lacquered glass. Upon receiving a signal from the supplied remote control the unit comes out so you can comfortably enjoy your favorite show. LEVEL impresses with a futuristic design and the highest technical sophistication: With the smooth surface in colored or velvetcoloured glass, you set a tasteful design statement that can be turned into a television station at lightning speed as needed.

Glass TV table: provides space for remote control and Co.

Whether DVD player, digital receiver box or film collection: You want to keep the necessary accessories close to the TV. For this reason, our glass TV tables are equipped with practical compartments and drawers.

Glass TV tables with storage compartments

A second compartment under the TV is almost a must on glass TV tables. After all, the remote control has to be stored somewhere. An elegant solution is provided by our designs JANUS XX and JANUS XXX: The s-shaped TV stand has two pretty storage areas.

The compartment of our BRIDGE TV table is even more original: The second glass level has been fixed like a bridge using an innovative connection technique. As a result the level seems to "float" in the middle of the table. If you need additional storage space, for example for a video projector, our model VISION by Helmut Koppenhagen should be mentioned: This design is also available as a hi-fi movable stand with up to four storeys.

Glass TV table with drawer

A special TV stand is MEDIA by designer Benjamin Hanne: Under the storage shelf for the TV set is initially an open compartment for DVD player or receiver box.

The basis of this car is a spacious drawer in colored lacquered glass, in which CDs, DVDs, remote controls and much more can easily be stored. With the cable entry in the back wall, the TV can be connected to the auxiliary equipment. Due to the opaque coating, the entire ensemble always appears tidy and contributes to an orderly atmosphere in the living room.

MEDIA can be individually adapted to your needs: it is available with either a front pull-out drawer or two side drawers, the color of the paint can be selected from a wide range - from jet black to pure orange. The available standard models do not correspond to your desired design despite everything? No problem! We are happy to produce a personalized special model for you.

A splash of color in the living room: TV glass table in black, gray or red

A transparent glass TV table looks clear, light and harmonizes with a variety of materials. Depending on the taste, the particularly bright OPTIWHITE glass or the slightly dark FLOATGLAS can be used here.

For lovers of bold colors, our models are suitable with colorful painted elements. A special statement can be made with the LEVEL television rack, whose entire body is painted in bright orange or red. Depending on your preference, you can opt for colored (glossy appearance) or velvet-colored (matt optics) glass.

Of course, you always have the option of using simpler colors such as black or grey. If you like it a little more inconspicuously, you may prefer a model with individual colored parts: Our design BRIDGE by Benjamin Hanne includes on request a color-coated intermediate compartment, even on TV JANUS XX only the intermediate plate is colored.

Buy glass TV table - 5 tips

Are you considering buying a glass TV table and are still unsure which model is right for you? Then here are 5 tips on what you should consider when buying:

- First, you should determine the dimensions of the TV: How long and how wide is your TV? How hard is it - how resilient should the TV-table be? Especially with hanging devices, the load is a crucial point.

- How big should the TV-table be? Depending on the dimensions of the TV you can now determine the size of the table. Aesthetic criteria also play a role here: is the room rather small and a space-saving design advisable? Or do you have a lot of space and can use a large model?

- What features and properties does the glass TV table need? Do you need a mobile TV with wheels or do you want to leave the device in a fixed location? Possibly also a television table with adjustable turning function is a practical solution. Should the TV always be visible or would you prefer to hide it temporarily?

- Which style and which colors fit in the living room? Finally, you should tune the TV table to the rest of your interior: for example, decide whether you prefer a discreet furniture in a discreet look or want to make an artistic statement with the table.

Whether simple elegance or eye-catching piece of art: At DREIECK DESIGN you will receive a wide range of high-quality glass TV tables in a modern design language. You have already found your favorite, but individual details do not fit? Then we will gladly individually customise the TV table. Simply select the "Special request" field when ordering and explain the desired changes.