Glass Side Tables

Small but beautiful: With a designer side table made of glass you enhance every room. As a decorative shelf for remote control, reading glasses or a potted plant, the glass side table is both useful and pretty to look at. Whether as a bedside table, coffee table or magazine rack: A side table in modern design blends in wonderfully in living room ... Read more...

The side table made of glass: jewel for living room and bedroom

DREIECK DESIGN offers a wide selection of design glass side tables - for those who value aesthetics and functionality.

Glass side tables: classic-elegant to exciting-innovative

All glass side tables by DREIECK DESIGN are characterized by modern forms and clear lines. Nevertheless, there are some differences between the designs: You prefer a classic copy, which is more in the background and with which you will surely prove taste? Then our simple, simple designs like JANUS III, RONDO or nesting table ST08 are for you.

Or are you looking for a more eye-catching eye-catcher that shows your sense of originality? Here we are happy to recommend our innovative designs, such as CASKET by designer Klaus Bergen or LIDO by designer Jürgen Sohn. Whether classic and simple or unusual: With a glass side table by DREIECK DESIGN you always acquire an aesthetic unique piece made of high-quality materials.

Pretty helpers in everyday life: Nesting tables made of glass

If you need several side tables in different sizes, then a set of nesting tables is the right choice. By nesting tables one understands several small tables, which are acquired together as "set" in different sizes.

Nesting tables made of glass are particularly suitable as an attractive base for flowers or potted plants, but also decorative elements such as sculptures find space on it. DREIECK DESIGN runs several lines of glass nesting tables, each available in different sizes and colors.

The all glass ST08 design has a classic square corner connection and can be purchased as a column, bench or stool. For those who prefer something softer, our line ST05 is ideal: These nesting tables are also made of all-glass, but have curved edges.

The glass column: big sister of the side table

If you want to present deco or art objects a little higher, so is a high-quality glass column. This is essentially a higher side table. With our SL04 glass column, selected decorative objects, such as sculptures or plants, come into their own. The column is either 70 cm, 55 cm or 40 cm high and consists of FLOATGLAS or extra bright OPTIWHITE glass.

Side table made of glass - elegant interaction: metal, stainless steel, ceramics

Pure all-glass tables have a clear, clean look - but the combination of glass and other materials can conjure up countless other attractive designs. Some of our glass side tables are therefore complemented by elements made of metal, stainless steel, ceramics and wood.

Side table made of glass and metal

Metal is often processed for the foot parts or the base of foot parts, as it guarantees high stability. In addition, metal is particularly suitable for achieving a purist aesthetic. Modern styles, such as the hip industrial style, also rely heavily on metal.

Many of our high-quality glass side tables therefore have parts made of metal; These are optionally made of finely brushed stainless steel, shiny chrome-plated steel or shiny polished brass.

Side table made of glass and stainless steel

Stainless steel is a material that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. For this reason, it is popular in modern product design for furniture. The appearance of stainless steel varies with the treatment: For a dull appearance, the steel is finely brushed; polished stainless steel has a high-gloss surface.

The glossy look of the LIDO design by Jürgen Sohn really stands out: the round glass top rests on a shiny base made of solid stainless steel.

Side table made of glass and brass

Brass is characterized by its warm, decorative color, which can range from reddish to golden. Did you know that brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that has a slight antibacterial effect? The combination of glass and brass can be found, for example, in our glass side table RONDO, which is optionally available with a middle foot made of polished brass, matt or shiny stainless steel.

Side table made of glass and ceramic

Ceramic surfaces create a very attractive appearance with glass, which looks noble and stylish, and they are also completely insensitive to stains and discoloration. DREIECK DESIGN has therefore designed a high-quality side table with side walls made of glass and a table top made of ceramic.

The ceramic plate is available in different versions: the variants "calacatta statuario" and "dark marquina" look like marble; the models "brown earth", "sand earth" and "pietra gray" are similar in appearance to a high quality flagstone.

Your side table made of glass: round, square, oval or futuristic design?

An angular side table is traditionally used as a base for plants and decoration. On the other hand, round top tables are ideal for stopping coffee and snacks during meetings or socializing.

DREIECK DESIGN introduces numerous models in both variants, with some designs a round or angular table top can be chosen according to taste. Our glass side table LIDO by Jürgen Sohn is particularly variable: available with plate in round, square, rectangular, oval and even elliptical design.

In addition to the classic tables, we also carry innovative designs, where table leg and plate are made in one piece. With our glass side table JANUS III by Helmut Koppenhagen you acquire an original eye-catcher, which looks like a work of art due to its special structure. Also futuristic is the creation MISTER X by designer Mirela Herbst, a combination of sculpture and piece of furniture.

The individual glass side table to your liking

You've discovered the perfect glass side table, but it's too small, big or in the wrong shape? Then we will gladly make a personalized version according to your ideas. For customization, simply select the button "Special request" for the respective product and explain your changes.

Also, the color of the glass plate or other elements can be individually set, from elegant black to the friendly golden yellow. If the option of your desired color is not available, you can also note this as a special request.

Care tips for glass side tables

Side tables made of glass are characterized by their elegance and their special chic - however, this impression is heavily clouded when fingerprints, streaks or dust can be seen. The basic rule is that the glass should always be cleaned wet. You can use a clean cloth, sponge or a soft paper towel for cleaning. It is best to put some glass cleaner on the glass surface and then wipe the table thoroughly clean. After wet cleaning, gently wipe the glass dry with a soft cotton or microfibre cloth. Insider tip: When gross contamination steel wool works wonders. Simply follow the procedure recommended by us.

Buy side table in glass: You must pay attention

If you're considering buying a design side table, there are a few things to keep in mind:

- What should the glass side table be used for? Would you like to place a plant on it, exhibit a work of art or use it as a bedside table?
- How high should the table be? Depending on the purpose of the glass table should have different heights in question.
- Do you want a more neutral, classic design or are you looking for an artistic statement?
- Are there any special requirements for the side tables: should it, for example, be easily movable or height-adjustable?

Of course, the most important role is played by your own taste. You like one of our side tables, but you would like to change certain things? Then we also manufacture the furniture you want in an individualized way.



Our best-selling glass side tables include the ROTON, LIDO and JANUS III models. The side table ROTON stands for modern industrial design and is characterized by its innovative material mix of glass, concrete and chrome. The LIDO model is a particularly elegant appearance made of glass and stainless steel, while the puristically designed side table JANUS III shines with its functionality.

Our glass side tables are available in numerous colors. Our black glass side tables and white glass side tables are particularly popular. With many models you can also choose between different paint finishes: from gray aluminum to anthracite gray to ruby ​​red. You can't find the color of your choice? No problem. At DREIECK DESIGN you can also get all models as made-to-measure products with an individual color finish. Just let us know your wishes!

The glass side tables are available in combination with different materials. Our side tables with metal and glass provide a particularly elegant eye-catcher. Would you like to bring a natural touch to your home? Then we recommend our glass side tables with wood, which radiate warmth and comfort.

You can choose between different shapes for our side tables: Round glass side tables stand for harmony and order. This brings balance to your living room. Glass side tables in angular shape impress with their clear contours and appear fresh and modern.