Dark floor: furnishings with style

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Author: DREIECK DESIGN Editorial Office
Last updated: 20.09.2023

Dark floor or dark parquet: furnishings with noble components.

You like a dark floor in the living room? Matching furnishings to a dark foundation is a sensitive undertaking. But with an eye for detail and a few ideas, the furnishing will succeed in any case and make the living rooms a work of art of the feel-good class. But which furniture color really suits dark floors? How to choose the right furniture, you will learn here.

Dark parquet: interior with light furniture?

Furnishings start with the floor. Once the foundation is in place, it's up to the expertise and sensibilities of the occupants to make the space blossom to its fullest. The following suggestions can tip the scales to the perfectly accentuated interior plus dark floor:

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Note nuances

In the living room was laid a dark parquet and light furniture is your choice? Take a closer look at the material, because a dark gray or brown floor has undertones, contrasts, lines and patterns that give it character. Even a black floor has such elements, which are essential for choosing the right interior along with wall color, curtains and furniture.

Look at your floor at different times of day and light levels:

  • Wood: Does it tend toward the reddish or does it have more yellow nuances?

  • Tiles: Dark tiles in particular can have shimmers of color ranging from soft opalescent to green and purple to deep black.

Depending on the play of these colors, which subtly quite a bit, should choose the appropriate furniture and decoration. Then a dark floor with noble furnishings will succeed.

Include color theory

Although the floor is the base, the complete foundation is also the ceiling and walls. The interaction of these surfaces is crucial in choosing the right centerpiece and the rest of the furniture. For example, light contrasts recede into the background and emphasize the dark part of a room. According to color theory, the following principles apply:

  • Make the room wider and lower: A dark floor with light furniture, light walls and dark ceiling create this effect and have a positive effect on too high ceiling and narrow space.

  • Visually expand the space: a dark floor with light walls and ceiling creates the feeling of standing in a spacious room.

  • Visually reduce the size of large rooms: If a room is too spacious for comfort, a dark floor will have a limiting and reducing effect on the room area. In combination with a dark ceiling, the room also looks lower.

  • Light and shadow effects: For an extravagant ambience, a dark floor and dark walls in combination with a light ceiling - so the light seems to come from above and fills the living space with devout comfort.

You see, you can make your space appear more spacious or more limited, deeper or longer, warmer or colder by working with contrasts between the floor, walls and ceiling. So a dark floor only partly determines the interior - the rest is up to your discretion.


Choose the right wall color for the floor

To expand or limit the spaces, the brightness of the colors plays a big role. However, for the effects you do not necessarily have to rely on very dark or very light colors such as black or white, but can also play with nuances.

If the choice falls on a light gray, for example, this looks extremely elegant and represents a successful compromise. In addition, light and cool wall colors highlight darker shades of wood and enhance their effect. Thus, your dark floor will perfectly complement your interior.

The other way around, there is an effect as well: The wall colors get very special luminosity from the dark floor. Thus, light blue or pastel contrasts are also quite an excellent choice. For those who don't like it quite so cool, sand colors are also the perfect choice. For the noble and cozy-warm touch, old pink or soft brown tones are recommended, which are of course coordinated with the color of the floor or the wooden furniture.



Tip: Pay attention to the influence of the wall color on the room. If necessary, it is better to paint only one wall in a certain color, so that it does not look too strong, but just right.


Your dream is a dark floor: What furniture and materials harmonize with it?

The living room has a dark floor and light-colored furniture is your soft spot? Light-colored furniture is definitely eye-catching, however, you should fully survey your range of options to make the truly best choice for your individual living space. So, your choice is a brown or black floor: What furniture goes with it?

Metal and glass

Dark floor, light furniture - it's obvious. Or are there alternatives? Quite, because just as there are diverse personalities, you can also create the character of an interior versatile. At the same time, a dark floor does not necessarily require light-colored furniture. It is enough to use shiny and light effects in addition to equally dark furniture. And for this purpose, glass furniture or metal decor are excellent options, because they fit into simply any style of living and any interior.

For example, if you want a bedroom or , where a dark floor with dark furniture sets the main accents, large houseplants in metal pots are an absolute eye-catcher. Silver-colored furniture or designer beds made of brass skillfully contribute to the vintage touch. If, on the other hand, you prefer industrial style, then copper, steel or chrome elements are the perfect choice.

You can conjure up more subtle chic with hidden metallic details such as ornaments, vases made of metal or pieces of furniture with metal components (e.g. the feet or bases). No matter which one you prefer, you can conjure up a unique ambience with an avant-garde finish using dark floors and light play elements.



: Light accents are also set by luxurious glass furniture, which you can have made to measure if possible and precisely match to your individual living space. Thus, in addition to metal elements, Optiwhite or with its floating appearance can even dark rooms with bright reflective surfaces.


Natural materials

For the minimalist style, choose light-colored furniture to go with the dark floor - especially if you have large windows that favor the incidence of light and show off the nuances of your floor. If you go for the Scandinavian flair or country style, natural materials are indispensable.

Here offer themselves:

  • Natural stone
  • Leather
  • Skins

But glass furniture is also a thoughtful addition here, as its timeless elegance will bring modern lightness to your space and brighten it up.


Dark floor & light furniture

Light-colored furniture visually contrasts quite clearly with the floor. If a noble or even antique furniture is to be accentuated and serve as an eye-catcher, this contrast is absolutely suitable. Of course, colors are allowed, as long as they are muted. Cool shades of gray or blue as well as subtle red or brown complement each other wonderfully with a dark brown floor as furnishings and transform any room into an extravagantly stylish and harmonious living area.

Dark parquet, furnishings and wall color in tasteful combination

As with any interior, whatever you like is allowed. However, there are some criteria to consider so that a dark floor, furnishings and furniture pieces are well accentuated and unite to form a tasteful feel-good ensemble. The guide presented some styles and possible combinations that harmonize with each other. Basically, however, it is only important to decide on a style and stick to it. Then your interior will be stunning and reap many compliments.


What color of furniture with dark floor?

Both dark and light furniture can create aesthetic effect. It depends on what ambience you want to bring into your living space. If you want to emphasize furniture, light furniture is suitable for the dark floor. If you want to create cave-like comfort, choose dark furniture and glossy effects with a lot of greenery. Metal and glass furniture will match any interior and floor.

Which floor to dark wood furniture?

If you want to bring some light into your premises, choose a light floor for this purpose. You can achieve a more spacious look for your room with a dark floor, furnishings made of light-colored furniture and light-colored walls. A dark or even black floor to dark furniture will create a cozy and comfortable ambience - especially with glossy effects of glass furniture or metal elements.

What goes with the black floor?

With the black floor will fit whatever you like. The only important thing is that you maintain a style. Play with the look of the room by accentuating light furniture through the floor. Of course, dark furniture made of heavy wood or glass furniture made of Optiwhite or float glass will also fit, conjuring up pleasant plays of light in darkly furnished rooms. Metal furniture is also a true all-rounder and will give your interior a touch of vintage or industrial style.

What color couch with brown floor?

If you want to show off the couch, it should be bright or colorful. Here, pastel shades are suitable, bright colors or even creamy white. If the mood is to be heavy and cozy, a modern interior with an equally dark couch, many green plants and metallic elements that create light accents through glossy effects.

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