Glass Shelves

Whether for file folders, vases or books: a glass shelf is a particularly elegant storage place for all your belongings. On this page you will find an overview of our range of glass designer shelves in various sizes, colors and shapes - and we can even manufacture bespoke glass furniture on request! Read more...

The glass shelf: functional furniture with style

A shelf can be found in every living room, bedroom or office. After all, this is a proven way to keep important items close at hand. However, the glass version is more than just a practical everyday item: its translucent elegance also makes it a stylish eye-catcher.

The light can shine unhindered through the clear glass surfaces, so that the room immediately looks more open and brighter. In addition, glass is an incredibly versatile material that blends harmoniously into almost all furnishing styles. With a shelf made of glass, you acquire a versatile piece of furniture that will accompany you for a long time.

Glass shelves from DREIECK DESIGN: timeless works of art with that certain something

Our glass shelves are characterized by the view that first-class design does not always have to be eye-catching and flashy. With their clear design language and puristic design, they stand for a timeless, elegant style that outlasts short-lived fashion trends.

Glasregal BOOKLINE

At the same time, targeted, exciting accents can also be set: Our TOURELLE shelf is available with a beveled front edge, which gives the piece of furniture a discreetly avant-garde touch.

Another variant of TOURELLE impresses with even more variety of shapes: on the right side there are shelves in the form of quarter circles, the middle consists of classic rectangular compartments and on the left the shelf closes with a side slope. Together they create an impressive game with geometry - perfect for those who like it a little unusual.

Glass shelf to your taste: completely transparent, black or colorful?

A completely transparent piece of furniture has its very own charm: the clear glass surfaces remain discreetly in the background and when the sun's rays come in, fascinating patterns of light and shadow emerge. But models with colored paintwork also have their advantages. For example, noble shelf contents, such as vases or works of art, come into their own even better on colored surfaces.

Glass shelf in black

Glasregal TOURELLE

Black is a classic color and always ensures a professional, factual atmosphere. Glass furniture with black accents is ideal for offices, offices or doctor's offices.

Our TOURELLE office shelf was - as the name suggests - specially designed for this frame.

The glass shelves are painted black on the underside, but the side walls remain transparent. This gives the shelf a serious note, but overall it doesn't look too heavy. Of course, a black shelf also cuts a good figure at home, for example as a presentation area for colorful works of art.

Glass shelf in white

The color white is always a good choice if you value seriousness, but still want to give a friendly and cheerful impression. Last but not least, white always contributes to a brighter, open room atmosphere - which is why the color is also very popular with many living styles.

If you want a shelf in white, you might like the TOURELLE office model in white: the shelves are painted white, the side walls remain transparent.

The underside painting creates a nice gloss effect, which reflects the light even more and the room appears brighter.

Glass shelf with colorful accents

Lovers of bold colors will also get their money's worth with the TOURELLE office shelf: Whether golden yellow, ruby ​​red or pure orange - the model is available in various bright colors. Thus, the simple design can be loosened up with cheerful accents - a welcome change, especially in the living or sleeping area!

Choose your desired design: glass shelf made to measure

Would you like a shelf in a minimal size with only two compartments? Or do you want to equip the room with a complete shelf wall? Both are possible: Our glass shelves are available in many different sizes - from 75 cm to two meters high, everything is included. Furniture of the same type can also be flexibly combined with one another and thus assembled into larger units.

Despite all the variety, are you not entirely satisfied? Would you like to change individual details on your favorite shelf? No problem! The glass furniture is made especially for you, so that we can also take special requests into account. We would be happy to produce the desired glass shelf for you: Click on the "CUSTOMIZE" field on the product page and let us know the necessary changes.

Attractive play of light: glass shelf with LED lighting

Whether elegantly curved vase, fine porcelain or retro typewriter: loved items can be artfully staged on a glass shelf. This works particularly well when an additional light source perfectly illuminates the content.

On request, we can therefore supply your desired glass shelf in an illuminated version with high-quality LED spots. To do this, select the "Special request" option on the product page and let us know that you would like additional lighting.

Whether kitchen, bathroom or living room: a glass shelf always fits

In contrast to other pieces of furniture, a shelf made of glass is not limited to a single place of use. The classic place is certainly the living room: Filled with books, photo albums or collectibles, this piece of furniture is as practical as it is decorative.

The glass shelf also cuts a good figure in the bathroom: Glass furniture is a good choice, especially when space is limited, because it doesn't make the room look so full. Glass is also an ideal material for the bathroom, because moisture cannot harm it. A stack of fresh towels, a decorative soap dispenser and a few bamboo storage baskets - on a glass shelf, these utensils make a clear, neat impression.

Last but not least, a glass shelf is also suitable for the kitchen, since the glass surfaces can be cleaned without any problems. Be it a collection of spices, favorite cookbooks or pots of herbs: there is space here for everything that should not disappear behind a wall unit.

How to maintain your glass shelf

A shelf made of glass - like all other glass furniture - should never be cleaned dry. Even the smallest grains of sand are sufficient to leave sensitive scratches in the valuable glass. Therefore, always use a damp cloth, for example a clean kitchen towel or a soft paper towel.

Simply add a little glass cleaner to the cloth and wipe the glass surface completely clean. After damp cleaning - when all dirt has been removed - you can gently dry the glass with a microfiber cloth or some kitchen roll.

Buy a glass shelf - this has to be considered

You want to buy a glass shelf, but are not sure which one? Then the following criteria may help you to decide:

  • Do you need an open shelf or one with a rear wall or cabinet doors? In the second case, you may want to look for a glass display case, especially when it comes to storing delicate decorative items.
  • What compartment height should the shelf have? Here you should primarily think about what things you want to put on the shelf. Books are, for example, considerably lower than file folders.
  • How high should the shelf be? This depends, among other things, on the room height and your personal preferences.
  • Do you prefer a neutral model with a completely transparent look or can it be a little color?
  • Should the shelf have additional functions - such as castors or a CD attachment?

In the end, of course - as with all design questions - the key is your personal taste! If a model suits you, but you want to change individual details, then this is also not a problem: We are happy to manufacture your individual model to measure. Simply note the desired changes when ordering!