Light floor: furnishings with style

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Author: DREIECK DESIGN Editorial Office
Last updated: 21.09.2023

Bright floor: furnishings in individual stylish design

The best choice for your living area is a light floor? Finding furnishings, wall colors and decor for it is the next step and requires a keen sense of fine tuning. After all, the furniture, of course, should not only match the floor, but complete the ambience of your bedroom or living room to perfection. Find out how to combine your flair for tasteful furnishings with designer know-how in this guide.

Light floor: furnishings with light or dark furniture?

The choice of the floor forms the basis for the further furnishing of a living area. Because on the basis of the basic material and color are made further decisions for

  • Wall and ceiling paint,
  • Decorations
  • and of course the furniture.

For example, if your choice for the living room is a light floor, dark furniture is often up for debate. But is this contrast really the right decision and does not a light floor look much more inviting with light furniture?


Light floor & light furniture: harmony for your living room

Your choice for the living room was a light or even a white floor. Now what furniture you choose for your fully coordinated interior ensemble depends on what goals you have set. If you prefer a harmonious ambience with a spacious look and a sense of freedom, then you should go for light-colored furniture.

Bright laminate is a popular choice for a reason. The soft natural colors invite you to feel good and convey clean comfort and coziness without weighing down the room. To maintain this weightlessness, it is important to choose furniture that will match it. Suitable here, for example, furniture made of:

  • Glass
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Silver Maple
  • Beech
  • Ash
  • Swiss pine

Massivholzkonsole FLAIR in Eiche von DREIECK DESIGN(Photo shows solid wood console FLAIR in oak from DREIECK DESIGN)

The light shades of wood wonderfully match the soft colors of a laminate floor and extend the gentle unobtrusiveness of a natural interior. But not only beige and brown tones are suitable here, but also cream colors, of course. Likewise, stone and earth tones that tend toward the subtle reddish are absolutely appropriate. A light floor welcomes white furniture as well - how well this fits can be seen, for example, in the Scandinavian or maritime interior style.

Tip: For a sophisticated floating look and extra lightness in the living rooms, it's best to go for glass furniture. Custom-designed, they fit into your living area with millimeter precision and also add playful light reflections. A good choice, for example, are tables with wood-glass combination or furniture with glass elements.

Glas Couchtisch mit Holztablett SERVA(Photo shows glass coffee table SERVA with wooden tray in oak by DREIECK DESIGN)

Light floor & dark furniture: tasteful contrast

Of course, the combination of light floor and white furniture is not the only tasteful choice you can make. Light laminate quite welcomes dark furniture, provided that a certain style is followed and maintained. Thus, you can play with contrasts and thus set accents that will make your premises look inviting and modern.

Therefore, if your floor is a light laminate, dark furniture is not to be despised per se: After all, it is only on a light background that you can skillfully set the scene for fascinating furniture. It is therefore worthwhile to purchase noble designer pieces that are adapted to the character of the floor plan. Here, be sure to use warm colors to a warm floor, because cold colors stand out unattractively against a bright, warm laminate. This also applies to very dark furniture.

Wohnzimmer mit hellem Boden und dunklen Designermöbeln(Photo shows wooden console FLAIR (in special varnish) and dining table QUADRO MAGNUM by DREIECK DESIGN)

In addition, you should use particularly expansive furniture rather sparingly, so that no impression of clutter is created. Because the contrast of light floor and dark furniture emphasizes them and attracts all eyes. Therefore, if the focus is to be on individual designer pieces, there should not be too much "competition" in the room. Placed with feeling, the living room then looks noble, extravagant and modern at the same time.

Tip: If you do not like to be sparing with the furniture, then to create variety, you can also rely on glass furniture. Glass furniture brings in lightness and sets equally exquisite accents with glossy reflections and reduced design language. For example, a glass cabinet with a wooden element looks artful as well as weightless and stages your most precious pieces excellently. A glass dining table, on the other hand, can be designed in crystal-looking float glass or in dark colors.

Glasvitrine mit Massivholzschubladen SOLUS FLY(Photo shows glass display case with solid wood drawers in walnut SOLUS FLY by DREIECK DESIGN)

Light floor & white furniture

Typically, with a light floor, the choice falls on light furniture, as the furniture should complement the restrained colors of the laminate. However, furniture completely in white is also not taboo:

Especially in combination with light laminate, furniture in white brings a special purity, looks perfectly fresh and light. But here too, take care not to bring in too much white and, if necessary, balance it out with decor in warm color accents, e.g. many shades of brown and red. In this way, the warmth of the colors counteracts the cool freshness of the furniture and gives your living spaces a relaxed coziness.



Tip: To create variety, glass furniture can also be placed here and there to complement the white. The tailor-made all-rounders are not only a noble eye-catcher, but also a skilful combination with the other furniture thanks to their distinguished, restrained design. For example, a glass console with a white element in the entrance area matches the interior and still creates variety. A side table made of glass in straight lines will flatter your living room.

Glaskonsole mit weißen Schubladen FLY(Photo shows standing mirror GIOLINA and glass console FLY with white drawer element by DREIECK DESIGN)


Influence the effect of the room with the wall color

Often you ask yourself only one question: the choice is a light floor, so what furniture to match? But this is far from being the only factor that is crucial for effective interior design. It is also essential to choose the right wall color, because it can greatly affect the effect of the room. For example, a darkly painted wall can determine whether or not your furniture shows off, is too much, or fills the room to its fullest. Here is the effect of color theory:

  • Combine the light laminate with dark walls on the side and leave the back wall white, this visually lengthens the room. With light ceiling also makes it look higher.


Tip: If the windows are placed at the back of the room, a light wall and floor color are especially recommended, because they increase the incidence of light and brighten your living space.


  • If the room is too big for you, a dark back wall (also: dark colors) can make the room smaller. This is especially recommended if the ceilings are too high.


  • If light colors are your preferred choice, this can promote a friendly atmosphere, but it can also quickly look overly sterile. Therefore, look for dark accents here and there to ground the impression and maintain the light comfort of your living space.


By playing with the colors of the walls, you can make your living spaces appear wider or deeper, warmer or fresher. So the combination of light floor and light furniture or dark furniture determines the effect of your interior only in the basics - fine-tuning the walls and decor is equally important.


Your choice is a light floor: What furniture and materials are suitable?

The choice for your living room is light floor and dark furniture should be included? Whether light or dark furniture, is not so important for a noble ambience - The only thing that matters is that you keep your style and also bring in matching designs with the decor. The following materials are suitable for light floor:


Metall and Glass

Light floor, light furniture - how the rest of the furnishings should be designed is then not always quite clear. In such a case, it is advisable to rely on discreet metal and glass elements, because they are all-rounders and fit into almost any ambience.

Tip: Extend your furniture ensemble with luxurious custom glass furniture that perfectly matches the character of your space. Optiwhite or with a floating look give lightness to rooms with heavy furniture and bring light into the living space with bright reflective surfaces.


Natural materials

Natural materials are also almost always suitable. Unless you go for vintage and industrial style - then materials like chrome, steel, glass or copper should prevail. But cotton fibers, linen, leather and skins are the first choice for furnishings with a light floor. Also play with items made of natural stone, marble or ceramics.

For example, a side table with a white glass top next to a leather couch will create a cool, modern and classy impression. If you prefer it more cozy, wooden elements in the glass table are an extravagant eye-catcher, which in combination with flower vases and linen covers let cozy warmth find its way into your living room.


Massivholzcouchtisch SERVA WOOD(Photo shows coffee table MONUMENT in solid oak by DREIECK DESIGN)


Light floor: furniture, decor and wall color should match

In conclusion: Whatever suits your preferences should be your first choice. Nevertheless, it is important to include certain factors in order to create a truly harmonious overall picture that is coherent in itself. After all, whether it's cool and classy, sleek and modern, or warm and comfortable, all components must work together. This is best achieved when you decide on a style and clearly stick to it. Look forward to the results of your interior design art!



What furniture goes well with light laminate?

In the living room is a light floor? Dark furniture is just as suitable as light furniture. Darker materials set noble contrasts, light furniture perfectly complement the color of the laminate and bring harmony to the premises.

What goes well with light wood floor?

Many things go well with a light wood floor. Go for:

  • light or dark wood furniture
  • noble glass furniture
  • Wooden furniture with shades of red or yellow (e.g. cherry wood).
  • Natural materials
  • White furniture

Maintain a style, and with white furniture, also look for balancing accents so the room doesn't look too sterile.

Which is better: light or dark soil?

Depending on which effect you prefer, a light or dark floor is better. A light floor covering can make the room look visually larger, a dark one just more limited. Depending on the room, a different effect may be desirable. For example, in large rooms, it is often method to choose the floor and a wall in a dark design to ground the room and not make it appear too spacious.