FLY series

„FLY“: feather-Light Designer Furniture for Your Home

The unique pieces of the FLY furniture series enchant with their minimalist appearance and convey a feeling of special lightness thanks to the sophisticated design of the visually floating drawer element. These exquisite pieces of furniture combine perfectly crafted design with the highest quality, illuminating your living space. See for yourself the weightless creations at DREIECK DESIGN!

„FLY“-series: from Vision to Perfectly Crafted Designn

The pieces from the FLY line impress with their simple elegance, ingenious construction, and the beautiful combination of wood and glass materials. They can be used in various spaces, adding a touch of design lifestyle.

The minimalist designs of the FLY series from our exquisite collection are the work of renowned designer Vitold Heer. Born in the USSR in 1968, he traveled to Germany after completing his studies in fine arts in 1994, where he pursued a degree in product design in Münster. Since then, he has collaborated with various companies, delighting furniture and design enthusiasts with his innovative, modern ideas.


Designkonsole FLY mit Schubladen von DREIECK DESIGN
Photo shows design Console FLY and floor mirror GIOLINA by DREIECK DESIGN

Minimalistische Masterpieces: What Makes the Pieces of the "FLY" Series So Special

What makes the minimalist pieces of the FLY line so unique?

The masterpieces of this furniture series captivate with their straight lines and visual lightness. And that in the truest sense: the wooden elements that form an unparalleled symbiosis with the glass bodies in these pieces appear to be almost weightless. This is made possible by the special mounting: the wooden elements are fixed almost invisibly on the back of the furniture piece. This gives them a floating appearance. A particularly intriguing design element that brings your spaces to life


Good to know: Our furniture pieces are always manufactured to the highest craftsmanship standards.

Glass console FLY

The Glass Console FLY combines practicality with beauty. It is not only an eye-catching piece in your desired space but also provides surface area and storage space thanks to the integrated wooden drawer. Furthermore, it can be effortlessly cleaned since all surfaces are easily accessible.

  • For the glass body, you can choose between clear FLOAT GLASS (the classic version with a slightly darker edge and the typical greenish shimmer) and clear OPTIWHITE (modern, minimalist glass that is completely transparent on the surface and has a slight silvery/turquoise shimmer at the edge).

  • The drawer element is available in a satin-matte lacquer finish, solid oak, or walnut.

  • Additionally, when it comes to the lacquer finish, you have the choice of 10 standard colors, and as an extra option, you can select your own custom color.

In addition, the Glass Console FLY is available in four different standard dimensions, but upon request, we can custom-make the piece for you. Simply click on the "Customization" button, and you can specify the desired modifications.

Designer Glaskonsole FLY mit 2 SchubladenPhoto shows design Console FLY and floor mirror GIOLINA by DREIECK DESIGN

Glass nightstand PURE FLY

The PURE FLY glass nightstand is the perfect piece of furniture for your bedroom: simple, elegant, and equipped with a surface and wooden drawer, making it ideal for keeping everything you need close by at night. The beautiful wooden element with integrated push/pull function in the midst of the glass body is available in four different versions: MDF with a satin-matte lacquer finish or in solid oak, Swiss stone pine, or walnut.

The glass frame is available in clear FLOAT GLASS and clear OPTIWHITE, providing a versatile look depending on your choice. The PURE FLY comes in the dimensions of 55 x 41 x 55 cm, but you also have the option of customizing it to your specific needs.


Designer Nachttisch aus Glas mit Schublade PURE FLY von DREIECK DESIGNPhoto shows glass nightstand PURE FLY by DREIECK DESIGN

TV stand FLY

For an elegant flat-screen television, you need the right surface. The TV stand FLY, with its captivating combination of wood and glass, is perfectly suited for this purpose. The piece of furniture and the TV seem to form a perfect symbiosis of technology and design, creating a unique focal point in your living room.

With two different glass options, three different material choices for the drawer element, and various colors for the lacquer finish, this exquisite piece leaves nothing to be desired. The three available standard dimensions are not mandatory; you can easily have your custom-made furniture with us.


Designer Glas TV Tisch mit Schublade von DREIECK DESIGNPhoto shows glass tv table FLY and CD rack CD 504 by DREIECK DESIGN

Glass desk FLY

Elegant, simple, and functional: That's the Glass Desk FLY. This elegant piece designed by Vitold Heer impresses with its unique combination of a wooden drawer and glass body, making it not only practical but also a true eye-catcher for your workspace.

You can choose between clear FLOAT GLASS and clear OPTIWHITE for the glass body, and for the drawer element, you have the option of a satin-matte lacquer finish or solid oak or walnut. For the lacquered version, you can select from numerous different color tones.

The standard dimensions for this piece are 120 x 55 x 74 cm. If these dimensions don't suit your needs for any specific reason, we are happy to customize the furniture for you. Simply choose the "Customization" option.


Designer Schreibtisch aus Glas mit Schublade FLY von DREIECK DESIGN
Photo shows glass desk FLY by DREIECK DESIGN

Coffee table FLY

Thanks to a cleverly invisible base, the wooden element in the Coffee Table FLY appears to float in the midst of the glass body without any visible attachments. Another unique feature of the wooden element is that it is equipped with a push-to-open drawer on one side and offers a practical open storage compartment on the other side, making it a display space for various beautiful items. The glass bridge table also provides ample surface area.

Speaking of the glass top: For its execution, you can choose as usual between clear FLOAT GLASS and clear OPTIWHITE. The third option is the stylish Parsol glass in dark gray, which offers a completely different appearance depending on the lighting and matches especially well with the elegant versions of the drawer element in lacquer or solid wood. The drawer element can be realized in a satin-matte lacquer finish or in solid oak or walnut.

In the standard dimensions of 120 x 60 x 36 cm, the table looks fabulous. However, if you need different measurements, we are happy to accommodate your preferences. Simply click on the "Customization" button and let your dream table become a reality.


Designer Couchtisch aus Glas mit Massivholzschublade FLY
Photo shows glass coffee table FLY by DREIECK DESIGN

Wardrobe FLY G

The Garderobe FLY G is an exceptional addition to the popular FLY pieces. The sophisticated combination of a mirrored surface, solid wood element, and lacquered glass area adds a touch of elegance to any entrance area.

Despite its compact 85 cm overall width, this piece of furniture offers numerous storage and display options thanks to its intelligent layout, including a generous shelf, two drawers, and two integrated folding hooks. Additionally, due to its shallow depth of 31 cm, the wardrobe is suitable for narrow hallways. You can install the Garderobe FLY G either freestanding on the floor or mounted on the wall.

The glass version comes standard with a mirrored back panel and a lacquered glass area. For the lacquer finish, you have the option to choose from various elegant color tones. The drawer element can be ordered in a satin-matte lacquer finish, solid oak, or walnut. The Garderobe is available in the dimensions of 85 x 31 x 200 cm, but it can also be custom-made to your specifications.


Designer Garderobe mit Spiegel und Schublade von DREIECK DESIGN
Photo shows glass wardrobe FLY G by DREIECK DESIGN

Glass cabinet SOLUS FLY

The Glass Display Cabinet SOLUS FLY combines the style of the minimalist SOLUS showcases with the unique lightness of the FLY series. With its various design possibilities, it seamlessly blends into any interior and skillfully showcases your most beautiful items. And if something needs to be hidden from the curious eyes of friends and family, the glass display cabinet also includes a wooden element with ample storage space.


Optionally, the SOLUS FLY can also be equipped with the brilliant lighting system from the SOLUS LED LINE series. The subminiature LED lights, with their 7-watt LED power, can be dimmed to your liking, showcasing your exhibits in perfect light. Despite their small size of only about 3 mm, they are nearly invisible themselves.


The glass body of the SOLUS FLY can be chosen in four different configurations. You can decide, among other things, whether the door hinge should be on the right or left. The drawer element is available in a lacquered version (with oak interior), in solid oak, or solid walnut (with oak interior).

As always, you can also choose between the standard dimensions for the SOLUS FLY glass display cabinet, which in this case are 54 x 38 x 180 cm, or opt for a custom-made option.


Designer Glasvitrine mit Massivholzschubladen von DREIECK DESIGN
Photo shows display case SOLUS FLY by DREIECK DESIGN

„FLY“: Find the centerpiece for your decor.

The masterpieces from the FLY line impress with their composition of fine materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and simple elegance. Unobtrusively, they complement any style of decor, yet still provide that special touch. Discover our FLY products and bring minimalist design sophistication into your living space.

At DREIECK DESIGN, we are here to assist you with any questions or special requests. Contact us easily! We look forward to your message or order!