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DREIECK DESIGN is a German family-owned business that has specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality glass furniture and glass loudspeakers. The family Herbst founded our enterprise in 1984 and still remain firmly within the company. We offer you high-quality designer glass furniture which is made in Germany. Our most popular products are glass cabinets, glass shelves, glass tables, glass consoles, glass sideboards, glass nightstands, glass TV furniture, and high-end glass loudspeakers (QEOS). All products can individually be produced and thereby completely adjusted to your measurements and wishes. Now all products are available in our online shop.




  • German family business since 1984
  • worldwide delivery
  • you are buying directly from the manufacturer
  • all products manufactured in Germany with highest quality standards
  • all products can be produced in custom sizes concerning your wishes
  • all products can be ordered directly in our online store
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Glasvitrine SOLUS Backlight mit LED Rückwandbeleuchtung von DREIECK DESIGN


In our online shop, you will find many great glass showcases.
The modern glass cabinet made of Optiwhite glass, on request with the highest quality LED lighting, serves perfectly as a museum or private collection showcase. Also for the exhibition area of ​​your shop or hotel, the classic glass showcase made of float glass with brass fittings is suitable.
Each of our glass showcases can also be custom-made according to your wishes. As a wall cabinet for hanging, a display case, or as a built-in showcase directly in your home or business. Colored finishes are custom made to match your decor. Lighting can be customized to fit your needs, whether classic spotlights, near-invisible LED lighting, or extravagant LED backlighting in any color. Of course, every showcase can also be delivered as a lockable version. Almost everything is possible because all our collector's cabinets are manufactured in Germany with the highest production standards.


Overview of the glass showcases.

(Photo shows glass cabinet with LED back wall lighting,
SOLUS BACKLIGHT from 2.980, - EUR)


Glass shelves are barely conceivable today without the modern furnishings. Whether in the office for stylishly storing folders, or the private apartment for the accommodation of beautiful things, in the living room, the kitchen, or the bathroom. The high-quality glass shelves of the DREIECK DESIGN collection are all made in Germany, with a high percentage of manual labor. All custom-made products are possible and every niche can be equipped with a matching glass shelf.
You have the opportunity to choose between the noble float glass and the modern Optiwhite glass. In addition, entire glass shelves or only a partial area can be painted in color. It is also possible to combine it with fine wood, such as oak or walnut. Even as a room divider, glass shelves function perfectly. We look forward to your inquiry about your dream glass shelf.

Overview of the glass shelves.

(Photo shows glass shelf TOURELLE in different sizes, for example as a room divider
TOURELLE from 692, - EUR)

Glasregal Tourelle

Glascouchtisch DAVIS


The versatility of the coffee tables by DREIECK DESIGN is almost limitless. For almost any application, whether in the private living room, in the waiting area of your practice, the noble hotel room, or the office, we have the right coffee table.

We offer glass coffee tables with brushed or hand-polished stainless steel metal foot, glass coffee tables with oak, walnut, or lacquered MDF (in any color). Curved all-glass tables, glass coffee tables with drawers, fine wooden trays, and lacquered or frosted glass coffee tables are just a small selection of our collection.

All coffee tables are customizable. From size to finishes, metal elements, and wooden parts, we try to fulfill the most individual request.

Overview of the coffee tables.

(Photo shows glass coffee table DAVIS with satined top in Optiwhite glass and hand-polished stainless steel base
DAVIS from 1.060, - EUR)


Side tables are the perfect little tables for versatile uses. In addition to the sofa, they offer a small shelf for a table lamp, a spot to put the glass of wine in the evening or for magazines and remote controls. DREIECK DESIGN offers a large selection of side tables, which are built from various materials. The main material is always glass, which combined with wood, metal, or concrete results in an impressive range of design. Also, nesting tables, made of glass and ceramic are absolute eye-catchers in every ambiance.

Side tables are therefore indispensable in the living room, but also in every office, hotel, or doctor's office.

Since we manufacture all our side tables in Germany, any wish or customization is possible!

Overview of the side tables.

(Photo shows glass side table LIDO with clear or frosted top in Optiwhite glass and brushed stainless steel base
LIDO from 386, - EUR)

Glas-Beistelltisch LIDO

Massivholz-Nachttisch FLAIR


Glass night tables are very special eye-catchers in your bedroom. Whether made of clear, frosted, or lacquered glass, they are the perfect storage next to the bed for the book, reading glasses, or a small lamp. Many of our glass night tables also offer a small drawer and are rollable.

Solid wood night tables with glass perfectly complement your wooden bed. By default, we use the highest quality oak or walnut for our bedside tables, but also realize special wishes. Even our drawers are made of solid oak to meet the highest demands.

With our glass and solid wood night tables, we are also happy to offer custom-made products, special colors, or types of wood to match your bed or other furniture. We look forward to your inquiry!

Overview of the bedside tables.

(Photo shows solid wood night tables FLAIR in walnut, exterior cheeks Optiwhite glass
FLAIR from 1.240, - EUR)


DREIECK DESIGN offers a large collection of different glass consoles. Made of clear, frosted, or lacquered glass. Also with or without additional shelf, straight-lined or curved glass.

Furthermore, we offer a large selection of drawers, which are covered with colored glass. All glass consoles can be custom made to your liking.

We also offer solid wood consoles and drawers in solid oak, walnut, or noble pine wood. All our consoles and drawer cabinets are manufactured to strict quality standards in Germany and can also be made to measure.

Overview of the glass consoles.

(Photo shows glass console ARCADIA made of clear Optiwhite glass
ARCADIA from 708, - EUR)

Glaskonsole ARCADIA

Glasschreibtisch FLY


Designer glass desks are often used in the home office, executive office, or even in the exclusive hotel suite. Functionality is just as central as outstanding design and perfect quality. DREIECK DESIGN offers you a selection of different glass writing desks, on request with a noble drawer in solid oak or walnut wood, or lacquered glass.

Of course, we are happy to adapt to different types of glass and wood finishes and create your personal favorite table. Did you know that all our desks are made with a high amount of manual work in Germany?

Overview of the glass desks.

(Photo shows glass desk FLY made of clear Optiwhite glass with drawer in solid walnut
Desk FLY from 1.664, - EUR)


Glass CD stands are used for storage and presentation of the beloved CD and DVD collection. DREIECK DESIGN offers a wide range of different concepts. We offer classic CD stands in fixed, rotatable, or on castors or space-saving glass wall shelves.

You decide whether you want to present your CD collection visibly in the room or "hide" behind high-quality lacquered glass. Lacquered CD stands create a very special dynamic that almost appear to be a work of art.

Of course, all of our CD stands are custom made, to suit your space and the size of your CD / DVD collection.


Overview of glass CD stands.

(Photo shows CD stand TOWER made of noble float glass
CD stand TOWER from 628, - EUR)

Glas-CD-Regal TOWER

Glas Fernsehtisch JANUS X


The television is often the focal point of the living room. It goes without saying that this should be presented in an appealing, elegant, and functional way. DREIECK DESIGN offers you a wide range of glass TV trolleys and TV tables.

You decide whether you want to place your television on a rollable glass trolley, a rotating glass rack, or electrically retractable in a color-coated glass housing. We also offer solutions with a drawer, so CDs, DVDs, and remote controls can be stored outside of the field of vision.

Of course, DREIECK DESIGN also offers you a selection of hi-fi racks, suitable for your high-end system or any compact system.

You have a unique and/or complicated TV or hi-fi setup? We gladly customize our furniture to match your television, hi-fi system, and other equipment.

Overview of glass tv tables.

(Photo shows TV table JANUS IX made of noble Optiwhite glass
JANUS IX from 1.124, - EUR)