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Author: DREIECK DESIGN editorial department
Last update: 19.01.2021

Furnishing the living room: ideas for colors, furniture and decoration

Whether for reading, playing or sitting together: the living room is the heart of every apartment or apartment. every house. It should be all the more a place where you like to be. Would you like to furnish or redesign your living room ? In this article we provide you with numerous tips and ideas - for example, on color design, the placement of furniture, different furnishing styles and much more.

Furnish your living room with style - modern living room
(Photo shows coffee tables QUADRO and CD wall shelves by DREIECK DESIGN)

Redesign your living room: What belongs in my living room?

Especially when you are completely redesigning a living room, you should first get an overview : Which furniture are actually needed? The following furnishings can be found e.g. B. in the vast majority of living rooms:


The sofa or couch is the central meeting point in the living room Depending on the size of the room, a small two-seater sofa or an entire seating group is suitable. A small couch can be complemented well with an upholstered pouf.

By the way : The sofa doesn't necessarily have to be against the wall . Especially in large living rooms, you can also place the sofa in the middle as a living area.

Furnish living room with style - sofa with coffee table made of glass by DREIECK DESIGN
(Foto shows CD stand CUBE and glass coffee table FILIO by DREIECK DESIGN)

Coffee table

A coffee table visually rounds off the sofa landscape and also offers practical storage space . To round it off in the literal sense, it is best to choose a circular or oval table - this looks particularly soft and harmonious. If you like it a bit more classic, you can opt for a square model.

Generally applies : Elongated sofas also need an elongated model (rectangular or elongated oval coffee tables), a circular or square table goes well with small sofas. Another option: You can do without the coffee table and instead choose two small side tables that you place to the right and left of the sofa.

Furnish your living room with style - QUADRO glass coffee table by DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows side table JANUS III and coffee table QUADRO by DREIECK DESIGN)


Regardless of whether you have your favorite books, the vintage record player or some pretty decorative items want to present: A shelf is also one of the “must-haves” when furnishing a living room. Depending on the furnishing style, z. B. Models in a natural wood look , with a colored finish or a transparent glass shelf or an illuminated glass showcase .

In most cases the shelf is on the wall - but it works in large living rooms too a good figure as a room divider.

Tip : As a modern alternative to the classic shelf, you can use Sideboards and consoles .

Furnish living room with style - glass showcase from DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows illuminated glass showcases SOLUS BACKLIGHT and nesting tables ST 06 by DREIECK DESIGN)

Pictures and accessories

A certain personal touch is essential for a homely atmosphere. Especially in the living room, the decorative design plays an important role. With pictures on the wall, decorative pillows and various accessories, the room becomes your individual feel-good place.

Set up living room with dining area

Would you like to integrate the dining table into the living room? In our article on the combined living-dining room you can read many useful furnishing tips!


Design living rooms in different sizes

There are some "basic rules" for designing a living room - but: The right one Furnishing also depends largely on the size and shape of the room. For this reason you will find some tips and tricks especially for small and large living rooms .

Set up a small living room

Especially in cities, living space is often limited. But you can also create a cozy spot in just a few square meters. You can make the most of a small living room with the following ideas:

  • Light colors : White, beige or pastel colors make the room appear more open and larger, as they reflect more light than dark colors. So make sure you use a light color scheme for the wall colors and decoration.

  • Mirror: Even with mirrors, the room appears larger than it actually is. Hang e.g. B. a mirror over a small wall bracket or a chest of drawers.

  • Set up sparingly: It is worthwhile to set up small rooms in a particularly minimalist way. Limit yourself to the really important objects and consciously leave some areas free.

  • Furniture with transparency: Pieces of furniture made of wire frame, wicker or glass are particularly suitable because they allow a clear view through the room. How about a glass coffee table , for example?

  • Avoid bulky furnishings: Solid pieces of furniture can have their own charm - but are not well suited for small rooms. So it is better to choose filigree furniture, such as side tables with thin table legs.

  • Use high shelves: When space is limited, it is important to make good use of the height of the room. With floor-to-ceiling shelves you can create storage space and set up a small living room to save space.

  • Use lighting: With the right light accents you can also optically create more space - e.g. B. with LED strips on shelves or a bright uplight.

set up living room with style - small living room with curved coffee table UT by DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows curved glass coffee table UT 20 and side table FADO by DREIECK DESIGN)

Set up a large living room

A spacious living room for playing games, watching TV and cozy get-togethers - that is of course the ideal case! However, the question can also arise here: How do I design a large living room? Ultimately, the room should come together to form a harmonious whole.

The following tips will help you with the design:

    • Create living islands : Divide the room into several areas and separate them with carpets, light or colors. Room dividers such as screens or standing mirrors are also suitable. This gives the living room an internal structure.

    • Solid pieces of furniture : The large couch landscape or the wall-filling shelf made of solid wood - you can afford that in the large living room. And what's more, the room even benefits from it, because it looks pleasantly filled.

    • Common frame : If you set up a large living room, you should make sure that the room has a common frame. This can e.g. B. be a pattern or a certain color that runs through the whole room.

    • Arrange several decorative pieces together : A single picture or a single vase can quickly appear lost in the large living room. Therefore rely on accessories in groups, e.g. B. several pictures, side tables or plants side by side. Also nice: an oversized painting - you can only afford that in particularly spacious rooms

Furnish living room with style - large living room with solid wood console FLAIR by DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows solid wood console FLAIR in oak by DREIECK DESIGN)

Arranging living room: colors and walls

Gray, white or happy orange? The right colors should of course not be missing for the positive feeling of living! Depending on your preference, these can be covered and calm or a little stronger.

Tip : To color the living room, think twice It is best to come up with a specific color scheme in advance that should run through the entire room. You can then take this into account when choosing the wall color as well as when purchasing decorative items and textiles.

Which wall color is suitable in the living room? Some ideas for popular colors when decorating the living room:

  • White : The classic among wall colors never goes out of style, because white walls create a bright, clean impression. If you opt for a living room painted white, you can add stronger color accents to the furnishings and furnishings - for example with dark picture frames. White walls are very popular with many modern living styles, for example the Scandinavian style or minimalism.

  • Light, warm tones : Various shades of beige and yellow are also popular and slightly warmer than pure white. Soft beige and cream tones stay in the background and create a rather calm, warm atmosphere. With yellow you give the room a particularly cheerful note - depending on your taste, you can vary between light pastel yellow to stronger sun yellow.

  • Strong orange or red : This makes the room appear dynamic and modern - but you should make sure that there is no too much disturbance. It is advisable to paint only one or two walls with bold colors and keep the rest in neutral white.

  • Gray, green or blue : gray, green and blue tones exude calm and can also be an attractive variant for wall design. However, these colors absorb a lot of light so that the room can appear dark. If necessary, compensate for this by leaving some walls white.


The right lighting for the living room

It is generally advisable to combine several light sources in the living room. Because: Depending on the activity and time of day, you will need functional lamps or atmospheric light.

The following lamps provide the basic lighting:

  • Ceiling light : Here you should ensure that the central areas are well lit (e.g. seating area or play area). Experts recommend a light intensity of around 100 lumens per square meter.

  • Floor lamp : An additional floor lamp is suitable for areas that should be particularly bright - for example for reading or working. Models with a swivel arm are particularly practical as reading lamps. The best light sources for this purpose are LED lights with a neutral white to daylight white light color (from 3,300 Kelvin).

You can conjure up pleasant moods with these lights:

  • Dimmable lamps : Ceiling or wall lights with dimming function are ideal for creating a cozy or romantic atmosphere in the evening.
  • LED strips : These can e.g. B in niches, strips or shelves. This creates indirect light - the light does not fall directly into the room, but is reflected by the white wall - which has a particularly soft and cozy effect.

  • Fairy lights : Fairy lights are an attractive way of creating an atmospheric ambience, and not just in the cold season. Hang this e.g. B. in front of a window or on the wall - this creates a playful, romantic look.

Make your living room cozy: 5 ideas for more comfort

Sure: The living room should be stylishly furnished and beautiful to look at. At least as important is the comfort factor . After all, all residents should feel at home there.

The following 5 ideas show you how to make the living room Can comfortably set up:

 Furnish your living room with style - glass furniture by DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows TV table FLY , CD stand CD 504 , curved coffee table UT 05 and side table JANUS III )

1. Home textiles

Comfort means warmth - and what better way to wrap yourself up than a cozy blanket? Textiles of all kinds are therefore a must to make the living room cozy. With a fluffy deep-pile carpet , a hand-woven plaid and some pillows , the room looks a lot more homely, doesn't it?

2. Muted colors

Colors like beige, light gray or blue exude calm and serenity and thus contribute to a cozy atmosphere in the living room. Lighter shades of color, such as strong orange or red, on the other hand, have a more invigorating effect - and sometimes also restless.

3. Natural materials

Do you know the Danish living trend "Hygge"? Comfortable living is particularly important here! And it is not for nothing that the hygge style is characterized by the fact that natural materials are preferred: With wood, ceramic, linen and wool it becomes really cozy in the living room.

4. Clarity and order

Coziness and minimalism do not contradict each other: an orderly room lets the mind rest come and ensures more relaxation. So make sure not to clutter the living room with decorations and plan enough storage space. However: The room shouldn't look bare either - the golden mean is required here!

5. Light

Last but not least, the living room can be made cozy with light: for a cozy atmosphere in the evening hours light in a warmer shade (less than 3,300 Kelvin) is particularly suitable. This resembles the light from candlelight and a fireplace - and thus ensures a particularly cozy atmosphere. With dimmable lights, indirect light through LED strips or candles, you can put the room in the limelight.

Furnish your living room nicely: which furnishing style suits me?

You want to furnish your living room in a modern way? Then you could use one of the current living trends as a guide, for example. Here we present 4 modern furnishing styles - let yourself be inspired!

Rustic-playful in the country house style

Would you like to add a little country charm to your living room? Then you might like the look of the country house style: Here you orientate yourself to the furnishing of British cottages . Natural materials such as wood, leather, wicker, linen and ceramics are a must for country style. How about a sofa with a linen cover and a charming wing chair made of leather?

The decoration can be a little playful and can be based on rural motifs : A cast iron vase with a fresh fruit tree branch, a landscape painting or pretty flower patterns are classic elements.

Reduced to the essentials: minimalism

Do you like the simple, yet beautiful design? Then you could furnish your living room in a minimalist way, for example. You won't find frills or playful things here, instead clear lines and geometric shapes .


The credo is: less is more. Accordingly, the decoration is limited to a few, selected statement pieces - for example a designer coffee table or a modern work of art.

 Stylish living room with designer furniture from DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows the noble wooden console FLAIR in special lacquer and glass table QUADRO MAGNUM by DREIECK DESIGN)

Scandinavian style with Nordic chic

Minimalism, but cozy - this is what the popular " Scandi style ”. Here, too, the focus is on clear lines, functional design and a simple design language. At the same time, emphasis is placed on natural materials, such as wood, linen and cotton, and a certain down-to-earth attitude.

Light colors - especially white - are particularly popular. Individual splashes of color are also allowed: With patterned pillows, candlesticks or a picture gallery, the room becomes particularly cozy.

A touch of nostalgia: the vintage style

Modern with retro charm - this is how you could describe the vintage style. Because the living room furnishings in the style of the 50s, 60s or 70s don't look old-fashioned, on the contrary, really hip.

It is best to decide on a style epoch beforehand and then look for a suitable one Pieces of furniture to furnish your living room - e.g. B. at flea markets or in online exchanges . How about a kidney-shaped table in the style of the 50s, a floral wallpaper in the 70s style or a chest of drawers in the style of Art Deco?

Furnish your living room in a modern way - you have many options!

Whether minimalistic, vintage style or a colorful mix of everything: in the end it comes naturally to your personal taste, because you should ultimately feel comfortable in the living room. So don't let our tips limit you, but see them as your first inspiration . Because no matter how you want to furnish your living room: whatever you like is allowed!