Custom made wooden furniture

The old look is out of fashion, and you're searching for something truly special for your space? With custom-made solid wood furniture, you can bring your personal living dream to life. The successful combination of natural solid wood with elegant glass elements creates unique accents and fosters an aesthetically pleasing, warm, and modern atmosphere. All you need to do is choose: DREIECK DESIGN crafts your custom dream piece of furniture precisely according to your preferences and measurements.

Custom Solid Wood Furniture: Stunning Nuances

Since 1984 designed and manufactured in Germany

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We offer world-wide delivery for any of our furnitures.
Made in Germany Made in Germany
Our family company stands for Germany as a production location. All of our glass and wood furniture is made in Germany.
Custom sizes available Custom sizes available
Thanks to a high proportion of manual work, we manufacture almost every one of our designer furniture in your desired size, design or color.
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Why does solid wood furniture achieve the extravagant touch?

The fusion of solid wood furniture and glass is aesthetically unparalleled. On one hand, wood creates a harmonious, natural impression, while on the other hand, the cool glass creates a glamorous atmosphere that promises luxury. Additionally, wood and glass are versatile in their combination, allowing for diverse designs for custom solid wood furniture. Create a bridge between nature and extravagant modernity with wooden furniture and tasteful glass elements

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Solid Wood Tables

Whether it's a desk, dining table, nightstand, or console for your living room, tables that combine the authenticity of wood with the modern luxury of glass are timeless pieces of furniture that not only impress but also create a cozy atmosphere. With a new custom-made wooden table refined with glass, you demonstrate a distinctive taste and an eye for minimalist aesthetics.

Choose your preferred piece of furniture from DREIECK DESIGN's creations and specify the dimensions and any other changes you desire by clicking the 'Customization' button. Your new favorite table will be crafted entirely according to your specifications.



Solid Wood Display Cabinets

Display cabinets serve as an artful frame for valuables, unique items, and favorite pieces. To showcase them properly, you need a design that captivates with clear lines and minimalist accents, ensuring that the viewer's focus always remains on the displayed item.

Display cabinets with wooden elements provide a stage for your unique items and surround them with crystal-clear glass finesse, not only offering a view but also providing protection. Whether you desire strong or subtle lighting or multiple shelves, whatever you have in mind, DREIECK DESIGN makes it possible for you. Simply share your preferences on the product page of your favorite model



Solid Wood Shelves

Whether it's a wall-mounted, freestanding, or corner shelf, the models from DREIECK DESIGN create a pleasantly simple ambiance in your living spaces, hinting at daring extravagance. These essential pieces of furniture are practical in design and leave nothing to be desired. Choose your favorite wooden shelf with glass from the range and configure your new custom-made wooden furniture online.

On the product page of your selected model, you'll find numerous components to choose from. Describe your wishes in detail using the 'Customization' button, and we'll take care of creating a new eye-catching piece for you.



Solid Wood Console

DREIECK DESIGN consoles are more than just eye-catching pieces on the side. With clearly defined contours and a delicate balance between heritage and modernity, they make a fashion statement that stands out. Particularly, the custom solid wood consoles from DREIECK DESIGN impress with nuanced glass walls that give the wooden element a floating appearance.

To bring this refined suspended look into your own home, you can plan the stylish custom solid wood furniture online yourself. Choose from options like the practical push-and-pull function, hand-dipped drawers, or various types of solid wood. By choosing a custom-made wooden console, you'll receive an exclusive one-of-a-kind piece for your home – all you have to do is share your preferences with us on the product page


Solid Wood CD/TV Furniture

Let yourself be inspired by our versatile CD and TV furniture made from solid wood. Crafted from high-quality, visually impressive wood, these pieces add an elegant touch and a stylish ambiance. This allows you to not only furnish your spaces with a fashionable centerpiece but also add extra character to them.

Both visually and functionally, these pieces can be fully customized to your preferences. Do you want a swivel base to flexibly change the viewing angle of the TV? No problem. Mobile TV stands with wheels or TV racks with extendable stages are also possible. Simply configure your desired custom TV furniture online or through the 'Customization' button – you'll see that almost anything is possible.



Custom Solid Wood Furniture: Nature and Subtle Lightness

The custom solid wood furniture by DREIECK DESIGN impresses with its distinctive design and elegant finesse. Noble glass elements accentuate this elegance and add a uniquely subtle touch. Get your one-of-a-kind piece and have your new favorite furniture crafted with great attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship. Contact us and share your preferences – we're here to fulfill them.


When do we refer to solid wood furniture?

Solid wood furniture is made from a single type of wood. This means that in solid wood furniture, there are no particle boards or wood composites used; instead, the parts of the furniture are genuinely made from the same solid wood. However, there are components that still make an exception, namely, back panels or drawer bottoms.

How do you measure furniture correctly?

Furniture can be measured using a tape measure or a ruler. Width, height, and depth of the piece of furniture should be taken into account. Make sure the tape measure is snug against the furniture to ensure accurate measurements. Measure the space first to determine if a piece of furniture will fit, and always consider the maximum possible dimensions

What type of wood is best suited for furniture?

Many wood types are suitable for furniture construction. Often, hardwoods are used, including: maple, acacia, birch, beech, alder, or ash. Particularly elegant options include cherry, walnut, and oak, as these are not only durable and resilient but also easy to work with