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Author : DREIECK DESIGN editorial department
Last update: 01/20/2021

Designing a hallway: ideas for a stylish entrance area

Boring passage room? Side show of the interior? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The hallway gives the first impression of your apartment - and is the daily hub from which you start out into the world. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves entirely to the entrance area in this article: Read some ideas here on how you can design a modern hallway - from helpful tips to different furnishing styles to special features in a narrow hallway.

It is best to consider the hallway as a separate room and pay just as much attention to it. With our 10 quick tips for designing the hallway , furnishing becomes child's play:

 Design the hallway with solid wood console FLAIR by DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows solid wood chest of drawers FLAIR in walnut by DREIECK DESIGN)

1. Consider everyday life

Yes, a stylish hallway is the goal - but: it definitely has to be practical . So think about who is using the hallway for what purpose:

  • What distances do you and the other residents make?

  • What items or items of clothing do you need (keys, scarf, shoes, umbrella, etc.) and where do you want to store them?
  • Do you need special furniture for children?

Our tip : Go Mentally go through your routine as you leave the house. Make a note of which furniture and furnishings you use in which order. It's best to play the whole thing through for several seasons.

2. Fixed space for objects

And another tip for functional furnishings: plan enough storage space for everyone Objects that you need in the hallway have a fixed place . Because you kill two birds with one stone:

  • You avoid the hallway looking crowded and messy.

  • You can create a routine in the morning so that you do not forget any important items (e.g. keys or wallet).

You create the necessary storage space e.g. B. through: a chest of drawers, a high shoe rack, a wardrobe with drawer , sideboards and consoles, a clothes rail, individual coat hooks, a key rack and much more. <

hallway design with wardrobe with mirror and drawer FLY by DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows designer wardrobe FLY G by DREIECK DESIGN)

3. Don't forget the lighting

There is usually no window in the hallway. The right lighting is all the more important when designing a hallway. Two ceiling lamps are often worthwhile in long hallways. In addition to the ceiling lamp, you can install other light sources : for example a wall lamp next to the mirror or a table lamp on the dresser.

4. Plan a seat

For extra comfort when putting on the shoes, we recommend a seat create . Anyone who has children in their infancy needs a seat anyway. A single stool or chair is sufficient for a small entrance area. If there is more space, it can also be a wider bench.

Our tip : A low, padded bench made of velvet. A wooden bench with striped cushions, on the other hand, provides rustic charm.

Design hall with designer Glass console from DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows designer glass console CONSOLE L from DREIECK DESIGN)

5. Furnish sparingly

On the one hand - as already mentioned - enough storage space in the hallway is essential. On the other hand, you should not overload this with furniture . The hallway quickly appears too crowded with jackets, shoes and bags hung up. So hold back a little with the furniture and opt for clever space solutions - such as a bench with storage space or a narrow, floor-to-ceiling cupboard.

6. Decoration is a must!

Upgrade the hallway with a few high-quality living accessories! Some ideas for decoration to make the hallway modern:

  • Pictures : Turn a long hallway into a picture gallery. Several works of art that belong together come into their own.

  • Green plants : Give the hallway a pleasantly fresh touch. For example, B. a potted plant on a chest of drawers or a small order table. You can embellish unused niches with a larger plant on a small side table.

  • Vase with dried flowers : As an easy-care alternative, there is a pretty bouquet with dried flowers - particularly suitable for a country-style interior.

  • Carpet : A patterned carpet is e.g. B. a welcome splash of color in the neutral hallway. However, be careful not to lay out any sensitive fabrics in the entrance area when designing the hallway.

  • Designer pieces : Pretty and functional in one! Separate decorative items are not always required. A special clock, a designer glass console , a pretty key bowl - you can rely on useful everyday objects with a beautification effect.

Design hallways with designer glass console ARCADIA from DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows designer glass console ARCADIA by DREIECK DESIGN)

7. Dare to be extravagant and design a modern hallway

There is this one fancy wallpaper that you have been fond of for a long time? Did a friend give you an experimental painting? In the hallway you can try out a lot of furnishings . Because you only spend a short time here - the room can therefore also tolerate elements that e.g. B. would seem too restless in the living room.

8. Protect walls

The walls in the entrance area often have to withstand a lot: the dog presses its wet muzzle on it Bicycle brushes along with the pedals ... etc. It can therefore make sense to design the lower area of ​​the wall with resistant material. This can be, for example, tiles or a glass fiber wallpaper . The lower area can be set off nicely with a border.

9. Mirror, mirror ...

You have to take a last look in the mirror before you leave the house. But a mirror has another advantage: It makes the often narrow hallway appear more spacious . For a small entrance area, e.g. B. a combination of wardrobe and mirror; a high standing mirror for the spacious hallway.

 Design your hallway with the designer standing mirror GIOLINA from DREIECK DESIGN
(Photo shows designer standing mirror GIOLINA in stainless steel or brass by DREIECK DESIGN)

10. Stay realistic

A cozy parquet floor in the entrance area is a nice idea in theory. However, it is less compatible with the reality of the scattering stones in winter. Neither does a clean, minimalist interior help if there is not enough storage space for shoes. So stay realistic when designing the hallway and orient yourself to your actual needs .

It is not uncommon for the corridor to resemble a hose-like structure rather than a pompous entrance hall. But don't worry: We have collected a few tricks on how you can also make a narrow hallway appealing.

The most important basic rule here is: save space with the right furniture! < span style = "font-size: 18px;"

  • It is best to use tall furniture with a shallow depth . This way you get as much of the width of the hallway as possible and still create enough storage space. A narrow console is suitable for. B. better than a full chest of drawers.

  • Also suitable: Tall shoe cupboards that can be folded out instead of a wide shoe rack.

  • If there is no space for the bench, a small stool might do the trick. Or how about folding seats à la cinema?

  • Another space-saving option is wall hooks , which you can use instead of a wardrobe.

You should also prefer closed pieces of furniture, as this makes the hallway appear tidier and calmer.

If you want to design a long, narrow hallway, you can emphasize exactly this: Simply sweep the elongated shape out offensively by e.g. B. place a carpet runner or hang up several pictures as a gallery. This gives the hallway almost the character of a catwalk!

The hallway seems very cramped despite everything? Then you could e.g. B. paint the doors adjacent to the hallway in the color of the wall . This makes the room look more open and wider. A must in the small hallway is also the following: hang up a mirror, provide enough light and use bright colors.

That brings us to the next question - which does not only arise in the small hallway : Which wall color in the hallway? Does it have to be boring white when you color the hallway?

No, not necessarily. But: Light colors are clearly preferable in the hallway. If you don't like white, you can, for example, For example, stick to beige, cream or pastel tones to decorate the walls of the hallway.

Dark or intense colors are good for individual accents and to give the hallway structure. You could e.g. B. just paint the front side in a slightly stronger color . Or paint the lower half of the walls in intense colors and the upper half in white.

It also looks particularly pretty, some decorative objects as a splash of color: dark brown picture frames, a deep blue vase or a sunny yellow umbrella stand - get creative! It is only important that you come up with a consistent color concept and that the individual items match in color.

Are you still looking for ideas for the design of your hallway? Then let yourself be inspired by popular living trends. We'll introduce you to three of the most beautiful furnishing styles - which can also be wonderfully implemented in the hallway:

Cozy: design the country house hallway

The country house style brings rural flair and a pinch of romance to your four walls. Natural materials such as wood, ceramics and wickerwork are therefore a must. For a country house hallway, for example, you can design the floor with stoneware tiles and then place a coarsely woven wool carpet on top.

A chest of drawers made of light oak or spruce wood looks particularly charming, provide storage space Braided raffia baskets. Decorate the country house hallway e.g. B. with flowers (fresh or dried), hand-painted ceramics or a carved key rack.

Nostalgic: design the hallway in vintage style

Oh - the good old days! Let them come back to life and furnish your hallway in a vintage style! What your retro hallway should look like in concrete terms depends not least on the specific style period you choose. Would you rather prefer dark wooden furniture à la Art Nouveau or a large patterned wallpaper in the style of the 70s?

If you are lucky you will get hold of one or the other piece of furniture at the flea market , for example a vintage wardrobe or an ornate wooden bench. Suitable retro objects are ideal as decoration for the hallway design: records, an old sleigh or a wall clock from grandfather's time.

Our tip : One old wooden chest is ideal as a seat and for stowing shoes.

 Fluar frames with vintage furniture from DREIECK DESIGN - wooden chest of drawers FUSION WOOD
(Photo shows vintage chest of drawers FUSION WOOD by DREIECK DESIGN)

Elegant: design the hallway in a minimalist style

Everything has its order, no piece is too much : If such a hallway looks appealing to you, then a minimalist style interior might be for you. Here you limit yourself to the essentials and leave as much space as possible free.

The furniture has clear shapes - rectangles, squares and other geometric shapes dominate. It is best to rely on a few but selected pieces , such as a stylish glass console or a closed stainless steel shoe cabinet. One or the other decorative element can also be, for example a pretty green plant or a small sculpture.

Regardless of which style you choose - in the end the following applies to every hallway: pay attention Be careful not to overcrowd the entrance area . Over time, clothes, bags and co. Collect here all by themselves.

It is best to invest in two or three high-quality hall furniture that looks nice and has plenty of storage space to have. This is how a hallway can be designed which - contrary to its bad reputation as a passage room - invites you to linger .

 Design the hallway - designer furniture from DREIECK DESIGN - Fly glass console and standing mirror GIOLINA
(Photo shows designer Console FLY and standing mirror GIOLINA by DREIECK DESIGN)