Glass CD Shelves

The songs from the teenage years, the classical music collection of our favorite music shapes our personality and we connect intense memories with it. Therefore, we also like to present our music collections in a clearly visible place, which often results in interesting discussions. Read more...

The CD rack made of glass: elegant Organizer for music lovers

Glass CD stand: completely transparent or colorful design with color?

Glass CD shelves are characterized by their modern look and clear, purist aesthetic. Our open models made of transparent glass (either FLOATGLAS or OPTIWHITE) always allow a view of the entire collection, so that visual accents can be set with the arrangement of the CD covers.

If you do not need to keep an eye on the CD collection, choose one of our CD stands with a lockable door. Closed shelves provide more peace of mind than open models and contribute to an orderly atmosphere.

Especially fresh and youthful are the CD stands with doors in different colors, eg. B. PILE by designer Benjamin Hanne. PILE is a classic, 183-centimeter-high glass shelf - but with a lacquered glass door. This is available in noble, muted colors such as black, white and gray as well as in bright red, orange and yellow.

 In addition, our model CUBE, which is available in numerous colors ranging from jet black to golden yellow, provides subtle color contrasts. Particularly fascinating: CUBE appears from the outside like a smooth, modern cube made of pure glass - only by a slight twist opens the shell, glides silently backwards and gives the view of the content.

Your individual CD shelf made of glass: from CD tower to CD wall shelf

Space saving on the wall or rather as an eye catcher in the middle of the room? No matter which version you prefer - at DREIECK DESIGN you will receive elaborate design creations for both variants. A free-standing CD tower allows access to the CDs from all sides and thus offers extra storage space.

Our shelves 210-560 and 224-616 have space for up to 616 CDs, depending on their height. A solid base plate with a robust stainless steel element ensures maximum stability on all models.

The wall shelf is a real space saver and conjures up storage space, without taking up much space itself. Our hanging CD shelves are available in a variety of designs and sizes and can hold up to 624 CDs, or DVDs and paperbacks, depending on the model. A special design highlight is our wall shelf with bevel or the shelves with a colored back wall. If you do not want to commit yourself once and for all, you can count on a model with castors: Our classic model CD shelf 224-616 is also available with castors and can always be moved to the desired location without any problems - perfect for anyone with a penchant for flexibility!

You are excited about one of our CD shelves, but would like to have some customization? Then just let us know when you place your order - because at DREIECK DESIGN you will receive all the products in personalized customization.

Decorative from all sides: the rotatable CD glass stand

Front, back, left, right: Our models CD shelf 210-560 and CD shelf 224-616 have CD compartments on all sides. To make access to all CDs easily possible at any time, they are also rotatable about their own axis.

Show astonishing guests this intriguing glass and stainless steel construction and browse through your entire CD collection. All CD racks rest on a heavy, solid glass top, ensuring stability at all times.

Filigree and yet stable: the CD shelf made of glass and stainless steel

The designer CD shelves by DREIECK DESIGN combine the unobtrusive, delicate look of the glass with the solid touch of stainless steel to create a modern synthesis of the arts. All glass surfaces are optionally made of FLOATGLAS or extra light OPTIWHITE glass, whereby the glass is available in a clear, satined or color lacquered version.

Foot frames, wall hangers or castors are made of high-quality stainless steel in glossy or finely brushed optics. Our CD shelves 224-616 and the CD wall shelves are also equipped on the sides with thin stainless steel cables, which on the one hand provide stability and on the other hand represent a charming design element.

Stay organized in the CD and DVD shelves made of glass - that's the way it works!

Whether records, CDs, DVDs or books: Who still relies on physical data carriers and appreciates the haptic experience, needs sufficient space for storage. A cleverly designed CD shelf made of glass can create the necessary space here.

Over time, however, collects a variety of cherished treasures - and it becomes a challenge to keep track. It is therefore advisable to bring systematics into the music or film collection. Here you can proceed according to different criteria:

- Alphabetical order: This classic setup has the advantage that every album or movie can be found quickly. Attention: specify in advance whether to sort by artist or album title.

- Genre: Fancy classic, jazz or maybe more pop music? If you sort your media collection by style, you will always have a matching disc, depending on your mood. As a variant, you can also arrange your collection according to epochs or decades.

- Cover color: Granted, this system does not convince with its inner logic. In the transparent glass shelf, however, the CD collection, which is sorted by color, sets exciting visual accents.

- Combined system: For a large media library, it may be useful to combine two criteria. It is conceivable, for example, a list by genre, the CDs are ranked alphabetically within each genre.

You want to buy a glass CD shelf? You should pay attention!

You want to buy a glass CD shelf? Be it Bach or Beatles: A high-quality glass CD stand provides space for all your favorite music and is also an innovative eye-catcher in a modern design. Before purchasing the CD shelf, however, you should think through a few things to get the perfect match:

- How much storage space should the shelf have? How many CDs should there be on the shelf?

- Do you only want to keep CDs on the shelf or in addition also DVDs or Blu-Ray discs?

- Should your collection be visible to everyone or would you prefer a closed cupboard with opaque door?

- What features and features should the CD shelf have? For example, do you prefer a rotatable system or a shelf on wheels?

- Where do you want to set up or hang your CD shelf and how much space is available in your apartment?

- Will your CD collection grow in the future? Then an expandable system may be useful.

Whether high, low, rotatable or hanging: At DREIECK DESIGN you will receive a variety of artfully designed CD shelves made of high-quality glass. And if you have not found the perfect matching shelf in our online catalog: The custom-made special wishes are also possible. Just enter the desired changes when ordering online or send us a no-obligation inquiry.