Glass Dining Tables

The dining room serves as a meeting place for friends and family. Would you like to make your dining area inviting and stylish? At DREIECK DESIGN you will find an exclusive selection of fine glass dining tables that give your living space a tasteful touch! Read more ...

Elegant lightweight: the glass dining table

It makes your dining area appear elegant and appealing: the glass dining table. Due to its transparent glass plate, it is an optical lightweight and looks anything but intrusive. Rather, a dining table made of glass provides a clear view: this is how artistic decorative elements or beautiful chairs come into their own.

Thanks to its airy, light character, a glass dining table can be easily integrated into its surroundings. Small rooms in particular benefit from the clear glass plate: the rays of light can fall through, making the living space appear brighter and larger. It is best to position your glass table opposite a window to bring out the natural daylight even better.

Also practical: glass can be combined in many ways and goes well with almost all materials. How about a couple of velvet dining room chairs? Or a stylish metal hanging lamp? The design possibilities with a dining room table made of glass are endless!


Glass table as a dining table: you should pay attention to this

There are a few things to consider when buying a glass table. After all, you should enjoy your new dining room table for as long as possible. In addition to functionality, design naturally also plays an important role: the dining table should reflect your individual furnishing style and suit your personal taste. If you think about it in advance and take a few tips to heart, nothing can go wrong with your purchase:

  • Pay attention to high-quality materials: the glass plate should be stable and have sufficient strength.

  • How many people do you want to seat at your dining room table? Do you prefer a smaller model for a maximum of two people? Or would you like to be able to sit at the table with the whole family? Depending on what purpose the glass dining table is to be used for, different sizes are recommended.

  • Round, oval or would you prefer angular? The right shape is crucial for a dining table: while round dining tables contribute more to socializing, a long, rectangular table can accommodate a particularly large number of people.

  • The question of the design is also decisive: should the glass dining table be kept in a minimalist style? Or would you like a more eye-catching model with an extravagant touch?

Dining table with glass top by DREIECK DESIGN

At DREIECK DESIGN you can expect an exclusive selection of high-quality glass dining tables. Our furniture is made in Germany with a high proportion of handcraft. The attention to detail and our high quality standards make the DREIECK DESIGN glass tables unique designer pieces!

Glass dining table: square and elegant

A square glass dining table impresses with its perfect symmetry. For example, our QUADRO model: The 15 mm thick table top made of Optiwhite or float glass rests on four table legs made of high-quality stainless steel. With their square shape, the table legs reflect the design concept and ensure a harmonious overall picture. With this glass table you bring a noble touch to your dining room - so every meal becomes a pleasure!

The QUADRO SOLO glass dining table looks even more open and airy. The square table top is supported by a central foot made of brushed or hand-polished stainless steel. The foot end forms a square-shaped glass base plate. Due to its aesthetic appearance, this glass dining table becomes an absolute statement piece in your dining room and offers space for stylish dinners for two.


Glass dining table in black: elegant dinner with style

With the QUADRO MAGNUM model you get a very special glass table in your dining room: This table is characterized by its modern design language and clear lines. The generous table top made of 15 mm thick glass offers space for several people. 8 x 8 cm stainless steel feet provide the necessary stability. These are positioned at the corners of the table and ensure maximum legroom. With this glass table nothing stands in the way of an elegant dinner with guests!

Glass dining table in oval shape: conviviality in large groups

Are you looking for a glass table with a particularly sophisticated design? Then we can introduce you to the GK model. This dining table is one of the absolute classics by DREIECK DESIGN: The oval table top is combined with semicircular glass bases. The symbiosis of curved lines and the cool elegance of glass makes this table an example of perfect aesthetics

Esstisch aus Holz und Glas: einladend und natürlich

A successful mix of different materials - that is our REMUS glass dining table: While the table top is made of Optiwhite or float glass, the feet are made of real wood veneer. The combination of glass and wood looks particularly natural and makes the table the absolute centerpiece of your dining area. Combine a couple of matching chairs and a cozy and inviting atmosphere is created!

Glass table in the dining room: which furnishing style is suitable?

Are you flirting with a new dining room table made of glass and wondering whether it fits the furnishing style of your apartment? Here you will find three styles with which a glass dining table can be perfectly combined:

Chic and multifaceted: the modern furnishing style

The modern furnishing style combines aesthetics with functionality. Different furnishing elements come together: A colorful ethnic rug combined with a sofa in a minimalist style? No problem. As long as the furnishing concept still follows a purist aesthetic. An oval glass table with curved lines, like our GK model, always cuts a fine figure in a modern dining room table!

Back to the basics: the minimalist furnishing style

Less is more! This is the motto for the minimalist furnishing style. Everything here revolves around clear lines and shapes. A uniform color concept with earthy natural tones is also part of this living style. With a simple glass table, which is characterized by its straightforward design language, the minimalist furnishing of your dining room can be perfectly complemented.

Charming living: vintage style with a nostalgic flair

The vintage style can be a little more playful: wooden furniture with a used look, warm colors and unusual decorative elements create a charming atmosphere. An elegant glass table with wooden legs, such as our REMUS model, is particularly suitable here. Combine this with slightly worn wooden chairs and the vintage style is complete!

Caring for the glass dining room table properly: this is how it works

Proper care is essential to ensure that your glass table in the dining room stays beautiful for a long time. But don't worry: furniture made of glass is particularly easy to care for. With a few simple tips, the right care is easy:

  • Never dry clean your glass furniture.
  • It is best to use a soft cotton cloth or sponge.
  • Use suitable cleaning agents such as glass cleaners or household remedies such as lemon juice.
  • Always apply the cleaning agent to the cloth, not to the glass surface.
  • Steel wool is suitable for removing particularly stubborn dirt.

Would you like to know more about how to properly care for your glass table? In our guide you will find further tips and tricks for cleaning glass furniture.

Buy made-to-measure glass dining tables at DREIECK DESIGN

We at DREIECK DESIGN know that furnishings and pieces of furniture are very individual things. For this reason, we can also provide you with all models made to measure. Our glass furniture is largely handcrafted and manufactured in Germany under high quality standards. That is why we are able to meet almost all special requests.

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