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Whether precious porcelain, rare antiques or valuable works of art: with a modern design showcase, special things can be appropriately staged. High-quality showcases are characterized by tasteful, yet simple design. Finally, they should draw attention to the exhibits. Read more ...

Glass display case by DREIECK DESIGN: presentation of favorite pieces

The exclusive glass showcases by DREIECK DESIGN decorate your elegantly furnished living room, the corridor or vestibule, but also give the office or doctor's office a stylish touch. The exhibition of rare pieces with historical value in a museum or library requires a particularly high-quality presentation surface - here, too, our carefully crafted glass showcases are suitable.

More than a glass shelf: showcases in a sophisticated design

A showcase is not just a repository - the design is specifically designed to bring the objects to perfection. All glass showcases by DREIECK DESIGN are characterized by straight lines and clear shapes. So the exhibition piece takes center stage and receives a tasteful frame.

However, depending on the items on display and the placement of the showcase, different designs, materials and lighting may be used. For a series of related objects we recommend a showcase with several superimposed compartments, such as our classic model SOLUS or the somewhat narrower design FACTUM.

Do you own something particularly outstanding and unique? Then a showcase that is opaque, above and below the transparent exhibition compartment, for example our model SOLUS COLORLINE, is suitable. This way, the precious exhibit is optimally staged and receives the entire attention.

Glass cabinet with lighting: puts collector's items in the right light

All our glass showcases are lit on request - because light plays a central role in how we perceive objects. The lighting of the showcases is therefore specially designed to make the exhibits appear in all of their glory.

Most of the DREIECK DESIGN models offer either a lighting system with LED spots or halogen lamps. LED systems are slightly more expensive to buy, but more durable and consume less energy than halogen lamps.

Depending on the showcase model, the lighting can be made from different angles, for example obliquely laterally or from above. Our showcase SOLUS even includes a lighting system in which the position of the lighting is adjustable. In any case, an optimal illumination is guaranteed, which puts the content of the showcase in the center.

For particularly special effects look at the colored lighting: The model SOLUS BACKLIGHT offers next to white light 15 more colors that are completely dimmable and easy to control using the included remote control.

Provides protection from all sides: the glass cabinet

In a display cabinet made of glass, sensitive collectors pieces are optimally stored: The door on the front ensures that the contents are protected from environmental influences and dirt. Compared to the open shelf wall, significantly less dust collects on the intermediate plates and the exhibits. The glass cabinet cabinets by DREIECK DESIGN have subtle door knobs and door fittings, which are optionally made of high-quality stainless steel or, in the case of some glass showcases, also in brass.

For particularly valuable exhibits - the glass cabinet lockable?

For antique treasures or unique works of art, it may be useful to attach a lock on the glass door for security reasons. Effective theft protection is essential, especially in public spaces or museums.

All glass showcases by DREIECK are therefore also available with a lockable door. The lock can be mounted either on the upper or lower edge of the cabinet and blends inconspicuously into the overall design.

One, two or more exhibits? Glass showcase in different sizes

Depending on the number of exhibits, different models of our designer glass showcases are suitable. Would you like to make a larger amount of objects visually appealing, present a set of matching porcelain or effectively stage a single sculpture? For each of these projects you will receive a stylishly designed glass showcase in matching design and size.

Small glass cabinet

You need a small, discreet glass cabinet that does not take up much space? DREIECK DESIGN also leads to smaller sizes or models with low height on many models.

  • Our classic showcase SOLUS in cubic form is available in the standard version from a height of 111 centimeters.

  • The SHINE design showcase with its classically satin-finished glass doors is available as standard in a compact 4x4 design with a height of 86 centimeters.

  • Particularly suitable for offices and study rooms is the modern designed glass shelf TOURELLE, available from a height of 75 centimeters.

You want special dimensions for your glass cabinet? Just tell us your wishes regarding the dimensions and we will customise our high-quality glass shelves!

Hanging glass cabinet

With the help of a hanging display case, favorite pieces can be presented in an elegant and space-saving way. The glass cabinet is attached to the wall at eye level - so your eyes will automatically fall on your pretty collector items.

The wall display case VITRO by DREIECK DESIGN impresses with its straightforward, timeless design and fits unobtrusively into any interior design style. The all-round glazing in clear OPTIWHITE or FLOATGLASS allows unobstructed view of the exhibits from all directions.

The back wall of the showcase is available in clear glass, satined glass - or even colored glass. Solid profiles made of stainless steel ensure uncomplicated, yet secure mounting to the wall.

Corner glass cabinet

If you only have a small amount of space, you can also use a corner glass cabinet. This showcase shape fits perfectly into a corner and thus makes optimum use of the space. The corner shape is available for our models SOLUS, CASTEL and TOURELLE - but on request we also offer tailor-made designs for other designs. If the angles of your room are not 90 ° degrees, a special production for further angular sizes is also possible.

Glass showcases in a set

Glass showcases in the set are ideal for collectibles, such as model cars, coins or crockery services. For this purpose, it is advisable to acquire higher display cabinets or to assemble several glass showcases: Within a showcase series by DREIECK DESIGN, all sizes can be combined in the same grid spacing and thus optimally combined.

  • Our glass showcase CASTEL is characterized by its classically elegant aesthetics and is also available as a double display case. Thus, it offers enough space for more extensive collections.

  • Our glass shelf TOURELLE ensures stylish, functional office design: Available in various sizes, it can store office supplies, books, vases and more in an appealing way. Particularly appealing is the version with a slanted side wall, which gives the otherwise simple design an avant-garde touch.

Glass cabinet made to measure

The design showcases by DREIECK DESIGN fit perfectly into your interior design - that's why we also make custom-made models in the size you want.

You have found a showcase that you like most - but would you like to change a detail in terms of color, width, lighting or shape? No problem, our products are made with a high proportion of manual labor, so that we can also consider special requests. For the glass shelf custom-made, simply select "special request" when ordering online and let us know what you want.

Glass showcases in different designs: white, black or with wood

The task of a showcase is to focus on the content - it provides a kind of noble frame for the exhibit. The design of our showcases is therefore clear and puristic, yet can set targeted accents in some places.

  • A white painted or mirrored rear wall reflects the light and brings out the object very well.

  • Against a black back wall colorful objects stand out well.

  • If a black, white or even transparent work of art is exhibited, a painting in bright colors offers a charming contrast.

Another design highlight is the SOLUS FLY glass display cabinet: in the middle of the display cabinet, a drawer element made of high-quality wood has been installed, which almost seems to fly. The combination of glass with solid wood (oak or walnut) and the optical illusion of a "floating" drawer make this piece of furniture an exciting eye-catcher.

Buy glass cabinet? You should note that

If you are thinking about buying a glass cabinet, you should consider a few points in advance:

  • How many objects should be placed in the showcase? How big does the glass showcase have to be?

  • How much space is available in the room itself? Is it possible to set up a showcase, or should you rather resort to a hanging or corner display case? Tip: Include the space for opening the glass door.

  • What colors do the objects have and how can they best be used? Should the showcase be transparent or create a color contrast to the objects?

  • Will the showcase be near the window? Sunlight can fade the exhibits, which is why opaque side panels are advisable.

  • Is it necessary to secure valuable collectibles with a lock?

  • How should the exhibits be illuminated? Is a halogen lighting suitable or would you prefer to invest in LED system? Are the objects more effective through spot lighting (spots) or surface illumination (LED line)? Perhaps even a white or colored back wall illumination makes sense?

Do you have further questions regarding the selection of your glass showcase or do you wish an individual customization? We are happy to provide further information - call us or send us an e-mail.


Our best-selling glass showcases include the models SOLUS, SOLUS COLORLINE and SOLUS LED LINE. With its puristic design, the SOLUS model is a particularly elegant collector's showcase. The SOLUS COLOR LINE showcase is ideal for displaying individual exhibits, while the SOLUS LED LINE model impresses with its innovative LED lighting system.

In our range you will find some glass showcases with integrated lighting. In this way, exclusive collector's items or rarities can be skilfully staged. We also offer all glass showcases with a lockable door, so that particularly valuable antiques or art objects are always safe and protected.

Some of our glass showcases are available in different colors. With models such as SOLUS LED LINE or SOLUS COLORLINE, you can choose between different paint finishes: from deep black to anthracite gray to pure orange. You can't find the color of your choice? At DREIECK DESIGN you can also get all glass showcases as made-to-measure products with an individual color finish. Just ask!