White showcases

A glass showcase in white shows off unique exhibits particularly well: While the showcase fades into the background due to its subtle coloring, the exhibits take center stage. Discover the exclusive selection of glass showcases from DREIECK DESIGN and find a suitable model to suit your taste! Read more ...

Glass showcase in white: simple nobility for your home

Photos, memorabilia or valuable antiques deserve a special space in the apartment. Are you still looking for a suitable showcase? You will always make a good choice with a tasteful glass showcase in white. The light color looks fresh and modern. At the same time, white pieces of furniture also stand for elegance and classy chic.

A white glass showcase can be seen in every living room. Regardless of whether it is a large living room or a narrow hallway, the vitrine brings light and space into the room thanks to its bright, light color. Would you like to keep exhibits in your office where you can see them? Are you still missing the right display cabinet for the dining area to display fine crockery and porcelain? An elegant glass showcase in white cuts a fine figure in any location and gives your apartment that certain something.

In addition, pieces of furniture in white can be combined excellently with different colors, materials and living styles. The light color enhances any interior and creates a feeling of calm, clarity and lightness. Place your white glass cabinet on a colored wall or combine it with a large wooden dining table or an elegant carpet - the design options are endless!


Showcase in white with glass: an elegant classic

Noble glass combined with the color white creates a unique piece of furniture that never goes out of style. A white glass showcase is an absolute classic and stands for timeless elegance. Thanks to the light and airy glass body, the showcase can be easily integrated into its surroundings without appearing intrusive. At the same time, the restrained coloring provides an elegant note.

Glass also scores with its special properties and fulfills the dream of light-flooded rooms. As the clear surface reflects the light, a bright and cozy ambience is created. With a glass showcase in white you can not only put valuable treasures in the limelight, but also visually beautify your living space!


White glass showcase from DREIECK DESIGN

At DREIECK DESIGN you can expect high-quality glass showcases with a sophisticated design. Our products are made in Germany with great attention to detail. Partly by hand, unique designer pieces are created here that give your home a new shine and serve as a tasteful statement piece!

Glass showcase in white with lighting: collectibles in the spotlight

A particularly popular model is the SOLUS LED LINE glass cabinet. This impresses with its simple, clear design and its unique LED lighting system. The integrated lights are barely visible due to their external dimensions of 3.5 x 3.5 mm and still ensure optimal lighting conditions. The white lacquered back wall lets exhibited collectibles come to the fore and complements the cool look of the glass body wonderfully. A timeless favorite piece that fits in every living room!

The SOLUS COLORLINE model is also a real eye-catcher. This glass showcase in white offers the perfect stage for very special exhibits. The glass body is partially lacquered on the rear and side walls, which directs the view to the transparent exhibition compartment. Integrated halogen or LED lighting ensures that the exhibits appear in the best possible light. The door knob, door fittings and feet are made of high quality stainless steel.

The glass cabinet SOLUS BACKLIGHT shines with its modern lighting concept: The satined glass back wall shines - thanks to the built-in LED panel - in bright white and lights up entire living spaces. The brightness can be adjusted as desired and can be controlled using the remote control supplied. Another plus point: the stainless steel feet are height-adjustable and provide even more flexibility.


Natural aesthetics: glass showcase with wood in white

Would you like to give your home a natural touch? Then you should take a look at our SOLUS FLY model. This glass showcase embodies a particularly successful material mix of glass, stainless steel and wood. Attached to the matt lacquered rear wall, the solid wood drawer element almost seems to float. Small items can be safely stowed in it. Two glass shelves offer additional space for special exhibits.

Glass showcase in white: hanging wall model

Are you looking for a stylish wall cabinet in white? Then you will also find what you are looking for at DREIECK DESIGN! Our glass hanging showcase VITRO shines with its unobtrusive yet elegant design language. The discreet designer piece can be easily positioned on the wall and allows the exhibits to be admired from any direction. The stainless steel wall rails provide the necessary stability and a particularly secure hold.

Possible uses for your white glass showcase

A white glass showcase can be used in many ways: it can be used to store valuable collector's items and rare antiques safely and dust-free. At the same time, the exhibits can still be admired through the transparent glass body.

But also personal mementos or family photos that capture special moments find their appropriate place in a glass showcase. So you always have beautiful souvenirs in view and can look back on the experiences associated with them.

Last but not least, a glass cabinet is also suitable for the dining area. Here you can stow fine crockery and china and enjoy the sight of it at dinner with family or friends.


Glass showcase made to measure in white

Furnishing is a very individual matter and the respective requirements for a piece of furniture are accordingly different. For this reason, we at DREIECK DESIGN also offer all of our products as custom-made products. This is how we ensure that you find a matching glass cabinet in white that is perfectly tailored to your needs. Just ask. We will send you a binding offer!

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