Corner showcases

Rare antiques and valuable collector's items deserve a stage where they can be shown to their best advantage. With a corner showcase made of glass, you can skilfully stage your treasures and at the same time make optimal use of the living space. Discover the first-class selection of elegant designer glass showcases from DREIECK DESIGN! Read more...

For living rooms of any size: the corner glass cabinet

Whether a spacious apartment or a charming loft - a corner glass cabinet fits into every living room. Due to the trigonal shape, it can be easily integrated into its surroundings and optimally fills unused corners.

Would you like to breathe new life into empty corners and niches in your apartment? Then a glass corner showcase is particularly suitable. Filled with beloved collector's items, it becomes an elegant statement piece in no time and gives your home a personal touch.

Corner glass showcases are particularly ideal for the design of small rooms: Here they serve as a discreet storage space for collectibles, while they themselves take up little space. Even small living spaces always appear tidy and tidy. At the same time, the available space is used perfectly without your room looking cluttered.

When furnishing large rooms, it is particularly common that nooks and crannies remain unused. Here, too, a corner showcase can help: with the right design, it serves as a decorative piece of furniture that brings a touch of elegance to your home.

Would you like to make your living room even more cozy? Then a corner showcase with an integrated lighting system is recommended. In this way, dark corners are advantageously illuminated and an atmospheric atmosphere is created in the room.


Exhibition in the corner showcase: glass for a clear view

A corner showcase made of glass has several advantages: On the one hand, it serves as a tasteful solution for unused corners. On the other hand, it offers a display area for valuable exhibits. The glass body gives you and your guests a clear view of the exhibits. These can be admired in passing and are kept safe and dust-free at the same time.

Glass is also a timeless material that shines due to its special properties: its airy character makes rooms appear larger. At the same time, pieces of furniture made of glass create an open and friendly living environment. By reflecting light rays, natural daylight is amplified and the brightness in the room is increased. So there are some good reasons to choose a corner glass cabinet!


Corner glass showcase from DREIECK DESIGN

At DREIECK DESIGN you will find an exclusive selection of elegant designer glass showcases. Upon request, these are also available with a lock or an integrated lighting system.

Our CASTEL model is a dream made of glass. The high-quality showcase with a total of six exhibition compartments offers enough space for art objects, sculptures or porcelain tableware. The noble look is rounded off by the triangular shaped glass plates at the upper and lower end of the showcase, which give it a particularly aesthetic appearance. The attached glass door ensures that your valuables are protected from dust and dirt.

Are you looking for a corner glass cabinet with lighting? Then you might like our SOLUS model. The showcase shines with its puristic design and is supported by three sturdy stainless steel feet. The integrated light rail makes it possible to attach up to five halogen or LED spots and thus perfectly illuminate each individual storage compartment. In this way, special exhibits are literally put in the best light!


Noble corner showcase: taking care of the glass properly

Don't worry: glass is a particularly grateful material and extremely easy to care for. All you need for proper care is a soft cloth and some glass cleaner. So that you can enjoy your glass furniture for as long as possible, we have a few simple maintenance tips ready for you below:

  • Never clean your glass showcase dry - this can lead to unsightly scratches and damage to the surface.
  • A soft cloth or sponge is best for cleaning. Spray some glass cleaner on it and wipe it over the desired areas. You can then gently dry the glass surface with a microfiber or cotton cloth.
  • Lemon juice is also a suitable alternative to conventional glass cleaning agents. This means that sensitive surfaces can be cared for in a particularly natural way.
  • Are you struggling with stubborn dirt on the glass surface? Our insider tip is: suitable steel wool. However, the same applies here: Never clean the glass surface when it is dry, instead put some cleaning agent on the wool beforehand.

You can find more tips and tricks on how to properly care for your corner showcase in our guide on glass cleaning.

Buy a corner showcase made of glass: what to look out for?

The decision has already been made and you want your living space to be upgraded with a stylish showcase? Then we would like to give you a few tips at this point that you should consider when buying a corner display cabinet made of glass:

  • Take your measurements: Especially with corner showcases, it is important to measure the space provided for it beforehand. So you can determine the width, height and depth of the showcase without having to worry about a bad purchase later. Tip: You should also allow for enough space to open the cabinet door.
  • Number of exhibits: How many exhibits should there be in your showcase? Do you need a large showcase with several storage compartments or would you prefer a slightly smaller model?
  • With a lock: A glass showcase with a lockable door is recommended for particularly valuable exhibits. Your treasures are protected from unauthorized access and can be stored safely and stylishly at the same time.

Made-to-measure design: the perfect corner showcase with glass

Tastes are known to be different and the demands on the respective piece of furniture are very individual. For this reason, all DREIECK DESIGN glass showcases are also available as custom-made items. High-quality materials and first-class quality come first: Our products are made in Germany with great attention to detail and some of them are handcrafted. With DREIECK DESIGN you buy directly from the manufacturer.

Have you found a suitable model, but still have a special request? Then just let us know with the “Customize” button and your tailor-made corner glass cabinet can move in with you soon!


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