Custom made display cabinets

The finest frame is just good enough for the highlights of your collection. Find extravagant design classics at DREIECK DESIGN and put your favorite pieces in the limelight. Choose your favorites from the exquisite range. We will manufacture your new favorite piece immediately and according to your wishes. Read more...

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Elaborately processed glass showcases made to measure

Do you want to keep your precious collector's items safe and at the same time show them in the right light? Discover elegant crystal optics with pragmatic functions from the hand of our top designers.

Made-to-measure corner showcases: elegant ambience in every corner

Sensitive collector's items as an ornament of a living room also beautify room corners in a space-efficient manner. There they are stable and can be admired at any time. At the same time, the made-to-measure glass showcase not only enhances unexposed angles, but also illuminates them. Glass elements made of Optiwhite skilfully put your treasures in the limelight.


Hanging models for art treasures that attract everyone's attention

Hanging glass showcases, which are made to measure and perfectly matched to your living space, are particularly space-efficient. Like a valuable painting, your collectibles are presented at eye level with you and your admiring guests.


Custom-made glass showcase sets for your special exhibits

In order to optimally sort your exquisite rarities and at the same time protect them, sets are the stylish solution: Create your individual design for your glass showcase set made to measure at DREIECK DESIGN and experience a distinctive finish for your tastefully furnished living room.


Security with style: lockable glass showcases made to measure

For extraordinarily valuable exhibits, DREIECK DESIGN also offers lockable glass showcases made to measure. A lockable showcase is essential, especially in a public setting, where your rarities will be admired as they deserve. Design your showcase glass doors to measure and enjoy optimal security.


Made-to-measure glass showcases with lighting: stage what's good

The right lighting is half the staging for your highlights. Complete each of our made-to-measure glass cabinets with the right lighting of your choice, which can be placed at different angles. This is how you dedicate your unique pieces to the appropriate setting and put them in a glamorous light.



Find your made-to-measure designer glass cabinet at DREIECK DESIGN

Our made-to-measure glass showcases impress with their extraordinary aesthetics and crystal brilliance. Complete your furniture with an elegant designer piece made of glass that will soon become your new favorite.

You will receive each glass showcase in an open design or closed with a custom-made glass door - for optimal protection of your presentation objects. If you wish, we can change all components and coordinate them in detail with all of your information. In most cases, you will also receive free delivery directly to your home. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions - we look forward to hearing from you!