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Are you looking for a new bedside table? At DREIECK DESIGN you get a large selection of unique designer bedside tables made of glass. Whether with a drawer, in combination with wood or in colored high-gloss lacquer: Browse through our collection of high-quality glass bedside tables - maybe your dream table will be there too! Read more...

Designer bedside table made of glass - for that special something in the bedroom

From alarm clocks to bedtime reading to water glasses: there are some utensils that you want to have at hand at night without having to get up. The bedside table was invented for this very purpose. An indispensable piece of furniture for centuries, it is always reinvented in fresh design variants. This is also the case with DREIECK DESIGN: We offer glass bedside tables in an exciting design and with a modern design language.

The glass bedside table: a natural companion to the realm of dreams

Glass is not only a very decorative material, but is also ideal for the bedroom in terms of health. Because it is a natural product - completely free of plastics, vapors or even pollutants. Glass is particularly recommended for allergy sufferers, as it is particularly low in pollutants and irritants compared to other materials.

Offers discreet storage space: glass bedside table with drawerNightstand PURE

Most bedside tables have an integrated drawer so that one or the other item can be stowed away discreetly. In our collection of glass bedside tables, there are several models with a drawer.

For example, our classic glass bedside table PURE: It impresses with its straightforward, clear design and consists of a housing made of transparent glass, into which a colored lacquered glass drawer is incorporated. In keeping with the puristic overall design, the drawer does not need any handles because it works with a modern push-pull mechanism: the drawer moves out of its own accord with light pressure.

If you need a little more storage space, the model FLAIR by designer Helmut Koppenhagen is recommended: The drawer element made of beautiful solid wood can be made up of two levels and a total of three drawers. This means that magazines, medication, cell phone chargers or other belongings can be easily accommodated.

Glass bedside table for the box spring bed

The box spring bed is an increasingly popular bed form that offers great sleeping comfort. Due to the structure of box spring, mattress and topper, however, it is a little higher than conventional beds. Ideally, the bedside table should be about the same height as the bed surface. Therefore you need a correspondingly higher bedside table for the box spring bed (depending on the bed between 50 and 70 cm).

You discovered your dream bedside table with us, but the standard version is too low for your bed? No problem! All of our products are also available in individual customization. We are also happy to manufacture the glass bedside table for the box spring bed at your desired height. To do this, simply click on "CUSTOMIZE" on the product page and enter the dimensions you want.

White, black or even orange? Glass bedside table in various colors

A uniform color scheme is particularly important in the bedroom: too many different colors cause unrest in the room, while a continuous play of colors ensures pleasant clarity. Since the bed is usually the first piece of furniture to be bought, the bedside table must be adapted to the bed design. At DREIECK DESIGN almost all bedside tables are available in different colors, so you can choose a suitable model.

Bright and friendly: bedside table in white glass

White is very popular in the bedroom because this color radiates calmness and at the same time appears light and friendly. Many of our glass bedside tables are available with white elements - mostly it is the drawer from which a white lacquered version can be selected.

One example is the PURE UP model by designer Reinhard Gruber: a colored glass drawer rests on an artistically shaped base made of transparent glass. This is lacquered on the inside and available in clear pure white or warm pearl white, among other things. The interplay of the white color and the linear design results in a puristic overall work of art that fits wonderfully into a modern bedroom.

Nighstand PURE DOWN

Noble and elegant: black glass bedside table

As a color, black stands for elegance and professionalism. With targeted black accents in the room, you provide a noble touch - perfect for those who prefer classic chic.

The contrast between neutral black and warmer colors and materials is also exciting: combine the bedside table with a black drawer to create a light shaggy carpet or a bed made of solid wood.

If you think about a glass dessert with black elements, you might like the PURE DOWN model by Reinhard Gruber. This innovative design varies the traditional structure of a bedside table:

The black lacquered drawer forms the basis here, with an attractively shaped glass shelf. Of course, in addition to its black version, the model is also available in numerous other colors.

Oak, walnut, Swiss stone pine or spruce: glass bedside table with wood

The symbiosis of glass and wood creates a particularly interesting look: the warm, natural wood is an exciting contrast to the clarity of the glass. It is not for nothing that wood is an extremely popular material for the bedroom - it stands for a love of nature like no other material , Calm and comfort. A glass bedside table with wood combines the best properties of both materials, creating an elegant, stylish piece of furniture with a cozy flair.

For example, for a model by designer Helmut Koppenhagen, which is not called FLAIR for nothing: The focus of the furniture is a high-quality double drawer made of solid wood, which is framed by two glass legs. Depending on your personal taste, FLAIR can be purchased with oak, walnut or Swiss pine.

Solid wood nighstand FLAIR

Our PURE FLY bedside table by designer Vitold Heer is a real design highlight. A beautiful wooden drawer is located in a housing made of high-quality glass. The highlight: the drawer is almost invisibly attached to the rear wall and seems to fly.

Do you love vintage and antique-looking furniture with charm? Then we can warmly recommend our PURE WOOD model. The integrated drawer can optionally be ordered with solid spruce. What is special is the unique vintage look of the wood, which is created by a special processing method.

By the way: natural pine wood exudes a pleasant fragrance and thus ensures an even deeper and more restful sleep. You would also like stone pine in your bedside table, but the standard version provides a different type of wood? No problem! On request, we are happy to manufacture any of our solid wood bedside tables with untreated Swiss stone pine.

Buy bedside table made of glass: you should note that

Whether puristic chic in classy black or a charming vintage look: at DREIECK DESIGN you get a variety of bedside tables in innovative designs.

Before you make your final selection and buy a glass bedside table, you should consider the following points again:

  • What is the design of the bed? The bedside table is primarily a stylish companion for your bed and should therefore match the style. Make sure that the bedside cabinet harmonizes with the bed in terms of material, colors and shape.
  • How high should the bedside table be? Here, too, the bed is the most important factor. The bedside table should be about the same height as the bed surface. By the way: At DREIECK DESIGN you can get every bedside table made to measure at the height you want.
  • How much storage space is required? Is one subject sufficient or should there be two? Also consider whether you prefer drawers made of opaque material or more open compartments.

If you need additional advice on the selection, our customer service is of course always available!

You particularly like a DREIECK DESIGN model, but would you like a different size or a different material? No problem! We would be happy to tailor the copy to measure for you. To do this, simply click on the "CUSTOMIZE" field on the product page and announce your desired changes.


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No problem!

All our glass nightstands are manufactured in Germany with a high percentage of manual work following the highest production standards. Consequently, it is easily possible to manufacture a customized version of this glass nightstand.

Simply use the above button "CUSTOMIZE" and indicate your wishes. We will gladly prepare an individual offer without obligation for your desired glass bedside table.

Your exclusive designer glass bedside table will be absolutely unique, built exactly in compliance with your wishes.

We can gladly offer to lacquer in your favorite color and nearly any size.

Naturally, your glass nightstand will be directly delivered to your home, unpacked, and assembled by our competent staff. Packaging materials will be directly disposed of so that you can immediately enjoy your new glass nightstand.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

Our best-selling glass bedside tables include the PURE FLY, FLAIR and PURE WOOD models. The PURE FLY bedside table stands out with its airy character, while the FLAIR model combines glass and wood in a particularly elegant way. The PURE WOOD bedside table, whose drawer is made of high-quality solid wood, is also an exclusive designer piece.

We also have bedside tables made of glass with wood, for example. This wonderful mix of warm natural wood and cool glass gives the bedside tables a charming touch. At the same time, the natural material ensures a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

Take our glass bedside tables with drawers, for example, which offer space for storing smaller items. At a central height, as with the PURE model, you have your evening reading or glasses close at hand at all times. If, on the other hand, the drawer is positioned at the lower end, as is the case with the PURE DOWN bedside table, there is an additional storage area for pretty decorative elements.

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