Which coffee table suits your Sofa?

Author : DREIECK DESIGN editorial department
Last update: 03/02/2021

Which coffee table suits your Sofa? Find the answer here

For many, the living room is the focal point of their own four walls . An inviting sofa with the matching coffee table is the central element of the living oasis. Here we tell you how to find out which coffee table goes with which sofa.

Which coffee table goes with which sofa - curved glass coffee table
(Photo shows curved coffee table UT 05, TV table FLY and CD stand CD 504 by DREIECK DESIGN)

The right size: big or small?

The right size for the coffee table always depends on the available space and the desired storage space . If you have a large living room, you are a little more free in your choice of table. It should not be too small, otherwise it will drown in the room. However, if the space in your living room is limited, a smaller one is recommended. Too large models would visually reduce the space unnecessarily and restrict freedom of movement.

In addition, the size of the coffee table should always be based on the couch itself . If you have a large living area, it can easily be a slightly larger model. With a two-seater sofa, on the other hand, you prefer to use a small table. The ideal table is about a third to half of the total length of the couch . This ensures that he is easily accessible from anywhere.

Also note the distance between sofa and coffee table . You should be able to comfortably reach the table from the sofa, but there should always be enough space to walk around the table. So that you can still move around easily, a distance of approx. 45 cm is recommended.


Which coffee table to which sofa - QUADRO glass coffee table
(Photo shows coffee table QUADRO with stainless steel feet and CD wall shelves by DREIECK DESIGN)

The right height: Is the coffee table higher or lower than the sofa?

When it comes to the height of your coffee table, it is best to use your other seating furniture as a guide. In principle, the ideal specimen is about the same height as the couch itself. Lower tables lead to a strong lounge character, while higher models may look a bit old-fashioned.

Which coffee table to which sofa - coffee table made of glass with shelf NUO
(Photo shows coffee table NUO and rollable TV table JANUS X by DREIECK DESIGN)

Which coffee table goes with which sofa also depends on what you want to do with the table. If this is only intended as an additional storage area, a lower model is sufficient. However, if you want to work or eat on it, it can be a little higher. Do you want to use the coffee table for different purposes ? Then a height-adjustable model is worthwhile.

There is a very simple trick to find out the right height: Sit on your couch and build a coffee table with a pile of books, boxes or the like. Keep increasing the stack until it is comfortably high. Then simply measure and you have the perfect height. As a guideline, we would recommend 30-50 cm .

The right shape: round or square coffee table?

Here, too, it is best to orientate yourself on the surrounding seating furniture. Basically you have the choice between rectangular, square, triangular, round or oval coffee tables. Depending on the size and shape of the existing living space as well as individual needs, certain variants are more suitable:

  • Rectangular coffee tables go well with large L-shaped or elongated sofas .

  • If the couch is very long but you don't want a square table , oval models are a good choice.

  • With U-shaped living landscapes we recommend quadratic or round models

  • Round or triangular coffee tables are ideal for smaller sofas .

  • With two adjoining sofas a small triangular table in the corner is perfect.

  • It is best to combine round chairs with comfortable armchairs Side tables made of glass. By the way, these can then be a little higher, because after all you have to reach for the table over the armrest.

  • Round and oval designs are ideal for families with smaller children . Because here the risk of injury is much lower than with a square table.

Which coffee table to which sofa - curved coffee table made of glass
(Photo shows curved glass coffee table UT 20  and side table FADO by DREIECK DESIGN)

The right material: rustic or elegant?

Coffee tables are available in a wide variety of materials. Whether wood, metal, high gloss, stone or glass - there is something for every taste. This is less about which coffee table goes with which sofa. Rather, the properties of the different materials play an important role. Arguably the most popular are Coffee tables in glass, wood and metall.

  • Coffee tables made of glass look light and elegant and loosen up the room. In addition, colored carpets come into their own with transparent glass.

  • Coffee tables made of wood , on the other hand, are particularly robust and easy to care for. They look natural and, depending on the color and finish, set a rustic accent in the living area.

  • Metal coffee tables are also very stable and easy to care for. They also bring an industrial flair to modern living rooms.

Which coffee table to which sofa - coffee table made of glass and metal QUADRO
(Photo shows coffee table QUADRO and side table JANUS III by DREIECK DESIGN)

The right color: striking or simple coffee table?

Which coffee table matches which sofa in terms of color is an absolute matter of taste and ultimately depends on the style of your living room . Do you have a Scandinavian style living room? Then tables in lighter colors are ideal. Dark wooden tables are perfect for country-style living rooms. Or do you want to consciously create a break in style ? Because the coffee table with its many different colors and shapes is also very suitable for this.

Of course, due to the material, you are limited in terms of color to a certain extent. However, there is now a large variety of models . For example, a specimen made of glass does not always automatically mean a transparent glass plate on legs.

Which coffee table to which sofa - lacquered glass nesting tables ST 06
(Foto zeigt Glasvitrinen mit LED Beleuchtung SOLUS BACKLIGHT and lacquered glass tables ST 06 by DREIECK DESIGN)

Some retailers also have the option of combining different materials . For example, there is a combination of one in our DREIECK DESIGN range Glass coffee tables with wood or one Glass coffee tables with metal.

The right coffee table for small rooms: what to do if there is not enough space?

Small living rooms usually make furnishing very difficult. It is important to carefully consider what really needs to be in the room and what you can do without. Many choose not to buy a coffee table in order to save valuable space, but that is not absolutely necessary . With a few tricks, a coffee table can fit in well even in a small living room.

Visually enlarge the living room

In any case, avoid large specimens. These would take away too much space and thus the necessary freedom of movement. Additionally, they would visually narrow the space - exactly what you don't want in a small living room. Instead, round or oval coffee tables are suitable. From a purely visual point of view, these are often perceived as lighter and more relaxed.

Glass tables have a similar effect. Due to their transparent surface they loosen up the room and appear less conspicuous. In addition, they ensure more brightness in the room, which in turn makes it appear larger.

Create additional storage space

Coffee tables with additional storage space , for example, are highly recommended like in the form of drawers or a second level. In this way, you can also use the space for the table for storage purposes and in the end have even gained space.

Which coffee table to which sofa - glass coffee table with shelf
(Photo shows coffee table made of glass with shelf REMUS DOUBLE by DREIECK DESIGN)

Stacking tables and rotatable specimens are just as interesting. DThese consist of at least two different individual tables , which can usually be pushed together. In this way, you gain valuable space if required. Models with castors are also practical. These can be moved with little effort if you have visitors and you need the space elsewhere.

Which coffee table to which sofa - swivel coffee table made of lacquered glass URANUS
(Photo shows rotating glass coffee table URANUS by DREIECK DESIGN)

Conclusion: which coffee table goes well with the couch?

Couch and coffee table belong together like pitch and sulfur - one is hardly conceivable without the other. So that you can find out which coffee table goes with which sofa, we have briefly summarized the most important aspects in a checklist for you.

  • Optimal height: 30-50 cm

  • Ideal distance between coffee table and sofa: 45 cm

  • Optimal size: a third or half the length of the sofa

  • Material: Glass, wood or metal

  • Color: depending on the living room style

  • Rectangular coffee tables: for large L-shaped or elongated living areas

  • Square coffee tables: for U-shaped sofas

  • Triangular coffee tables: for a small couch or for two adjacent sofas

  • Round coffee tables: for small sofas, U-shaped living areas or families with small children

  • Oval coffee tables: for long sofas or families with small children

  • Round side tables: with comfortable armchairs

  • If there is not enough space: smaller coffee tables with storage space