Glass Tables

Translucent, filigree, noble - a glass table gives every room an eQine pinch of elegance. Whether as a dining table, couch, side table or desk: At DREIECK DESIGN you will find a large selection of glass tables in all conceivable shapes and designs. Read more...

Buy a designer glass table: every model is something special

Are you looking for a piece of furniture with that certain something? Then let us introduce you to the glass tables from DREIECK DESIGN: Our range of exclusive designer pieces extends from simple classics to avant-garde works of art. Designed by well-known artists and partly handcrafted, our glass furniture is a rarity that stands out.

Are you looking for a completely unique piece of furniture? On request, we would be happy to make a custom-made glass table for you! To do this, click on the "Customize" field on the product page and let us know your special requirements!


Glass table in all shapes: round, square, oval and much more!

What shape would you like for your new glass table: Round? Rectangular? Or even oval? Wherever your personal preferences lie - we have designer pieces in numerous variants:

  • round: A round glass table has something playful and soft about it - ideal for use as a pretty side table, for example. At DREIECK DESIGN you will find a wide range of models, such as NEX by designer Jürgen Sohn, JAMES by designer Benjamin Hanne or the height-adjustable SLIDE.

  • rectangular: This classic table shape fits harmoniously into almost any interior. Choose from a large number of models, for example the REMUS dining table with decorative wooden feet, the JANUS TS desk or the magical FILIO coffee table.

  • square: If you like perfect symmetry, you might be enthusiastic about our square glass tables. Our QUADRO, SIRIUS and MONDRIAN products, for example, are available in square form.

  • oval: You like curves - but the perfect circular shape is too boring for you? Then an oval table is an optimal choice for you. Our glass dining table GK, for example, enchants with a stylish, elliptical table top.

  • curved: a piece of furniture made from a single piece of glass - is that possible? Yes, for example through artful bending. Our curved glass tables UT, optionally as a coffee table or desk, are captivating in their simplicity and precisely for this reason they are outstandingly aesthetic.


Cuts a good figure in all rooms: glass table for living room, dining room or office

When you think of a glass table, a small table next to the couch may first come to mind. But: A table made of glass can be used in many different ways. Glass furniture appears particularly airy and light and is a tasteful addition to the whole apartment.

Living room: the glass table as a coffee table or side table

Wohnzimmer mit Glasmöbeln

The glass table is traditionally used as a coffee table in the living room. As a connecting element in a sofa landscape, the glass coffee table is practical and stylish at the same time.

The glass side table, on the other hand, is a small glass table that can be placed next to the couch. As a pretty assistant in everyday life, it is always ready with a chic and offers a base for newspaper, decorative items or glasses.

Whether extravagant, futuristic or simple: DREIECK DESIGN offers you a wide selection of glass tables for your living room - so there is definitely something for every taste.


Dining room: the glass table as a dining table

Esstisch aus Glas Quadro Magnum

Do you value a particularly high-quality look in the dining room? A glass table as a dining table lets you dine particularly elegantly. Ideal for those who like to invite friends and relatives to an elegant dinner.

A dining table made of glass also offers a number of advantages in everyday life: glass can be cleaned without any problems, and if liquids are spilled or the like, no residue remains on the table top. In addition, the material is relatively insensitive to heat. So you don't necessarily need a coaster when serving hot plates.


Bedroom: the glass table as a bedside table

If you want to dream of stylish furnishings at night, it is best to put a glass table as a bedside table next to the bed. In the bedroom, for example, glass furniture scores with the fact that it makes the room appear more open and brighter.

In addition, a bedside table made of glass is also ideal for allergy sufferers, as the glass is free of harmful substances and plastics. At DREIECK DESIGN you get various sophisticated models - for example with a solid wood drawer or a lacquered body.


Office: the glass table as a desk

Serious, but still with a touch of opulence: this is how our glass desks could be described. As a desk, the glass table contributes to a tidy, clear atmosphere in the office and study and fits harmoniously into almost any environment.

Whether classically discreet like our JANUS T model, minimalist like the all-glass table UT or in an exciting design with a floating drawer - choose from the variety of our beautiful glass desks.


Colors and materials: which model would you like?

A table made of pure glass has its advantages - but the combination with other materials is also attractive. Or how about individual colored accents? Glass doesn't necessarily have to be transparent!

Glass table in black

Schwarzer Couchtisch aus Glas NUO

A black glass table is always suitable when special seriousness or elegance is required. Often only individual parts of the glass furniture are painted in black, so there is an interesting interplay of the dark and transparent glass parts. Many of our products can be painted black on request. Outstanding examples of this are the QUADRO MAGNUM dining table or the NUO and DAVIS coffee tables.

Glass table in white

Black isn't quite your thing and you prefer the other end of the color spectrum? No problem, you will also find a wide variety of white glass tables in our range. The combination of the white and the transparent glass creates a bright, friendly atmosphere and still has an outstanding chic.

Tip: If you are looking for a white dining table, desk, couch or bedside table, then it is best to click on the appropriate category in the menu. Then select the model that suits you under the products and go to the product page. Here you can find out in detail which colors are available for the product. By the way, custom-made products are even possible on request - just ask!


Glass table with wood

Couchtisch aus Glas mit Holztablett SERVA

Glass is a rather cool material, whereas wood radiates earthy warmth. The contrast between the two materials creates an extraordinary, exciting picture. For this very reason, DREIECK DESIGN has various glass tables with wood ready for you - e.g. B. with wooden drawers, table legs or insert trays. The wooden parts are made of solid oak, walnut, spruce or stone pine, depending on the model and request.

Particularly noteworthy in this category is our SERVA coffee table with its artfully asymmetrical shape and a beautiful wooden insert tray. In the bedroom, for example, our solid wood bedside table PURE WOOD with a wooden drawer made of spruce, oak or walnut shines.


Extraordinary glass tables in a sophisticated design

Are you looking for an extraordinary glass table that will attract attention? Then we would like to introduce you to some of our most outstanding designs: exclusive glass tables for the living room, bedroom or office with an innovative design language.

  • We celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in 2019 with the MONDRIAN coffee table. The puristic design in the classic Bauhaus colors pays homage to the influential architectural style of the 20th century.

  • The side table MISTER X captivates with a particularly surprising shape - a successful mixture between work of art and piece of furniture.

  • Cubist echoes can be found in our designer piece URANUS: The glass coffee table consists of two cuboid, swiveling panels that are attached one above the other - a tasteful eye-catcher for the living room.

  • With the FLY desk, we have another impressive designer glass table in our range. A high-quality wooden drawer is attached to the rear wall of the desk made of transparent glass, so that it seems to literally "float" in the table.

Of course, this was only a small glimpse into our diverse range of designer pieces. Just browse through our offer yourself - and discover the diverse, fascinating creations of our designers!


Stylish and practical: designer glass table with additional functions

However, glass furniture from DREIECK DESIGN is more than just pretty decorative elements. Thanks to various additional functions, they also prove to be extremely suitable for everyday use.

Glass table - adjustable in height

Big or small glass table? You don't have to ask yourself this question with our height-adjustable glass table SLIDE. Its height can be flexibly varied between 46 and 76 cm. You can use it as a small side table, coffee table or high table as required. Our HEAVY METAL model is just as flexible - here you can continuously adjust the height of the table top.

Glass TV table

TV Tisch aus Glas mit Holzschublade FLY

With a television table made of glass from DREIECK DESIGN, your TV set will have an elegant place in the living room. The glass TV tables convince with additional practical functions, such as storage compartments for the remote control or a swivel joint.

If you want to hide your TV set during the day, that is also possible. Our electric TV rack LEVEL consists of a noble body made of colored glass, which discreetly hides the device.


With roles

You get maximum flexibility with a glass table on castors. In our range of side and TV tables, we have numerous rollable models ready for you - for example the TRAY or JAMES tables or the DIOGENES TV table. You can even find a bedside table with castors at DREIECK DESIGN: the PURE DOWN model by designer Reinhard Gruber with a colored painted drawer.

With built-in drawer

Couchtisch aus Glas mit Schublade THEBEN

Furniture with additional storage space is extremely useful in everyday life: This is where the many small things have their place that would otherwise be lying around in a mess - from glasses to magazines to sensitive customer documents. It is precisely for this reason that we have equipped some of our glass tables with a drawer. Made of fine solid wood or with a colored coating, the drawer is also an attractive design element.

Whether it's the PURE FLY desk by designer Vitold Heer, the FLAIR bedside table by Helmut Koppenhagen or the THEBEN coffee table by Reinhard Gruber: the drawer and glass table always form a harmonious work of art.


Buy made-to-measure glass tables at DREIECK DESIGN

he glass furniture from DREIECK DESIGN is something special - so special that we can also take your personal wishes into account. Do you like a certain model, but would like to change the height, width or material? No problem: We manufacture your glass table to measure and try to take your special requirements into account! Simply select the "Special request" field on the product page and inform us of your changes.

Would you like to buy a glass table, but still have questions about the product or delivery? You are welcome to contact our customer service at any time, who will be happy to advise you.