CD & TV Shelves

Get the exquisite TV and hi-fi furniture from DREIECK DESIGN as a functional and aesthetic object of experience for the discerning living space. The designer glass TV furniture embodies timeless elegance and creates a subtle sheen that fills the room with distinguished sophistication and enriches the ambience with luxurious flair. Discover our unique creations! Read more ...

Glass TV stands

The sophisticated glass designer tables by DREIECK DESIGN make a stylish statement in everyone living area. The artfully designed pieces of furniture combine aesthetics and functionality at the highest level and impress with their timeless design, which fits seamlessly into any furnishing style.

The unique look is supplemented by the best functionality - enjoy Take, for example, our TV furniture made of glass with wheels (Janus X), which can be moved as required so that the best viewing angle is given. You can also control the amount of sunlight with the models with a glass swivel plate (Janus 30) so that you always have a clear view of your favorite programme< /strong>.

Fernsehtisch aus Glas Janux IX

(Photo shows  TV table Janus IX)

Glass CD shelves

Glass TV and hi-fi furniture look futuristic and timeless at the same time - a combination that brings the WOW effect to your premises. Arrange your favorite classics effortlessly on one of our CD shelves and allow an unobstructed view of your collection. With a rotating glass CD tower, you always have free access to exactly the CD you want you wish.

If you enjoy visual balance and an ordered atmosphere, prefer When it comes to hi-fi and TV furniture, you are sure to find closed models - many are also available in several modern colours.

CD Ständer aus Glas von DREIECK DESIGN

(Photo shows CD rack CD 504)

QEOS Audio

These high-end loudspeakers were developed by experts and entice you into unbeatable sound -Experience at its best. Co-developed by designers, the audiophile sound bodies combine aesthetic design with a sophisticated soundscape. Get the worldwide unique design and enjoy outstanding sound and cinema experiences.

Tailor-made TV and hi-fi furniture

Whether low, high, pivoting, transparent or colored: DREIECK DESIGN has almost all your wishes are possible, because we are happy to create all custom-made TV and hi-fi furniture. If you have found your new favorite piece in our online catalogue, but it doesn't quite seem right yet, you are welcome to let us know what you would like when you place your online order or to get a non-binding offer - we look forward to it us on your request!