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Author: DREIECK DESIGN editorial department
Last update: 18.11.2020

Furnishing and designing bedrooms - tips and ideas

The bedroom is probably the most personal room in an apartment - an oasis of calm where we can recharge our batteries for everyday life. It is all the more important that we feel comfortable there. Would you like to furnish your bedroom, redesign it or are you just looking for a few ideas for inspiration? In this post you will find tips and ideas about furnishing the bedroom.

 Modern bedroom

Good planning is everything - even when it comes to furnishing the bedroom

As with many other tasks, the following applies: You will get the best result if you create a concept beforehand. As a basis you should measure the available space - and z. B. ask the following questions:

  • How high is the room?

  • How much space do I have available? (Tips for small bedrooms can be found at the end of the article.)

  • What shape is the room? Are there niches or corners that you should use specifically?

  • Where could the bed be?

Then think about which setup you like:

  • Would you like to orient yourself towards a certain style (e.g. Scandinavian style, minimalist or country house style)?
  • Which color scheme should be used throughout the room?

  • Which materials would you like to use (e.g. wood, glass, leather, linen, cotton - a mix is ​​also allowed!)?

You can then choose furniture, decorative objects and wall colors on this basis. Tip : Make a sketch of your room and draw the furniture there. So you can try out different variants.

Furnishing bedrooms: choosing colors and designing walls

White, blue or pink: which color goes best in a bedroom? Basically, cool, muted colors such as blue, gray or green are particularly suitable for the place of your dreams. Because these have a calming effect on the psyche, so that you fall asleep faster in the evening. Bright and bright colors, such as orange or strong red, on the other hand, have a stimulating effect - not exactly ideal for the bedchamber.

In order to color the bedroom, you don't necessarily have to color the entire room. You can also set individual accents : Delete e.g. B. only the wall behind the headboard of the bed and otherwise keep the room in neutral white.

Tip : Walls can also be creatively embellished with wall tattoos . You can easily stick these on. Numerous motifs are available, from artistic ornaments to inspiring sayings.

What do you need in a bedroom?

The main role in the bedroom is of course the bed. A wardrobe and a small bedside table are usually not missing. Here you can read what you must pay attention to when selecting and placing the furniture when furnishing a bedroom.

1. The right bed

First and foremost, you should choose a bed that you find comfortable. Whether box spring bed or slatted frame: Be sure to test the bed by lying down for a few minutes !

Another important factor is the size of the room. In a small room, a box bed often looks too massive and bulky . Beds with legs, on the other hand, look airier and lighter and are suitable for all room sizes.

It is best to position the bed so that you can see the door : Most people instinctively feel safer and calmer this way. You should leave about 80 cm of space next to the bed: This makes it easier for you to change the sheets.

2. A closet

There is also a wardrobe in most bedrooms to store the cloakroom. A closed cupboard offers the advantage that the room appears tidy and calm. But open clothes rails on castors are more and more popular. These look particularly hip and modern and offer a lot of flexibility.

A cupboard with sliding doors saves the most space - and is therefore particularly suitable for small bedrooms !

Tip : If you attach a mirror to the front of the cabinet door , it makes the room appear larger and you also get a practical dressing aid.

3. A bedside table

When setting up the bedroom, a small bedside table should of course not be missing. Here you can stow bedside reading, alarm clocks and all other utensils that you want to have at hand at night. From the vintage model made of walnut to the elegant bedside table made of glass - the selection is huge ! It is best to choose a model that blends in with the rest of your interior. If you need more storage space, you are well advised to have a table with a drawer.

By the way - instead of a classic bedside table you can also have a pretty side table, a small one Use a wicker chest or an old stool - whatever you like is allowed!

Tip : The bedside table should be about the same height as that Lying area of ​​the bed. So you can easily reach everything.

Modern glass table

Make the bedroom cozy: ideas for more comfort

The bed and wardrobe are there, but the room still looks bare and you are wondering: How can do I make my bedroom cozier? Then read on: In the following paragraph we will reveal tips and tricks to make your bedroom really cozy.

Cuddle time: home textiles for the fleece factor

At its core, cosiness means one thing above all else: warmth and security. What better way to create such an atmosphere than with cozy textiles?

  • Of course, this primarily includes blankets: A patterned plaid made of pure wool can e.g. B. serve as a bedspread and at the same time looks cozy and decorative. Those who like it more cuddly can rely on a soft fleece blanket.

  • The fleece should not be missing on the floor either: A carpet in front of the bed exudes warmth and ensures that you get up a little in the morning becomes more pleasant. Shaggy carpets look particularly cozy here. Or how about a cozy fur?

  • When it comes to bed linen , the following applies: Natural materials such as linen or cotton also contribute to greater comfort.

  • With curtains you should rather use light, bright fabrics - because heavy ones are often overwhelming. If you need opaque curtains for darkening, you can compromise two sets: one that is opaque for the night and one that is lighter and can be used during the day.

Create a cozy atmosphere with light

Neon light in the bedroom? This is actually not such a good idea - because light has a significant influence on the mood in the room. The color temperature is particularly important here:

  • Warm light (less than 3300 Kelvin) corresponds to the light color at sunset and therefore has a calming, sleep-promoting effect on the human organism.

  • Cool light (more than 5300 Kelvin) has a stimulating effect and wakes us up.

For a cozy bedroom you should therefore rely on warm light sources. This way the body is optimally attuned to sleep in the evening.

In addition to its practical function - e.g. B. as a reading lamp or ceiling lamp - you can also use the lighting very specifically to create a cozy atmosphere. A few ideas for the lucid design of the bedroom:

  • Dimmable lamps create a romantic ambience on request.

  • Fairy lights (e.g. above the headboard of the bed or above the window) look particularly magical in the dark season

  • Candles naturally emit a warm light color (approx. 1500 Kelvin) and are therefore an ideal decorative element for greater comfort.

  • Indirect lighting bathes the room in a soft glimmer of light. This is because the light is reflected from surfaces and distributed evenly throughout the room. Attach e. g. LED strips in niches or skirting boards.

Decoration ideas for more cosiness

Last but not least, selected decoration must not be missing - this gives the room your very own personal touch Grade. But be careful: Too much of a good thing can make the bedroom appear restless - so choose the decoration wisely.

For inspiration, a few decorating ideas to design the bedroom:

  • Framed pictures : There is currently a trend towards several small pictures that are arranged asymmetrically next to each other. A good place for this is e.g. B. a colored wall behind the headboard of the bed. Classic and elegant: Make a statement with a larger work of art.

  • Plants : A bit of green provides oxygen and loosens up the room. You can e.g. B. a small potted plant on a stylish side table Also attractive and particularly romantic: dried flowers in a pretty vase. Allergy sufferers are best off using artificial flowers - there are now amazingly beautiful imitations.

  • Pillows : During the day, you can decorate the bed with patterned decorative pillows. To do this, stretch a bedspread over the duvet and pillow and then spread two to four decorative pillows on top.

  • Personal items : Surround yourself in the bedroom with things that mean something to you and that evoke pleasant memories: e.g. B. Pictures of loved ones, souvenirs from vacation or works of favorite artists.

 Cozy bedroom with solid wood bedside tables

Setting up a small bedroom: how to make the most of the space

The space in your bedroom is only a few square meters? Don't worry: even a small bedroom can be nicely furnished. However, you should really limit yourself to the most important things - otherwise the room will quickly appear crowded. So think carefully about what is important to you and make a conscious decision for each piece of furniture.

You can create additional space with these tricks:

  • Use the entire height of the space : If the area is limited, you have to move upwards. You can create additional storage space with a narrow but floor-to-ceiling cupboard or wall shelf. The loft bed is also a space-saving classic.

  • Move closet: You may be able to move the closet to another room - for example in the hallway, in the living room or as a walk-in room Closet in the storage room? Another possibility is to use a rollable clothes rail instead of a bulky piece of furniture. This can be z. B. stow away wonderfully under a loft bed.

  • Filigree furniture : Solid furniture makes a small bedroom look even tighter. On the other hand, airy models are advantageous: for example, a bed with legs instead of a bed box or a filigree bedside table.

  • Light colors, mirrors and glass: Light surfaces and mirrors reflect the light and visually provide more space. The same applies to glass - glass furniture is therefore ideal for furnishing small bedrooms.

Tip : If your bedroom is rather narrow, recommend we will ask you to place the bed lengthways at the front of the room. The hose-like character is softened a little and the proportions appear more square.

Furnishing bedrooms with style: 3 ideas

One thing is clear: furnishing the bedroom is a very personal matter. In this room in particular, the main thing is that your individual taste is met. Nevertheless, at the end we would like to introduce you to 3 popular living trends - but these are primarily to be seen as inspiration. Pick what suits you and create your own style.

Furnishing a bedroom in a Scandinavian style

The so-called "Scandi style" has been a long-term furnishing favorite for years: No wonder it fits perfectly with the longing for the simple life - and is also really cozy (in good Danish "hyggelig").

In order to furnish the bedroom in a Scandinavian way, it is best to choose pieces of furniture in clear, reduced dimensions Design . Straight lines and functionality are in the foreground, you should avoid frills or gimmicks.

In terms of materials, the Scandi style is down-to-earth: natural materials such as wood, Linen, cotton or wicker dominate . Light colors - such as clear white or light oak - create an open atmosphere with lots of light. Every now and then it can be a cheerful splash of color: The colorful bedspread or the patterned pillow give the room something carefree.

Bed room with wood

Furnishing bedrooms: the modern-minimalist style

Equally reduced, but a little more elegant, the furnishings are designed in a modern-minimalist style. Here, too, clear lines are in the foreground: simple geometric shapes are particularly in demand - for example furniture or decorations in rectangular, triangular or circular designs.

For the characteristic "clean" look, the basic colors are set to in this style White, black and gray . Isolated, selected statement pieces serve as decoration: a modern painting, a designer lamp or a sophisticated glass shelf.

 Modern bedroom

Maritime decorating the bedroom

If you like it more rustic and with a pinch of holiday feeling, you might like the maritime style. Here you can literally hear the sea rushing! The colors blue and white are of course a must for the maritime flair. In addition, there is the brown or beige of natural materials : Braided, linen and natural wood are reminiscent of flotsam and beach chairs.

You can decorate with ship, anchor and stripe motifs in a classic, but somewhat clichéd style. For example, pictures of reeds or water birds are a little more subtle. Or you go with the decoration more in the direction of a country house style and rely on meadow flowers and glazed ceramics.

Furnishing the bedroom: the feel-good factor has to be right

Finally, our most important tip: Before you set up your bedroom, you should get a Superior color and style concept. This ensures that there is a common thread running through the interior and you avoid bad purchases. And - regardless of home trends: in the end it is important that you feel comfortable in the bedroom and can relax there. So design the room according to your personal taste!