Glass Coffee tables

As a storage for the daily newspaper, storage space for a glass of wine, snacks or decorative elements - the coffee table is an indispensable element in the living room, doctor's office or lounge. Classically made of glass, a coffee table complements high-quality seating and forms the lightweight counterpoint to other solid furniture. Read more...

The glass coffee table: a classic furniture reinterpreted

The designer glass coffee tables by DREIECK DESIGN play with traditional shapes and combine them with innovative ideas. Whether your style is puristic, extravagant or glamorous: A modern designer coffee table made to measure gives the tastefully decorated living room always an individual touch.

Sets accents in every living room: a designer glass coffee table

The glass coffee tables by DREIECK DESIGN are made by different designers, each of whom has their own ideas. For lovers of a clear design, for example, we recommend our model FILIO by Klaus Bergen, which is characterized by simple and reduced elegance. Slightly more accentuated accents are provided by our salon tables SERVA and THEBEN, which combine straight lines with surprising additional elements.

Even those who want to make a stronger visual statement with the coffee table will find inspiring models at DREIECK DESIGN. With its bold colors and cubic shapes, the glass coffee table MONDRIAN pays homage to the Bauhaus style; the model NIC by designer Jürgen Sohn convinces with its fascinating stripe look and exciting play of light.

Wood, metal, stainless steel & chrome: glass coffee table as a design wonder

In addition to the models of pure glass, we also carry a variety of designer glass coffee tables and other high-quality materials, such as wood, metal or stainless steel. These combinations often create a particularly attractive look.

Glass coffee table with wood

Wooden components radiate heat and form an interesting antipole to the cool, ordered atmosphere of the glass. Our glass and wood coffee tables combine stylish elegance with cozy cosiness. The wooden components are made of precious natural woods, optionally made of oak, walnut or cherry.

The saloon table SERVA by designer Vitold Heer combines high-gloss glass surfaces with a square wooden element. The special feature of SERVA is that the wooden element can be used in two ways: on the one hand, it is perfectly flush with the glass plate, and if you turn it over, it becomes an integrated tray with an upstand.

The glass coffee table TRAY by designer Klaus Bergen is also equipped with a high-quality tray made of wood, which can be removed if necessary. With the model REMUS the table top is also made of glass, for the table feet can be selected from three real wood veneers.

Glass coffee table with metal

In contrast to wood, metal exudes a cool, neutral aesthetic and is therefore particularly suitable for signaling professionalism or seriousness. Many coffee tables have a base or feet made of metal, because this material is particularly easy to work and very stable.

The metal elements of our high-quality glass coffee tables are made of finely brushed or polished stainless steel, high-gloss chromed steel or polished brass. At the designer coffee table NEX by Jürgen Sohn, the base made of solid stainless steel supports a round table top made of bright Optiwhite glass.

Glass coffee table with stainless steel

Stainless steel elements are considered to be particularly stylish and score high resistance and longevity. Glass coffee tables with high-quality stainless steel foot parts can be found at DREIECK DESIGN in a variety of creative designs: the simple, purist FILIO model impresses with its filigree production and lightness. The QUADRO MAXUM creation takes a completely different approach: the massive glass plate rests here on large, 10x10 cm stainless steel feet.

Glass coffee table with chrome

Coatings with chrome offer the possibility to give parts made of steel or other materials a high-gloss surface. If you want a glass coffee table with shiny metal parts, you can choose from many models with polished stainless steel or chromed metal feet at DREIECK DESIGN. The MILES table by Helmut Koppenhagen, for example, has a charming undercarriage in a crossed arrangement, which comes in shiny chrome-plated execution particularly well.

Your glass coffee table: round, rectangular or made-to-measure?

Our designer pieces adapt to your décor: Most of our models are available in different sizes and shapes. So it does not matter if the desired glass coffee table should be round or square - we manufacture the chosen model according to your ideas. In addition to the usual dimensions for a square glass coffee table, such as 60x60, 70x70 or 80x80, our designer pieces also have more unusual shapes.

The glass table you favor is too small, big, tall or has the wrong shape? No problem, because we manufacture the tables by hand, we can respond to your special requests. All coffee tables in our collection can be individually customized. Even special finishes, colors or glass coatings can be changed.

Glass coffee table - transparent design with splashes of color

The clear, no-frills look of our glass coffee tables has been softened by bold colors by some designers. And even the glass itself does not always have to be transparent: the color of the glass top can be variably set on many tables - from deep black to anthracite gray, ruby ​​red to pure orange.

Design glass coffee table in black

A black glass coffee table is ideal for business or professional environments. Alternatively, it is possible to paint only certain parts - such as the feet of the table - black, or even the glass parts themselves. Who conceives a glass table with black elements could, for example, on the glass coffee table NUO by designer Jürgen Sohn or at the table THEBEN Fallen.

Design glass coffee table in white

Glass coffee tables with white lacquered parts are characterized by their special chic. This makes them an appealing piece of furniture for all homeowners who value style and aesthetics. For example, the glass coffee table NUO combines a pure white intermediate plate with a transparent top plate to create a bright overall work of art. Also the glass table THEBEN and the glass coffee table TRAY are available in the combination white / transparent.

Design glass coffee table with colorful colors

With the table MONDRIAN designer Helmut Koppenhagen has designed a glass coffee table with colorful colors. The base of the table is - in accordance with the color theory of artist Piet Mondrian - painted in the primary colors red, blue, yellow and black. The coffee tables NUO, THEBEN and SLIDE are also impressive with their timeless design in bold colors - here you can choose the glass top in different colors from concrete gray to golden yellow.

Modern glass coffee tables with a certain extra

Glass coffee tables, however, are not just an elegant eye-catcher, they are also functional: various compartments, intermediate plates and drawers make it possible to create order as fast as lightning. Newspapers, glasses, mobile phones or other objects can be stowed here and can be found quickly if necessary. For example, the glass coffee table THEBEN offers a tastefully integrated drawer and table JANUS VII can be used as a magazine rack.

The SERVA and TRAY designs each contain a tray made of high-quality oak or walnut, which can be removed. TRAY also has the advantage that this glass coffee table has integrated rollers. Thus, the table can be flexibly moved as needed. Flexibility is also a strength of SLIDE - a round, height-adjustable glass coffee table. By the way: We also gladly consider your individual special wishes. All tables of our collection are also available in custom-made.

Maintain your high-quality designer glass coffee table

Glass coffee tables are more robust than expected - however, fingerprints and dust grains tend to accumulate on glass surfaces. The best way to make a designer glass table is to clean it regularly with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

Moisten the cloth with a little glass cleaner and then polish the glass plate with a dry cloth. For stubborn streaks, it is advisable to use newspaper or chamois leather.

What to consider when buying a coffee table

If you want to buy a glass coffee table, there are a few things to keep in mind:

- How striking is the table? Do you want to set a definite accent or do I rather like a simple piece of furniture that fits seamlessly into the room?
- How much storage space should the coffee table provide? Is the upper plate sufficient as a storage surface or do I need an additional intermediate plate or even a drawer?
- How high should the coffee table be? Basically, the directive is that the coffee table should be the same height as the surrounding upholstered furniture, usually about 45 centimeters. At DREIECK DESIGN you get glass coffee tables in different heights, on request individual customization is possible.
- Are there additional functions that the coffee table should have - such as wheels or height adjustability?

If these questions are clarified, the rest of the selection is above all a matter of taste. You have found the perfect coffee table, but little details do not fit? No problem - all glass tables in the collection are available in customized sizes.