Coffee tables with wood and glass

The perfect Saturday night: Sitting comfortably with good friends on the couch and excitedly engaged in conversation - there is only a good glass of red wine missing. Now who owns a stylish coffee table is lucky. Wine, snacks and other utensils, can be placed on the table so the hosts do not need to constantly get up. Read more...

What makes the wooden and glass coffee table so special?

Whether glass, stainless steel, brass or wood: every material has its advantages and disadvantages and creates a special ambience. If you then combine different materials, the furniture gets a completely new look. As Aristotles said: “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”!

A wooden and glass coffee table thus works in its own unique way. Especially the intense contrast between the futuristic-modern glass and the earthy wood gives a coffee table its special charm. And in a sense, the glass coffee table with wood is also a compromise: if a glass table is too cool and a wooden table is too down-to-earth, then perhaps the combination of materials will be just what suits your taste.

Glass coffee tables with wood: round, rectangular or square?

With a high-quality glass and wood coffee table by DREIECK DESIGN, you will always acquire an innovative designer piece. But depending on the size of the living room, style of furnishing and seating, some shapes are better than others. Whether you prefer a round or an edgy model, remember that all the designs in our collections are also available in custom sizes.

The glass and wood coffee table in a round shape

With our model MONDRIAN we offer a coffee table made of glass and wood with a round table top. The round glass plate rests on an original footboard made of lacquered wood fiber boards. With its colorful paint scheme in blue, yellow, red and black, the foot has less the look of classic wood, but alludes to the colors of the Bauhaus era. This unique table by designer Helmut Koppenhagen was created as part of the 100-year Bauhaus anniversary and is intended to pay homage to the two artists Gerrit Rietveld and Piet Mondrian.

The glass coffee table with wood in square shape

In addition to its round design, the MONDRIAN design is also available in a square version. More corners and edges can be found at our saloon table SERVA by designer Vitold Heer. This glass coffee table has a removable wooden element, which can also be used as a tray. Optionally made of partially solid oak or walnut wood, the wooden part gives the table a tasteful and homelike touch. Apart from the wooden insert, the coffee table is made entirely of glass and impresses with its interesting asymmetric arrangement.

The wooden coffee table with glass in rectangular shape

If you are looking for a more elongated model, we recommend our coffee table TRAY by designer Klaus Bergen: on the upper level of this glass coffee table, a high-quality wooden tray was fitted. This can be taken off and used to serve drinks and snacks. The eponymous tray is made of fine oak or walnut wood and fits beautifully into the overall composition. There are four casters on the underside of the table, so it can quickly change place if needed.

Glass coffee tables: Which wood fits?

Wood is not just wood: both in color and in grain, the individual tree species differ greatly and each of the woods has its own unique character. For the wooden and glass coffee tables by DREIECK DESIGN, either walnut, oak or cherry tree is used. Depending on your preference and model, you can freely choose between the three types of wood.

Glass coffee table with wood: walnut

Walnut wood is the wood of the walnut tree. It is a dark brown fine wood with fascinating grain, which is particularly popular for design furniture and parquet. The dark brown and chocolate color looks elegant and suitable for rooms that are decorated in muted colors such as gray or black. Of course, a glass coffee table with the wood of the walnut fits very well into your interior, if the rest of the furniture is also made of walnut.

Glass coffee table with wood: oak

Our coffee tables TRAY, SERVA, REMUS and REMUS DOUBLE made of glass and wood are optionally available in the "oak" version. The wood of the oak is yellow to light brown and has a long tradition in furniture production: in addition to tables, it is also used for chairs, beds and cabinets. Due to its light color, oak wood has a particularly natural appearance and makes the room appear friendly and open. Especially in combination with the clear OPTIWHITE glass, the oak wood parts provide brightness and light, making them ideal for a light and airy interior design.

Glass coffee table with wood: cherrywood

Cherry wood is striking because of its beautiful red-brownish color and is therefore often used as veneer wood in furniture design. The fine pores of the wood can be worked well and develops a pleasant shine when polished. On the decorative properties of the cherry tree, we rely on our coffee tables REMUS and REMUS DOUBLE: The two models are made on request with table legs made of cherry veneer - under the transparent glass plate, the pretty cherry wood comes to advantage.

For these furnishing styles, the glass-wood coffee table is particularly well suited. Depending on the type of wood, construction and shape, the glass-wood coffee table can be integrated into different interior design styles. The following two examples show how versatile the glass coffee tables from DREIECK DESIGN are.

Clean lines and lots of light:
The Scandinavian-style coffee table with wood and glass

A piece of furniture made of simple glass and friendly wooden parts is made for the Scandinavian style. Because the combination of clear “chic” with natural materials is in the popular Scandinavian style almost mandatory. If you are looking for a Nordic look with your furniture, you should choose our glass coffee tables with light oak wood: in the far north, sunlight is often scarce, which is why special emphasis is placed on light, translucent furniture.

Glass coffee table with wood: exciting design for the modern minimalist style

Innovative design with a modern touch is the trademark of DREIECK DESIGN. Therefore, our coffee tables are also suitable for those who pursue a modern minimalist line with their furniture. True to the motto "less is more", this style tries to omit everything superfluous. Characteristics of minimalism are clear lines and geometric shapes; the design should be reduced to the essentials.

Our wooden and glass coffee tables stand out for their elegant simplicity, which is functional at the same time, and therefore meet the requirements of a purist design. And with the glass coffee table MONDRIAN we remember one of the most important minimalist movements of the 20th century: the Bauhaus style.

Decorating ideas for the design coffee table made of wood and glass

A coffee table made of glass and wood is already a decorative element in itself and in principle requires no additional embellishment. However, various decorative elements on the coffee table can bring a little more warmth and friendliness into the room and give the interior an individual touch. As a nice addition on the table, for example, a porcelain or wooden bowl, which is filled with stones, dried flowers or fruit. Even with candles or tasteful sculptures, the small table can be decorated. The classic among the coffee table accessories is certainly a lavishly designed illustrated book. Did you know that such illustrated books are even known in English as "Coffee Table Book" - exactly after their favorite place at the coffee table? With an aesthetically appealing volume on the topics of travel, art, architecture etc. So to not do anything wrong:

Tipp: Always make sure to use the accessories sparingly, because an overloaded coffee table is restless.

Buy a Glass Coffee Table with Wood Elements: 4 Tips

You want to buy a high quality coffee table with glass and wood, but are still unsure which is the right one? The following 4 tips give you some ideas for what to consider before you buy:

• What effect should the table have? Do you want an exciting designer piece with an unusual design or a classic piece of furniture that rests in the background?

• How much storage space should the coffee table have? Which utensils or decorative elements should be placed on it?

• Which wood is yours and which one fits your other furniture? Should it rather be light oak or dark walnut wood?

• Should the coffee table have additional functions, such as a removable tray or wheels?

By the way: If you have any change requests regarding size, shape or height, then that is not a problem for us. For individualists we also produce special models in personalized customization. At DREIECK DESIGN you will receive the desired coffee table according to your wishes.