Square coffee tables with glass

A tasteful coffee table not only serves as a shelf, but also gives your living room that certain something. Coffee tables made of glass in a square shape look particularly elegant. At DREIECK DESIGN you will find a first-class selection of high-quality designer pieces! Read more...

Glass coffee table: square, practical, stylish

Do you want your living room to be inviting and stylish? Then a square-shaped glass coffee table is exactly the right choice. The clear lines look fresh and modern. At the same time, the uniform design conveys calm and stability.

A square coffee table complements perfectly with corner sofas or sofa landscapes in U-shape. This creates a harmonious overall picture that turns your apartment into a cozy feel-good place. In combination with a high-quality wool carpet or pretty decorative elements, the coffee table can be perfectly set in scene.


Square coffee table made of glass: elegant shelf with a view

A coffee table made of glass in a square shape brings a noble touch to your living room! Glass is timeless and elegant. Thanks to its transparent surface, the material also appears discreet and unobtrusive. Is your apartment decorated in a vintage style? Do you prefer it minimalist? No matter what interior style your heart beats, you will always make the right choice with a glass coffee table!

Glass is also particularly easy to care for and can be easily combined with other materials: accents made of wood or stainless steel ensure a stylish mix of materials. So the coffee table becomes the tasteful centerpiece of your apartment!


Coffee table made of glass in a square shape at DREICK DESIGN

Furnishings and pieces of furniture are very individual things. For this reason you will find square glass coffee tables in the most varied of variations at DREIECK DESIGN:

  • Wooden coffee tables with glass
  • White glass coffee tables
  • Coffee tables in black with glass
  • Glass coffee tables with stainless steel

Our high-quality designer pieces are made in Germany with a high proportion of handcraft. Let yourself be inspired by our selection!

Wooden coffee table with glass: square and charming

The MONUMENT coffee table by designer Vitold Heer is a true masterpiece: it combines sophisticated design with functionality. The solid wood table top is optionally made of oak or walnut and hides two deep drawers inside, which serve as storage space. The integrated table leg made of glass allows the wooden body to float almost above the floor. The removable tray, which hides four additional storage compartments under it, is particularly practical.

The SERVA saloon table is also a fascinating fusion of wood and glass. The glass table top is complemented by a high-quality wooden tray. The special thing about it: the tray can be removed and turned over. It can also be used as a flush extension of the glass plate. This coffee table not only shines with its exclusive design, it can also be used in a variety of ways.


Coffee table in white made of glass: square and chic

Are you looking for a changeable, unique item? Then you should take a look at the white glass coffee table URANUS. The simple table consists of two rotatable levels: by swiveling the top plate, the coffee table gets a new look again and again.

Also practical: thanks to the invisible castors on the lower level, the table can be moved as desired and can be placed exactly where you need it. The coffee table is also available in other finishes such as anthracite gray or ruby ​​red.


Coffee table made of glass in black: square and classy

The THEBEN model is a real eye-catcher in black. The upper and lower tabletop are made of transparent glass, while there is a lacquered drawer in between. Snacks, the remote control or even books find their place here. The combination of airy glass and colored paintwork turns the coffee table into an exclusive statement piece and enhances every living room. The model is also available in other colors.

Couchtisch aus Glas mit Edelstahl: quadratisch und stabil

The DAVIS saloon table by designer Helmut Koppenhagen stands for purist nobility. Here elegance meets stability: the table legs in the form of runners are made of solid stainless steel and ensure a firm stand. The table top is made of 15 mm thick glass and is optionally made of float glass or Optiwhite glass. In combination with modern upholstered furniture, the clear design of the coffee table cuts a particularly good figure!

Would you like to upgrade your living room with a superlative table? Then we can present you the QUADRO MAXUM model. The square shaped glass coffee table impresses with its exclusive table top: This is made by hand and is 38 mm thick. This makes it the strongest all-glass table top in the world. The massive plate is supported by hand-polished or brushed stainless steel feet. An absolute statement piece!

Simple, light and filigree - with the FILIO glass coffee table you are spot on if you are looking for a discreet piece of furniture for your living area. The noble glass plate made of float glass or Optiwhite glass floats on four stainless steel table feet. A special detail are the beveled corners of the plate, which round off the elegant look.


Proper care: cleaning square glass coffee tables

Don't worry: pieces of furniture made of glass do not require a lot of maintenance. However, unsightly traces in the form of fingerprints can quickly appear on glass surfaces. However, these can be eliminated quickly and easily.

All you need is a soft cloth and some cleaning agent. Use it to wipe the glass plate clean and dry it with a cotton cloth if necessary. Your coffee table will already shine in new splendor!

In our guide you will also find further tips and tricks for cleaning your glass furniture.


Buy a square-shaped glass coffee table: what you should pay attention to

Before you get a new coffee table in your living room, you should consider in advance which criteria it must meet. The following questions can help avoid a bad buy:

  • What purpose should the coffee table serve? Are you looking for a stylish storage space for snacks and books? Or should the coffee table primarily serve as a decorative design element and the practical use is in the background?
  • What style should the coffee table be in? Are you looking for a minimalist design with clear lines? Or can it be a little more conspicuous?
  • What dimensions should the table have? Depending on the intended use, there are different heights.

If you consider these points before buying, you will ensure that the new designer piece fits your home perfectly.

Made to measure: coffee table made of glass in a square shape

Are you still looking for the perfect coffee table with a square glass top? At DREIECK DESIGN we also offer all of our designer pieces as custom-made items. Since our models are largely handcrafted in Germany, we are able to meet almost all special requests. To do this, click on the “Customize” button on the product page of the table. This is how we help you to create your tailor-made glass coffee table!