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Custom-made glass furniture

DREIECK DESIGN also offers custom-made products for all models. All of our products can therefore be made to measure according to your individual wishes. In each of our glass furniture you will find the button "CUSTOMIZE". In the online shop, where you can submit your non-binding price inquiry for the models for your desired glass table, your customized glass showcase  or any other DREIECK DESIGN glass furniture.

Custom-made glass showcases

Everyone has different demands on the glass showcase they want.
DREIECK DESIGN manufactures all glass showcases in Germany with a large proportion of manual work - that is why we are so flexible and can fulfill almost all wishes.

Simply select the showcase you like best from our glass display case overview and configure your glass showcase with the desired options. Select the desired halogen or LED lighting, possibly paintwork and whether your glass showcase should be lockable.

Then just click on "CUSTOMIZE" and briefly state what should be individually manufactured differently.

You are welcome to change all dimensions, colors of any glass paintwork and equipment. Then simply click on "SEND" and you will receive a non-binding offer for your custom-made product.

So we can build the right glass showcase for every room, whether as a museum showcase to measure, all-glass showcase for hotels, glass showcase for your office, practice or your living room at home.

Would you prefer advice on the phone? Call us on: +49 2242 90999-19

Glasvitrine auf Maß
(Pictures shows glass cabinet SOLUS - starting from 1.364,-- EUR )



Glastisch Maßanfertigung Davis
(Picture shows glass coffee table DAVIS - starting from 1.060,-- EUR)

Custom made glass tables

A glass table should perform a wide variety of tasks. It can serve as a coffee table, side table, dining table or as a desk. Design, size and the materials used can be just as diverse.

We want to help you find your dream table.
Just like our glass showcases, we produce all of our glass tables in Germany. That is why we are able to build all of our glass tables, whether coffee table, side table, dining table or glass desk, according to your wishes.

As a suggestion, we would ask you to choose one of our designer tables and let us know what you want to change.
Please use our overview pages for coffee tables, side tables or dining and writing tables and please select your favorite table there.

Then please simply select the most suitable configuration, i.e. the size and height of your glass table and any paintwork and metal versions.

Then just click on "CUSTOMIZE" and indicate and briefly what you want to change. We would be happy to make you a non-binding offer for your bespoke production.

So we can build the right glass table for every room, whether as a coffee table for your home, the conference table for your office or the side table for hotel rooms and waiting rooms.

Would you prefer advice on the phone? Call us on: +49 2242 90999-19

Custom-made glass consoles

Glass consoles serve various purposes, in the hallway or entrance area as a storage for keys, the telephone and for everyday necessities, in the living room for presenting beautiful things or in the office as a decorative surface for papers and pens. The requirements for material, colors and sizes are just as different.

DREIECK DESIGN offers the right console for every space and need. We will build you the perfect glass console for any use, whether made of clear glass or rather to match your interior in lacquered or satin glass. In addition, we offer you a large number of solid wood consoles, which we can also customize.

Please have a look at our console overview for a design console that you particularly like, choose the most similar to the desired measurement console in the configurator and click on "CUSTOMIZE".

There you can tell us your individual wishes and we will prepare a non-binding offer for your customized glass console.

Would you prefer advice on the phone? Call us on: +49 2242 90999-19

Glaskonsole Arcadia Maßanfertigung
(Picture shows glass console table ARCADIA - starting from 708,-- EUR)

Glasnachttisch auf Maß PURE
(Picture shows nightstand PURE - starting from 874,-- EUR)

Custom-made nightstands

Every bedroom and every bed is different. Popular box spring beds have different requirements for a bedside table than modern, flat beds. Of course, tastes and furnishing styles vary as well.

DREIECK DESIGN offers various bedside tables made of glass and solid wood and each bedside table can be customized in terms of dimensions, materials and colors or varnishes. Of course also with drawers.

Please look on our overview page of the bedside tables for a bedside table that suits your taste and select the variant in the configurator that comes closest to your wish.

Then click on "CUSTOMIZE". Here you can inform us of any change requests. You will then receive a non-binding offer from us for your made-to-measure bedside table, suitable for your bed and your furnishings - according to your taste.

Would you prefer advice on the phone? Call us on: +49 2242 90999-19