The 6 most beautiful modern furnishing styles

Author : DREIECK DESIGN editorial department
Last update: 01/08/2022

Different furnishing styles at a glance: 6 ideas for your living area

Are you considering furnishing or redecorating your premises and are you still looking for ideas? We have researched the most beautiful modern furnishing styles that not only impress guests and show a knack for exciting contrasts, but also bring cozy comfort to your premises. First of all: Almost all of the different furnishing styles rely on designer glass furniture as a stylistic all-rounder and on a high-quality wood look. But let yourself be surprised by our furnishing style overview!

These are the top interior design styles

Furnishing your own living oasis is not only a question of comfort, but also of style. Because the artful composition of chic furniture, which not only brings designer extravagance into the living area, but also contributes to the feel-good ambience, is in any case a statement of individual furnishing art. Since designer glass furniture fits seamlessly into any furnishing style, this guide deals with the following question: Which furnishing styles are modern?

Here are 6 of the most beautiful furnishing styles at a glance!

Reduced design language par excellence: the minimalist style

Since the peak of minimalist design in the 80s, the minimalist style has been characterized by restrained colours, sober surfaces and pragmatic furnishings. The focus is on the effect of natural elements such as light, the clarity of the shapes and beautiful materials that gently flatter the eye. If possible, wide areas testify to the liberating feeling of simply showing less pomp and relaxing.

Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Minimalistisches Wohnzimmer
(Photo shows tv stand FLY, CD rack CD 504 and coffee table UT by DREIECK DESIGN)

Avoid excessive decorations or luxurious accessories with the minimalist style, but make sure when placing furniture and decorations that they fit harmoniously into the overall picture. This creates the typical cozy atmosphere of the minimalist interior design style.

For example, place a single work of art on a glass table with a clear design, or combine wooden elements with glass in a subtly playful console in the entrance area. Make sure you choose a uniform color (in natural colors such as white or beige) to emphasize the balance of the space.

Tip: Custom-made designer furniture is the best choice for aesthetic furnishings. Because these can be adapted to the individual character of your living area according to your wishes and fit perfectly into the furniture ensemble.

Classic and elegant: the country house style

The country house style was shaped by the way of life of wealthy families in the 17th century, who settled comfortably in the country. This zeitgeist still lives on today - in rustic wooden furniture, natural materials and cozy decoration that bring the warm feeling of rural summer evenings into the living area.

Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Landhausstil
(Photo shows glass-wood console FUSION WOOD and nightstand PURE WOOD by DREIECK DESIGN)

The easiest way to set up in a country house style is to get hold of old country furniture or prepare solid wood furniture based on their model. Carvings and turned ornaments contribute to the lovingly playful appearance that is characteristic of the idyllic country house style.

Decorate your interior with a feminine touch, for example with flower vases or lace doilies. Don't skimp on slipcovers, cushions and floral patterns, because these are the only things that create the cozy lightness that is known from the country house style. Cheerful colors are certainly desirable when choosing colors, but pastel tones with their calm cheerfulness also go well with this type of furnishing style.

To round off the flair of the rural 17th century, a freshly picked bouquet of meadow flowers or herbs on the living room table with a glass element is excellent.


Natural, light, casual: Scandinavian furnishing

One of the most popular and impressive interior design styles is definitely the Scandinavian. As with minimalism, the focus here is also on reduced form and simple design. But where there are many forests and lakes, this is of course also reflected inside, which is why this furnishing style also uses natural materials.

Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Skandinavischer Stil
(Photo showss glass console L-FORM by DREIECK DESIGN)

To furnish the living room with a Nordic look, it is best to use wooden floors and wooden furniture as well as light natural colors or pastel tones. The combination of light wood (e.g. pine, spruce, ash or birch) and white paint looks natural and simple. In order to reflect the informal spirit of Scandinavia, underline the furnishings when choosing your textiles with playful, colorful natural motifs, but geometric shapes in black and white are also typical.

Always decorate your home with pragmatism and naturalness in mind. Therefore, choose materials such as leather, wool, wood, cotton, linen, fur or cashmere. When choosing your furniture, you are on the right track if it has a simple design that does not require many technical extras or extravagant shapes (take a look at the LISBOA wooden chest of drawers, for example).

Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Massivholzkommode LISBOA
(Photo shows solid wooden chest of drawers in walnut and oak LISBOA von DREIECK DESIGN)


In order to design your furnishing style perfectly according to the Scandinavian model down to the last detail, the focus must of course be on the furniture. Because sociable comfort is conveyed when the sofa or the dining table is placed invitingly in the center of the room. If you want to score creatively, then complement your furnishings with an exclusive designer piece that shines in a geometric shape in a simple design, combining fine wood with light float glass, such as the SERVA coffee table.


Vintage: Industrial Style, Shabby Chic, Mid-Century & Classic Vintage

Vintage is one of the types of furnishing styles where you can choose different directions. There is the traditional vintage with a lot of wood and calm colors, mid-century vintage, which comes up with the opposite with strong colors, or the mixture with industrial style, which relies on cool materials such as metal or glass. The important thing is to stick to one style.

When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to an authentic look. This means that the furniture should be from the last century or at least look like it. Scratches, faded or worn areas or other signs of use are the details that bring the old charm of bygone times back to life in your living space.

It is best to look at auction houses, private sales or designer shops, and also visit antique shops. Of course you can also go on an excursion and browse in the second-hand shop or even at the flea market. If necessary, have your finds restored – you will see that they will shine with new splendor and radiate a comfortable grandeur.

Once you have your furniture together, it is still a matter of skillfully combining materials: different types of wood, but also metal and glass elements, leather and velvet are an excellent match for this style. Rely on natural colors such as leather and brown tones and combine them with strong colors such as wine red, petrol, pink or navy blue in a worn look.

The industrial style naturally thrives on metallic colors and a concrete look. Tip: Install lamps in a reduced design that do not require a lampshade but, decorated with subtle metal or wood elements, bathe your premises in a warm light.

For mid-century style, go for leather, heavy velvet, lavish lighting and glassy sheen. And if you prefer the shabby chic, then feminine pastel colors such as lilac or sky blue as well as linen fabrics and light wood furniture should not be missing.

Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Klassische Eleganz
(Photo shows glass desk CLASSIC and glass shelves TOURELLE by DREIECK DESIGN)

Bold design and straight lines: the modern furnishing style

The modern furnishing style is primarily dedicated to calm and lightness. Therefore, superfluous elements, decorations and elaborate design are avoided here. Rather, the focus is on simplicity, clear lines and an open arrangement of the furniture.

Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Modernes Wohnzimmer
(Photo shows glass side table LIDO, glass coffee tables QUADRO and CD shelves by DREIECK DESIGN)

Modern is one of the best interior design styles that you can choose, especially for small but also spacious rooms. The pragmatic arrangement and uncomplicated manageability of this style convey purity and comfort. Nevertheless, the choice of interior design is not always easy, because every detail should fit, especially with minimalist furnishings, so that the full effect unfolds and you can relax in your own living oasis.

This also means that the choice and arrangement of the furniture should not be casual. Rely on simple, clear lines and materials such as glass, metal, wood or chrome - these will give your living space an elegant informality. For example, a glass console with a minimalist design can make more of an impression in your entrance area than an elaborately decorated but heavy piece of furniture. Space out all furniture and objects to avoid an oppressive feeling of being cramped or crowded.

If possible, hire designers who will make bespoke furniture for you, as these will blend seamlessly into your living space. If you want to add a little playfulness to your space, glass furniture is a great choice. For example, glass shelves with sloping edges are the perfect combination of modern design and pragmatic lightheartedness.


Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Glasregal auf Maß(Photo shows glass shelf TOURELLE by DREIECK DESIGN)

There are hardly any limits to your choice of colour. The important thing is that you find a complementary mix of neutral and strong colors. You can paint your walls white, but play with colorful decorative elements, carpets and curtains in bright colors such as yellow or turquoise, which convey a harmonious overall picture. Black and white design, furniture with geometric shapes or light glass elements also do justice to the modern home furnishing style.


Luxurious, noble, extravagant: designer furniture furnishing style

Royal velvet cushions, luxurious designer furniture and specially designed glass furniture with a free-floating look - that is the motto of the extravagant furnishing style. There is no show of too much pomp – with a skilful combination of fine textiles, shiny surfaces and clear lines, this furnishing style shows a knack for the glamorous touch, with which you can not only impress guests, but also feel comfortable in them.

Die 6 schönsten Einrichtungsstile: Luxeriöses Wohnzimmer
(Photo shows illuminated glass showcase SOLUS BACKLIGHT and lacquered glass side tables ST06 by DREIECK DESIGN)

It doesn't take much to set up a presentable living room. Rely on noble shades such as gold, rose to violet, emerald green or navy blue. But simple beige and gray as well as magnificent animal patterns such as a leo print also go perfectly with the extravagant style. A lot is allowed as long as it's not too garish.


The decoration is the finishing touch that will finally transform your living area into a royal living area. Fabrics such as satin or velor can be supplemented with heavier velvet, especially in combination with button stitching. For objects, for example, choose candle holders made of copper, brass or gold. Crystal lights are also perfectly reflected in your designer glass furniture and perfectly express ornate brocade patterns in cushions, gold vases on your living room glass table or your most valuable unique items in your collector's showcase.


How do I find my own style of living?

Finding the perfect living style that you feel comfortable with can be a challenge. Last but not least, because the living space should not only have a representative function when guests come to visit, but should also exude a cozy atmosphere.

Then it's good to know that it's basically not that important which of the home furnishing styles you choose, as long as you implement it skilfully and demonstrate a sense of structure and the interaction of individual components. This gives the living space the harmonious balance that one desires.

If you value a clear design, a harmonious arrangement and a weightless look, then designer furniture made of glass or wood is a good solution. Ideally, these are made by hand or made to measure and thus underline the individual character of your living space in a completely uncomplicated manner.



What furnishing styles are there?

There are almost as many home furnishing styles as there are personalities - because everyone has to find their own individual style. That's why it's not so easy to keep track of the different furnishing styles. Some of the most popular interior design styles are:

  • Scandinavian
  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Country style
  • Vintage
  • Extravagance
  • Shabby Chic
  • Colonial style
  • Designer style


Which furnishing styles are modern?

Modern home furnishing styles thrive on a timelessly elegant atmosphere and clear lines. The choice of decoration and materials also focuses on puristic design, cool comfort through metal or glass elements and the combination with natural materials such as wood. Furnishing styles that do justice to this are, for example, the modern furnishing style, the industrial look, designer furniture style or the extravagant style.

What does puristically furnished mean?

The purist furnishings thrive on the simplicity of the forms, which at the same time convey a sense of high-quality design and a harmonious arrangement. Therefore, clear lines, floating glass optics, exclusive designer furniture (also made to measure) and high-quality materials are in the foreground here.