Illuminated showcases

A glass showcase with lighting is a particularly exclusive design element. It impresses with its slim, translucent figure. The integrated lighting literally puts the showcase and the objects in it in the perfect light. Let yourself be inspired by the noble glass showcases from the DREIECK DESIGN range. Read more...

Illuminated glass showcase: the eye-catcher in your interior

A glass display case with lighting gives the room in which it stands a particularly elegant touch. Their high, slim silhouette makes an impressive impression without being bulky or depressing. The glass absorbs and reflects incident light. Glass also has the wonderful property that it opens up space. So it makes every room appear friendly and bright.

The lighting device, which can be integrated as required, ensures that the objects inside the glass showcase are perfectly illuminated. The light spots are built discreetly so that they do not come to the fore too much.

What is an illuminated glass display case for?

In a glass showcase you can present your favorite collectibles in proper style. Whether it's a valuable camera collection or a nostalgic model car collection: your possessions are in good hands in a glass display case from DREIECK DESIGN. Thanks to the sturdy lock, which can be purchased optionally, the inside of the display case is also protected against unauthorized access.

The optionally selectable lighting puts your collectibles in focus and gives them their well-deserved, glamorous appearance.

Glass showcase in white and high-gloss, lockable or with LED lighting

The following examples from our glass showcase collection show the sophistication and aesthetics of our designer pieces. Our exclusive models are available with various rear walls, lighting and a lock if required.


The clean lines make this homemade piece by DREIECK DESIGN particularly unique. Its tall, slim body and the robust stainless steel feet make SOLUS FLY appear stable and impressive. The integrated solid wood element (optionally made of oak, walnut or lacquered MDF) seems to float in the glass body thanks to the sophisticated installation. The back wall can be made crystal clear or matt velvet color according to your taste.

If you wish, you can equip your glass display case with LED lighting. With a size of just 3.5 x 3.5 mm, our LED system is one of the smallest in the world. The subtle size does not detract from the performance of the lamps: the objects in the showcase are illuminated uniformly and vigorously and literally put in the right light.

You like SOLUS FLY, but would you like to change one or two details? Then click on "CUSTOMIZE" for the product and let us know your change requests! We will then determine to what extent your suggestions can be implemented.


The glass showcase SOLUS impresses with its puristic, linear design. It is available in the formats SOLUS II, SOLUS III, SOLUS IV and as a corner showcase. The first three formats differ in their dimensions. The regularly arranged glass cubes create a noble high-gloss look.

You can have the desired display case optionally equipped with halogen lighting or LED spots. Choose between 3, 4 or 5 spots for the latter and perfectly showcase your most valuable possessions.


The unusual model SOLUS BACKLIGHT by Reinhard Gruber comes up with a minimalist design and fascinating LED technology. The rear wall of the showcase is completely satin. Behind it is the LED panel, which scatters the light in the showcase so that it and all objects in it are perfectly illuminated.

The RGB model can be purchased with 15 different light colors: the attractive color palette ranges from brilliant white to electrifying blue. In this way you create particularly fascinating lighting moods in your four walls.

All models that we have presented here and that you can find in our high-quality collection of glass showcases can optionally be purchased with a lock. For a small surcharge, we can equip your desired showcase with a lock at the top or bottom. In this way, your exhibits are not only displayed to their best advantage, but also protected against unauthorized access.

Glass showcase: combination with other materials

Glass is a particularly grateful material. It can be combined with any other high-quality material. Regardless of whether your interior consists of numerous wooden elements or whether you have mainly installed marble or chrome: glass fits perfectly into the overall picture. Due to its flowing appearance, it never appears oppressive or intrusive.

Whatever style of furnishing you are committed to, glass adapts to the circumstances and still gives them a little freshness and friendliness. The classic, minimalist look of the glass showcases by DREIECK DESIGN brings a touch of avant-garde to every home. With a glass display case with lighting, you can give your interior a completely new, exciting look.

What are the advantages of glass?

Glass is timeless. It has no expiry date and can give you years of pleasure with a quality product such as that from DREIECK DESIGN. Glass absorbs incident light and reflects it back into the room, which makes for a particularly beautiful spectacle. Its unexcited, yet elegant look makes it a real eye-catcher.

It can also be easily integrated into the existing interior, as it remains discreetly in the background and still makes a design statement. So it looks classy and friendly at the same time.

Apart from that, glass is characterized by its ease of care. With the right glass cleaning, even years later, glass still has the same fascinating, noble look as at the beginning.

Usage ideas for the glass showcase with lighting

The most obvious way to use a glass display case is as a safe and elegant storage place for your most valuable collector's items. These are highlighted in a glass display case with integrated lighting.

Alternatively, you can use your glass display case to keep your dishes in proper style. The transparent glass showcase has a double effect here: it not only serves as a storage location, but also as a presentation platform for your dishes. So you can delight all your guests with the sight of your elegant display case and the dishes it contains.

A glass display case with lighting looks great in both the living room and the dining area - depending on what you want to store in it.

Glass showcase with lighting: individual requests

Our exclusive designer pieces are largely made by hand. They are made with the highest quality materials and ultimately have a particularly high quality.

If a product from our range appeals to you, but you are not yet satisfied in all details, you can click on the "Special request" button and tell us what changes you would like to make to the existing product. We always endeavor to respond to your wishes in the best possible way. We will therefore process your request immediately and let you know to what extent your wishes can be implemented.

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