Lockable showcases

Would you like to store valuable works of art or rare collector's items stylishly and safely? Then an elegant glass showcase with a lockable door is exactly the right choice. Whether with painting, lighting or in a particularly narrow format - let our high-quality designer glass showcases convince you! Read more...

Storage location glass showcase: lockable and aesthetic

Special exhibits deserve a special exhibition space. What is better suited to this than an elegant glass showcase? Thanks to its glass body, it enables an all-round unobstructed view of the exhibits and at the same time appears discreet and unobtrusive.

Are they particularly valuable collector's items or antique rarities? Then you should make sure that your glass showcase is lockable. In this way, the exhibits are protected from unauthorized access. Another advantage: closed glass showcases also offer protection from environmental influences, dust and dirt.

In combination with high-quality materials, special paintwork or a lighting system, the lockable glass cabinet becomes a tasteful statement piece in your home.

Glass showcase with lock by DREIECK DESIGN

You have already discovered a model by DREIECK DESIGN that you like and are now wondering: Can this glass cabinet be locked? Then we have good news for you, because all of our designer glass showcases are also available with a lock on request. This can either be attached to the upper or lower edge of the showcase and thus blends inconspicuously into the design.

Modern glass showcase: lockable and with colored accents

In order to highlight exhibits in the glass showcase even better, tasteful color accents are suitable, as with our model FACTUM by designer Jürgen Sohn. The base plate and back wall are painted in color and form an optical frame that emphasizes the exhibited treasures even more. The glass body is supported by a height-adjustable stainless steel base, which provides additional functionality.

The lockable glass cabinet SOLUS COLORLINE is also characterized by its colored body. The interior walls of the showcase are lacquered and direct the eye to the transparent exhibition compartment: This is how special collector's items can be put in the limelight. The choice of colors for the paintwork ranges from deep black to anthracite gray to ruby ​​red.


Stylishly staged in the glass showcase: lockable and with lighting

An internal lighting system ensures optimal light in the showcase - this literally puts your exhibits in the right light and lets them show their best side. That is why all lockable glass showcases from DREIECK DESIGN are also available with lighting.

The glass showcase SOLUS BACKLIGHT is a charming eye-catcher with a play of light. The puristic design is complemented by an LED rear wall lighting, which lights up in white or - in the RGB version - in 15 other colors. Regardless of whether it is sunny yellow, light green or sky blue - all colors are dimmable and can be conveniently controlled using the remote control supplied.

The glass showcase SOLUS also shines with its sophisticated lighting system: up to five halogen or LED spots can be attached to the integrated light rail and thus bathe each individual exhibition compartment in advantageous light. With its simple design, the showcase fades into the background while the precious exhibits are in the spotlight.

Versatile: glass showcase with lockable door

A high-quality glass showcase that is lockable can be used in many ways. In the living room it serves as a noble designer piece, which offers space for rare model cars or artistic sculptures. Thanks to the glass body, you always have your treasures in view and can enjoy them anew every time as you walk past.

But a glass showcase with a lockable door is also good in the dining area. Here you can present your fine porcelain tableware in a stylish way and at the same time keep it safe and dust-free.

In addition, our lockable glass showcases are also suitable as museum or exhibition showcases in public spaces. The attached lock offers protection against unauthorized access, while the exhibited objects can still be admired through the glass door.

Combining lockable glass showcases: furnishing tips

Glass showcases have a decisive advantage: They match almost all furnishing styles and can be combined with different materials. The glass showcases from DREIECK DESIGN are characterized by clear lines and minimalist design language. The showcase moves into the background as a discreet piece of furniture, while the exhibition objects take center stage.

Thanks to their puristic design and airy character, glass showcases can be easily integrated into their surroundings. Is your apartment in industrial style? Or are you committed to the modern, minimalist style? No matter what style of furnishing your heart beats, you will always make a wise choice with a glass cabinet.

Glass looks cool and elegant. For this reason, warm colors and natural materials are particularly suitable for creating an inviting atmosphere in your living space. A large wooden dining table, fresh flowers or upholstered furniture in earthy tones complement each other wonderfully with the noble effect of glass and create a harmonious overall picture. Now all that's missing is your exhibits to give the apartment a personal touch!

Buying a glass showcase with a lock: what you should pay attention to

Are you already thinking about buying a glass showcase? Then you should consider a few points in advance in order to enjoy your new piece of furniture for as long as possible:

  • Which exhibits would you like to present in your glass showcase and how do they best come into their own? For colored exhibits, for example, a display cabinet with a black finish is suitable, which emphasizes bright colors even more.
  • How many objects should there be space in the glass showcase? Different models are suitable depending on whether you want to exhibit individual or multiple pieces.
  • How much space do you have available? Do you need a corner or hanging showcase for smaller rooms? Or would you like a tall display case?
  • And last but not least, you should always note: Can the glass cabinet be locked? Where is the lock and how secure is the display case for particularly valuable exhibits?

The perfect glass showcase: lockable and custom-made

You haven't found a suitable glass showcase with a lockable door yet? At DREIECK DESIGN you can have your individual showcase made to measure. Our designer pieces are made in Germany with a high proportion of handcraft. For this reason we are able to meet almost all special requests.

Simply let us know your change requests by clicking on the "Customize" button for the selected product. You will then receive a non-binding offer from us and - if you wish - your tailor-made one soon