Small showcases

Are you looking for a suitable stage for your collectibles that takes up little space? Then a small glass showcase is just the thing. Whether as a hanging wall model or with lighting - discover the high-quality designer pieces from DREIECK DESIGN! Read more ...

Space-saving glass showcase: small, but powerful!

A glass showcase is particularly suitable for stylishly staging treasures. The transparent body gives you an all-round view of your collectibles and you can enjoy them as you walk past. Glass is also an extremely high-quality material and shines with its elegant appearance. Would you like to give your living space an extravagant touch? Then a glass showcase is exactly the right choice!

It doesn't necessarily have to be a large model. A small glass showcase also serves as a tasteful eye-catcher. Due to the noble aesthetics, it is the perfect storage place for unique antiques and at the same time does not take up much space. This is particularly advantageous in small rooms. In this way, you can make clever use of the available space without your living room looking cluttered.

In addition, there is the special property of glass to make living spaces appear larger and brighter. The transparent glass surface reflects the light and throws it back into the room. This creates an inviting atmosphere. Positioned in the right place, a small glass cabinet can help add natural daylight in the room. A stylish all-rounder, so to speak!

Why a small glass showcase?

A glass showcase not only serves as a location for rare collector's items, with the right design it can also become the aesthetic centerpiece of the apartment. Glass showcases in small format offer several advantages:

  • The elegant look of glass enhances every living space and gives it a touch of extravagance.

  • Due to its discreet size, the glass showcase does not take up much space and fits in both small and large rooms.

  • Glass showcases are timeless and an everlasting classic in interior design.

  • Small glass showcases look particularly unobtrusive and can be easily combined with any furnishing style.

  • Glass is also a very easy-care material.

Glass showcase in a small format by DREIECK DESIGN

At DREIECK DESIGN you will find high-quality showcases in different designs: Whether small glass showcases for hanging or standing showcases with lighting - let our designer pieces inspire you!

The SOLUS model impresses with its simple design and cubic shape. This small glass showcase with lighting is available from a height of 111 cm and fits into almost any living room. The individual storage areas are optionally illuminated with adjustable halogen or LED spots. In this way, precious rarities can literally be put in the right light. The four feet made of stainless steel ensure a stable stand and round off the elegant designer look.

Are you looking for a suitable storage location for fine tableware and porcelain? Then you should take a look at our SHINE model. Thanks to the satined glass body, treasures stored in it are stowed away safely and dust-free. Nevertheless, its silhouette can still be vaguely recognized. The small standard version with a height of 86 cm is the perfect addition to your dining area and can also serve as a shelf for tablets or drinks.

The VITRO hanging showcase is also a particularly sophisticated piece of furniture. With its puristic design language and clear lines, it will become a timeless favorite that will show off your exhibits to perfection. Available as standard from a height of 58 cm, it can be easily integrated into the environment without appearing intrusive. The solid wall rails made of stainless steel ensure safe and stable positioning on the wall.

Buying a small glass showcase: That’s what counts

No question about it: a small glass showcase is the perfect solution if you are looking for a space-saving display case for your collectibles. Nevertheless, a purchase should be considered carefully. After all, you should enjoy your chosen piece of furniture for as long as possible. It is therefore all the more important that you think about your personal ideas and criteria in advance. So nothing can go wrong when buying!

You should consider the following points when choosing your glass showcase:

  • How big is the room in which you want to place the glass cabinet and how much space is available for the new piece of furniture? In any case, determine the right size in advance so that you don't have to worry about a bad purchase later. Tip: You should also allow for enough space to open the cabinet door!

  • How many exhibits should there be in the showcase? This is also an important criterion for determining the right size.

  • What is the furnishing style for your apartment? For a harmonious overall picture, your new glass showcase should also go with it. With a display cabinet from DREIECK DESIGN you are always on the safe side: Our models are characterized by a modern, minimalist style and can be integrated into almost any living space.

  • Would you like to show your collectibles from their best side? Then a glass showcase with integrated lighting might be just the thing for you. You should consider beforehand whether you want to illuminate only individual exhibition compartments or the entire showcase.

  • If the exhibits are particularly valuable, a lockable glass showcase is recommended. In this way, your exhibits are protected from unauthorized access and stored securely.

The perfect glass showcase: small and made to measure

Are you looking for a glass showcase in a small format and have not yet found a model in the right size? Then you have come to the right place at DREIECK DESIGN. We also offer all of our glass showcases as custom-made products. Our pieces of furniture are made in Germany, some of them by hand. Since you buy from us directly from the manufacturer, we are able to meet almost all wishes. Just let us know your change requests. We look forward to your inquiry!