Black showcases

Whether precious model cars or exquisite sculptures - a glass showcase in black skillfully puts beloved collector's items in the spotlight. So you can enjoy it again and again in passing. At DREIECK DESIGN you can expect a tasteful selection of wonderful designer glass showcases! Read more ...

Stylish storage in the glass showcase: black and timeless

Dark and boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Black looks elegant, timeless and is one of the absolute classics in the color spectrum. Collectibles and rarities are particularly easy to highlight: Due to the dark color, the showcase itself fades into the background, while the exhibits are the focus.

Colored exhibits come into their own thanks to the subtle coloring of the showcase and their luminosity is enhanced. Would you like to present your red model car in a tasteful way? Then a dark lacquered showcase is the ideal storage place!


Glass showcase in black with metal by DREIECK DESIGN

Several of our glass showcases are available in elegant black. The SOLUS COLORLINE glass cabinet is a particularly sophisticated model. This is characterized by its cubic shape and the puristic design language. The glass body is partially lacquered on the back wall and inside and thus directs the eye to the clear storage area, where special exhibition objects can be found. Feet, door knob and door fittings are made of stainless steel and round off the high-quality overall picture.

The FACTUM model by designer Jürgen Sohn stands for pure elegance. The rear wall and base plate are painted black and create an optical frame. The noble glass body provides a clear view of the collector's items on display and is supported by a height-adjustable stainless steel base.


Schwarze Glasvitrine nach Maß gefertigt

Have you found a suitable model and would like a few changes? No problem. At DREIECK DESIGN you can get all designer pieces made to measure. To do this, simply click on the "Customize" button and inform us of your change requests. We look forward to your inquiry!