Glass Desks

There is at least one copy of this piece of furniture in every office - we are talking about the desk. On which we spend countless hours typing, calculating, planning and tinkering. That's why he has to provide a comfortable base and enable ergonomic work. Read more...

A glass desk by DREIECK DESIGN combines style and function

There is at least one copy of this piece of furniture in every office - we are talking about the desk. On which we spend countless hours typing, calculating, planning and tinkering. That's why he has to provide a comfortable base and enable ergonomic work. But function is not everything - after all, we also want to feel at home in the office. And for customers and business partners, an office should also leave a good impression. A glass desk with a sophisticated design is an optimal solution in this case: Glass writing desks are functional, stylish and blend seamlessly into different interior design styles.

A glass desk with a noble design: decorative helper in the office

Whether you prefer an elegant classic or a youthful fresh style: the glass desk with its timeless design fits in almost every office. Unobtrusive and yet refined, he visually enhances the study and contributes to an orderly, clear atmosphere. The transparent surface makes the room appear larger and more open.

Depending on your personal taste, you can opt for edgy, round or slightly more unusual versions: Our CLASSIC model convinces with its clear lines and straight design, while the UT glass desk is made from a curved all-glass piece and impresses with its rounded elegance. If you like something more unusual, you should see our FLY desk by designer Vitold Heer: under the transparent glass top is a wooden drawer that seems to float in the air.

Not just in the office: the glass desk can be used in a variety of ways

The high-quality glass surface is ideal for a notebook or laptop. In its puristic version, consists of purely a footboard and a table top - here you enjoy plenty of legroom. More storage space is provided by desks with integrated drawer or storage compartments. It can store laptops, files and folders neatly and the work surface remains free of unnecessary material. If you need more storage space, you can extend the glass desk with various additional elements, for example, a small roll container, a pretty side table or a glass coffee table are suitable for this.

But the glass desk does not only portray design and class in your office: even in the home office, its classic and discreet design proves its worth. Glass desks are particularly suitable for smaller study rooms because the reflective surface visually enlarges small rooms.

The glass writing desk is not limited to serving as a writing pad: with its translucent beauty, it is also an extraordinary, elegant make-up table. It's best to put the table on a wall and add a mirror to it. The FLY and JANUS TS models are particularly suitable as make-up tables: The integrated drawers can be used to easily fit the entire make-up accessory.

Or simply turn the glass desk into a light and airy console: in the entrance area, living room or dining room. It offers a decorative surface for vases, picture frames, candles or a table lamp.

The glass desk: offers clear advantages

Desks are available in countless colors, shapes and materials. So why a glass desk? First of all, the glass desk is a true all-rounder: it fits in almost every office and can be combined with a wide variety of materials and styles.

So if your decorating taste changes - no problem, you can still keep the glass desk. Just swap out some of the rest of the furniture and, for example, transform a professionally serious space into an avant-garde, artistic environment. A glass desk is therefore particularly simple and timeless: you can´t go wrong with it and set changing accents with decorative objects as you like.

Another advantage of glass furniture is that they make rooms appear lighter and more dynamic. Furniture made of wood and steel absorb the light and thus have a heavy, solid look. The glass, on the other hand, is more attractive in the background because of its airy lightness. In addition, glass furniture convinces due to simple cleaning and care. You accidentally knocked over the coffee cup? Unlike the wooden table, you do not have to worry about a glass underlay: with a damp cloth, every stain can be removed without residue.

Drawer or compartments: Glass writing desk in various finishes

At work you need a lot of documents and documents and eventually the laptop hardly has space on the desk - because the whole table top is covered with paper. In this case it is urgently necessary to create suitable storage space, for example by integrating drawers, compartments or other additions.

Space for discreet documents: glass desk with drawer

Do you work with confidential documents that not every customer or business partner should see immediately? Then it is advisable to think about a desk with opaque drawer. The model JANUS TS by designer Helmut Koppenhagen has a large drawer made of lacquered glass directly underneath the tabletop. On the one hand this creates attractive colorful accents, on the other hand documents, laptop or other utensils can be stowed discreetly. Depending on your individual preference, the design is available in deep black, anthracite gray, gray aluminum, ruby red and pure orange.

Transparent shelves: Glass desk with compartments

You like it when there is complete transparency at work? Then we recommend a glass desk with compartments made of all-glass. Just like our proven model CLASSIC, which rests on two small all-glass shelves.

This results in a wonderful glass total work of art with high practicality: Each of the shelves has three compartments and thus offers plenty of storage space to always have important documents at hand. By the way: If you do not need that much space, you can order the design with just one shelf. The second support then consists of an interesting shaped glass angle. On request, the desk is also available with two glass angles.

And even further changes are possible: Should your ideal glass desk differ in height or shape from the examples shown, then we will gladly make your desk individually according to your wishes.

Pure glass or attractive material contrasts?
The special feature of the material glass is that it harmonizes with a variety of other materials. The interplay of clear glass with natural wood or solid stainless steel creates interesting contrasts. However, a full glass desk also has its own charm and captivates with its clarity and simplicity.

The desk made of pure glass

Followers of a puristic design are recommended to our models UT and CLASSIC. Our UT desk is made from a single all-glass piece that is bent in different radii into a perfectly shaped piece of furniture. You can choose between:

    the large bending radius - for a classically elegant appearance
    the tight bend radius - for a modern look and a particularly large work surface

The popular glass desk CLASSIC is characterized by its clear forms: The high-quality glass top is available either on glass shelves or an exciting glass angle. Both the UT and CLASSIC designs are available in FLOATGLASS or bright OPTIWHITE glass.

Glass desk with wood or stainless steel

With components made of wood and metal, you can set interesting contrasts and loosen up the clear, discreet look of the glass a little. Stainless steel table legs, such as our QUADRO model, give the desk excellent stability and are also extremely durable. The stainless steel gives the glass desk a cool, elegant touch.

In contrast, elements made of wood exude rather warmth and comfort: For a more comfortable atmosphere in the office you should therefore rather rely on a glass-wood combination. For example, the glass table REMUS by DREIECK DESIGN: This high-quality model has table legs made of beautiful plywood - either cherry, wild oak or walnut.

An exceptional design highlight is our glass desk FLY by designer Vitold Heer: Here, a drawer has been incorporated into the table, which seems to float in the glass body. Depending on your preference, the drawer is made of solid oak, solid walnut or lacquered MDF.

Convinced with seriousness: the black glass desk

In the business context, it is essential to convey a professional and trustworthy impression. The color black is excellently suited for this - it is no coincidence that black workwear is mandatory in many industries. For office and consulting office, the black glass desk is therefore an optimal choice. At DREIECK DESIGN, for example, the model JANUS T by designer Helmut Koppenhagen is recommendable: a reduced-simple design, completely painted in classic deep black.

Buying a glass desk

With a glass desk you acquire a versatile piece of furniture in a timeless design. In order to enjoy your glass desk for as long as possible, you should ask yourself some questions before you buy:
- How big should the table top be? Do you need a desk with a lot of space or is it enough if the workspace is a bit smaller? Remember, you may be able to place your laptop and various documents next to each other while you work. You may even need to place a desktop computer with multiple screens.
- How much storage space should be available directly at the desk? Do you want to store the necessary documents directly under the desk or rather in a separate shelf?
- Which materials are suitable for your office decor? With glass alone, you can do little wrong, but perhaps you would like a glass-wood or glass-metal combination? Which model suits your office better depends on the style of your other furniture.
- How high should the desk be? The right desk height is essential for ergonomic work, so you should be thoroughly informed. It is best to include the desk chair in your considerations. Basically, the arms should bend to a right angle if you put the forearms loosely on the table top.

The glass desk you want is not available in the right height?

Then just let us know your wishes - we also offer all our products in customized sizes!
From the purist bent glass table to the creative work of art: At DREIECK DESIGN you will receive a variety of high-quality glass desks for every taste. You want to change the height, shape or other details of the favourite model? No problem! We like to tailor all models individually to suit your needs! Simply click on the "Special request" button for the respective product and explain your change requests.