Console Tables

The glass console is a piece of furniture that cannot be surpassed in terms of elegance: slim, graceful and made of clear glass, it visually enhances any room. At DREIECK DESIGN you will find a selection of hand-picked glass consoles in a modern, innovative design. Read more...

Glass console: filigree eye-catcher in the bathroom, hallway and living room

Is it more of a piece of jewelry or is the practical function predominating? With a glass console, this question cannot be answered so clearly. Because the tall, narrow tables enchant with their elegant look, but they also prove extremely useful in everyday life.

The console table began in the 17th century, when it was primarily used in the reception room and entrance area. Nowadays this piece of furniture can be used in very different rooms. Whether as a storage for front door keys and cell phones, as a presentation surface for decoration or an elegant bathroom chest of drawers: a glass console cuts an excellent figure almost everywhere.

Console table made of glass: harmonizes with many materials

Glass is distinguished as a material on the one hand by its elegant freshness - on the other hand by its versatility. In combination with various other raw materials, either a warm, friendly flair or a cool, neutral look can be achieved. Our collection of glass consoles contains variants with different metals and woods, so there is something for every style.

Console table in glass with metal and chrome

Furniture with metal elements exudes a particularly modern atmosphere, but also appears to be grounded. Metal in a hip industrial style plays an important role in capturing the charming atmosphere of old factories. Glass and metal together form an exciting combination of materials: the light, airy glass contrasts with the down-to-earth metal.

Exactly this exciting connection can also be observed with our QUADRO model: This console table made of glass has four table feet made of high-quality stainless steel, which rest securely and firmly on the ground. The stainless steel is available in a choice of matt (brushed) or glossy (glossy) and contributes to the pleasantly puristic look of this table.

Our ARCADIA MAGNUM console is also made of glass and is equipped with high-quality metal parts. Here it is the shelf supports of the intermediate plate, which are available in either chrome or brass optics.

Console table in glass with wood

With wood elements, a warm, homely note can be achieved, which also has its very own charm. Wood is very popular, especially in the Scandinavian style, because it looks very comfortable. The combination of fine woods and glass results in a high-quality, stylish look with a high comfort factor.

This is very clear, for example, on the FLAIR console by designer Helmut Koppenhagen: the middle section is made of beautiful solid wood (oak or walnut) and is framed in two side panels made of clear OPTIWHITE glass. The result is a perfectly accomplished masterpiece of design and craftsmanship.

Designer console tables for every taste

All of our models are characterized by modern, aesthetic design with a clear design language - depending on your preference, we offer models with different accents.

Innovative and futuristic

Are you looking for an avant-garde piece of furniture with which you can demonstrate your sense of art and design? Then you could find the right one at DREIECK DESIGN - for example with the creations of our designer Benjamin Hanne:

The BRIDGE console surprises with a “bridge-like” intermediate compartment that seems to float beneath the surface. This design appears particularly fresh and innovative in its colored design. The intermediate compartment is also available in a color finish on request - from elegant black to strong orange.

The two models L and L-Soft also offer an attractive visual change. The name comes from the shape of the glass: the console consists of two inverted L-shaped angles that are staggered one above the other. L-Soft also worked with two all-glass pieces and the "corner" is worked as a harmonious bend.

Timeless and classic

Are you looking for something classic that fits seamlessly into your existing furniture? Even then you could find it with us. Many of our models captivate with timeless, simple shapes that do not push themselves into the foreground, but rather demonstrate subtle style.

Our ARCADIA glass console is exemplary of this style. This shows that excellent design does not always have to be loud and conspicuous: the model impresses with its straight lines and reduced elaboration, which is precisely why it gains in elegance and style. This model is available in clear, satin or colored lacquered glass. The ARCADIA magnum version is just as pretty, just a little larger.

The UT 33 console table is a highlight of the puristic design: This glass furniture consists of a single piece of all-glass and is free from curlicues of any kind. The bending radius is classically large, which results in a beautifully soft look.

The spacious variant: glass sideboard with drawer

If you need a little more storage space, you could like a glass sideboard: In principle, the sideboard is a low, but elongated wall unit with drawers. Some of our glass consoles are equipped with additional drawers and can therefore also act as a sideboard.

For example, the models FLAIR by Helmut Koppenhagen or FLY by designer Vitold Heer. Both designs impress with an integrated row of drawers made of high-quality wood, which is incorporated into a glass frame. Particularly surprising with FLY: The wooden drawers are only attached to the rear glass wall and seem to float in the air. FLAIR, in turn, impresses with the double row of drawers and thus offers a lot of storage space.

Decoration ideas for the console made of glass

A glass console is most effective when it is decorated with a few selected objects. Ideally, these things go together and form a unit - for example:

  • balancing feng shui decoration with Buddha statue, candles and bamboo grass
  • Art exhibition with sculpture and antique shaped vase
  • romantic decoration with pink carnations and vintage candle holders
  • Art deco style decoration with Monstera leaves, peacock feather and brass bowl
  • Design like a still life, for example with a fruit bowl, vase and stack of books

Buy a glass console - this has to be considered

With a console table made of glass, you will definitely acquire an elegant and fascinating piece of furniture that makes an excellent impression in the hallway, entrance area, bedroom and living room. Before you buy the glass console, there are a few points to consider:

  • What function should the console have? Should the piece of furniture primarily serve as a decorative eye-catcher? Or would you like to hang a mirror over it and use it as a dressing table? The possibilities are many.
  • How high should the console table be? The right height depends on how you want to use the console, but also on your body height. Most of our console tables are between 70 and 100 cm high in the standard version. On request, we are happy to produce custom-made products.
  • How much storage space do you need? From the puristic model with just one shelf to the sideboard with six spacious drawers - our collection offers many different variants.
  • What materials do you like? Do you prefer pure glass or a mix of materials, for example made of wood and glass or metal and glass?
    Are you looking for a fancy, innovative piece of furniture or something classic?

Once you have clarified these questions, you are sure to make a well-considered purchase decision. You can also find information about ordering and delivery on our website. If you have further questions, you can of course contact our customer service at any time.

By the way: If your favorite specimen does not fit for you in individual details, we will be happy to make it to measure for you. To do this, simply click on "CUSTOMIZE" on the product page and note the changes you want.


Our best-selling glass consoles include the FLY, ARCADIA or FLAIR models. The FLY model enchants with its almost floating drawer element, while with ARCADIA you can bring a piece of furniture with puristic aesthetics into your apartment. The FLAIR console is a wonderful mix of glass and solid wood and creates a cozy atmosphere.

A particularly attractive mix of materials is created, for example, with our glass consoles with wood. The symbiosis of natural wood and elegant glass makes these models a charming eye-catcher. At the same time, accents made of wood create a cozy and inviting ambience.

Our range includes a number of glass consoles with practical drawers. Small items such as newspapers or glasses find their place there. But larger belongings can also be stowed here, for example with our LISBOA model, which can also be used as a stylish chest of drawers.