CD storage: ideas & tips

Discover our designer - glass CD furniture
Discover our designer - glass CD furniture With us you will find the right designer piece for any CD collection. Of course, also possible as a custom made. Explore our Designer CD racks

In an age when digital music has become the norm, CDs have valiantly defended their place as physical collectibles and carriers of childhood and youth memories in many households. But what's the best way to organize these relics from days gone by? In this post, you'll discover creative and practical CD storage ideas that will not only keep your collection organized, but also bring a touch of aesthetics and style to your home.

Why store CDs at all?

When it comes to the question of the appropriate storage of CDs, in this day and age many people probably ask themselves why one should still keep and store CDs at all? After all, there are now numerous online services that offer basically every song that has ever been released. But for many people, collecting and storing old CDs has a nostalgic value that their digital counterparts can't match.

You can see here why storing CDs is worthwhile in other ways:

  • Physical collectibles: CDs can become valuable collectibles, especially rare, limited or signed editions. These can increase in value significantly over time.

  • Musical diversity: CDs remain one of the best ways to discover rare or lesser-known music that may not be available on streaming platforms.

  • Independence from Internet and streaming services: With a CD collection you are not dependent on Internet connections or streaming services. You always have access to your music, even without the Internet.

  • Gift Options: CDs make excellent gifts. You can choose an album that suits the recipient's taste and present it in attractive packaging.

  • Personal connection: A CD collection can evoke personal memories and emotions. Each album can represent a story or a time in your life.

  • Support local commerce: buying CDs at local music stores can help support small businesses in your area and promote the diversity of music available.

What is the best way to store CDs? The best storage ideas

For the square boxes, which for many people have a high sentimental value, there are numerous options for storage. The best of them we would like to present to you below.


Who does not know them? The CD stands, which a few years ago you could still discover almost in every apartment. The furniture from another century is not only space-saving, but also an aesthetic asset. Placed in a selected corner, the stands provide a nice overview of the beloved CD collection.

Verschließbarer CD Ständer aus Glas CUBE

Designer glass CD stand CUBE with lockable hood by DREIECK DESIGN

CD (wall) shelves

CD racks can be a real interior highlight, keeping your treasures safe and stylish. Whether as freestanding elements or mounted on the wall: With a CD shelf, you can bring a piece of nostalgia into your home. If you still like it modern, you can reach for designer CD shelves made of glass, for example. Here are some suggestions for you:


CD Wandregal aus Glas von DREIECK DESIGNGlass CD wall shelf by DREIECK DESIGN

CD boxes and crates

Specially designed boxes and crates can protect your CDs from dust and sunlight and make them stack neatly. In the process, you can give free rein to your creativity and let off steam artistically. For example, how about an old suitcase or recycled wooden box that you make pretty and functional according to your taste?

Multifunctional furniture

Some coffee tables, stools, bookcases and TV stands are designed to discreetly store CDs while serving as functional pieces of furniture. This way of CD storage is especially suitable if you don't have enough space in your four walls for your own CD rack or similar. Of course, free space under the bed or in closets is also suitable for safe storage of your favorite collectibles.

TV Rack mit Schubladen von DREIECK DESIGNTV Rack with drawers FLY by DREIECK DESIGN

Digital repositories

True, this is not a physical storage place for your CDs. But if you definitely don't have space to collect your treasures at home, you can digitize your CDs and store them on a computer or server. This will let you access your music without having to find a suitable place for it within your four walls.

CD storage: ideas for every style

The right CD storage solution can not only help keep your music collection well organized, but also add a personal touch to your living space. No matter whether you choose classic shelves, designer furniture or space-saving boxes - your CDs will always have a dignified place to store them. With that in mind: enjoy your music collection and the charm it gives your home.