Coffee tables with chrome and glass

Modern and yet timeless - a coffee table made of glass with chrome is characterized by its special mix of materials and combines cool elegance with metallic chic. In this way, the refined piece of furniture becomes the centerpiece of your apartment in no time at all. Convince yourself and find the right coffee table at DREIECK DESIGN! Read more...

Modern symbiosis of glass and chrome: a coffee table in a class of its own

It serves as a stylish addition to any sofa landscape and has become an indispensable part of the living room: the coffee table. Combined with extravagant materials such as glass and chrome, it also becomes an aesthetic eye-catcher.

Chrome impresses with its shiny surface and looks fresh, cool and modern. In conjunction with elegant glass, it literally makes living rooms shine. Because the latter shines with a very special property: glass surfaces reflect natural light and ensure bright, open rooms. A coffee table made of glass with chrome thus serves as a shimmering statement piece and gives your home an exclusive touch.

While glass stands for lightness and timeless elegance, chrome stands out with its modern, metallic character. It is this unique symbiosis that makes the glass coffee table with chrome frame so unique. This way you can bring an avant-garde piece of furniture into your own four walls that will never go out of style!

Why a coffee table with chrome and glass?

Are you looking for a new coffee table for your home and still not sure which model it should be? You will always make a good choice with a coffee table made of glass with chrome. Because this sophisticated mix of materials has a number of advantages. A glass table with chrome is ...

  • modern, but still timeless,
  • versatile,
  • easy-care,
  • practical and stylish at the same time.

The numerous advantages of glass should also be emphasized. The material shines with its airy, light character and makes rooms appear larger. Thanks to its elegant, yet discreet appearance, glass can also be combined in many ways: Whether corners or curves, light or dark colors - a coffee table made of glass with chrome goes well with almost all furnishing styles and materials. The best thing to do is to try it out yourself!

Designer coffee table made of glass with chrome by DREIECK DESIGN

At DREIECK DESIGN you can expect exclusive designer furniture of the highest quality. Our products are made with great attention to detail and partly by hand in Germany. We attach great importance to a timeless, minimalist design. This is how we ensure that our customers receive a first-class quality product that they can enjoy for a long time to come.

Whether round, square or triangular - the selection of elegant coffee tables from DREIECK DESIGN is large. Look for yourself!

Infinite harmony: coffee table in a round shape with glass and chrome

In design theory, the circle stands for infinity and harmony. With a coffee table in a round shape you can create a calm, balanced atmosphere in your living room.

A piece of furniture that combines functionality and aesthetics in a particularly sophisticated way is our SLIDE model. The coffee table consists of a round glass top and a chrome-plated steel base. The peculiarity? The glass table is height adjustable and can therefore be adapted to your desired position. Whether coffee table, dining table or side table - this model can be used in many ways!

Coffee table made of chrome with glass: square shaped for classy aesthetics

Would you like a glass coffee table with a square design? Then the MILES model by designer Helmut Koppenhagen may be exactly what you are looking for. The living room table made of chrome and glass stands for purist perfection and is a prime example of innovative design. The 19 mm thick glass top is supported by a cross-shaped table frame made of high-gloss chrome-plated steel. The noble materials and its stylish design make the coffee table a unique favorite.

Glass coffee table with chrome: rectangular and modern

A coffee table in a rectangular shape completes small and large sofa landscapes. Due to its elongated silhouette, it serves as a generous storage area and offers space for newspapers, the remote control as well as drinks and snacks. Its clear lines and edges also ensure a fresh, modern look.

The DREIECK DESIGN range also includes coffee tables in rectangular design. The SIRIUS model is a popular classic. This glass coffee table impresses with its simple design language and clear lines. The table top is made of elegant glass, while the four dimensionally stable table feet are made of high-gloss chrome-plated steel. Thanks to its neutral appearance, the glass and chrome coffee table can be combined in many ways - a real all-round talent!

The SIRIUS DOUBLE glass coffee table offers even more storage space. In addition to the upper glass plate, this model has an additional intermediate shelf. This is optionally made of transparent or matt satined glass. The intermediate plate is positioned so that there is still room for the feet. So you can enjoy your free time on the couch to the fullest.

Buying a glass coffee table with chrome: what you should pay attention to

Have you made your decision and would you like to buy a chrome glass table for your living room? Congratulation! But before the new piece of furniture moves into your home, you should first give a few thoughts to your personal ideas and wishes. This will avoid bad purchases and ensure that you will still like your new coffee table in a few years. The following things should be considered when buying:

  • How big should the coffee table be? Do you prefer a smaller model or should the coffee table offer as much storage space as possible?
  • What height should the coffee table be? Basically, a coffee table is usually located at seat height of the sofa landscape. Depending on which height you prefer, it can also be a larger model.
  • Which design should the coffee table have? Round, angular or would you prefer square? Would you like something more unusual or do you prefer a classic model?
  • Should the coffee table have certain additional functions? This includes, for example, additional storage space or height-adjustable table feet.

Made to measure: coffee table made of glass with chrome

Have you already found a model that suits your taste, but you still have a specific wish? At DREIECK DESIGN you can design your own glass coffee table with chrome, because we also offer all products as custom-made products. Simply click on the “Customize” button and let us know your desired dimensions, colors or materials. We look forward to your inquiry and make your glass coffee table made to measure!