Coffee tables with stainless steel

Glass and stainless steel are timeless, elegant materials that cut a good figure in every tastefully decorated home. With a glass and stainless steel coffee table from DREIEICK DESIGN, you can bring a unique designer piece into your home. On request, we can also make your coffee table to measure. Read more...

Timeless elegance: coffee table made of stainless steel and glass

Stainless steel and glass harmonize wonderfully with each other. Although both are expressive materials, they do not outdo each other. The exclusive symbiosis of robust, resistant stainless steel and soft, room-opening glass makes this material mixture so exceptional.

The great advantage of the combination of these two materials is timelessness: stainless steel and glass have an ageless elegance that will still inspire you in 30 years. Anyone who invests in an exclusive designer piece by DREIECK DESIGN will own it for a lifetime with good care. After all, you don't get tired of quality and high-quality design so quickly.

Coffee table made of glass and stainless steel - square, round, rectangular and Co.

No matter in which form you choose your designer coffee table, the style is never neglected. At DREIECK DESIGN you will find an exclusive selection of coffee tables made of glass and stainless steel that fit perfectly into your four walls. Depending on the shape, there are completely different design options.

DAVIS - classic forms

The DAVIS salon table by designer Helmut Koppenhagen impresses with its variety of design options:

  • You can choose the chic statement table in a square or rectangular shape to suit your taste.

  • With the glass plate you can choose between Optiwhite and float glass; You can also choose whether the plate should have a clear, colored or velvet-colored glass look

You like our DAVIS lounge table, but you are not entirely satisfied with one or the other detail? Use our "CUSTOMIZE" button for the respective product and let us know your desired changes. We will then discuss with you to what extent your individual wishes can be implemented.


Coffee table with glass top and stainless steel feet: combination with other materials

The noble pieces from our coffee table collection can be wonderfully combined with other high-quality materials such as wood, marble and Co. The simple, yet informative parts fit perfectly into the overall picture of your living room and still give it a new shine.

Whether you indulge in the rustic-romantic charm of the Scandinavian style or prefer modern to futuristic furnishings in your four walls: The classy coffee table models from DREIECK DESIGN complement every interior with their exclusive minimalism. Combined with wooden furniture, for example, there is an exciting interplay of nature and art. Combined with marble or chrome, the overall look is extremely classy and modern.

With a glass and stainless steel coffee table from DREIECK DESIGN you can create fascinating material compositions that you will enjoy for a long time.

What are the advantages of glass and stainless steel?

Glass and stainless steel as materials combine grace with stability. They work as opponents and yet harmonize perfectly with one another. The soft, translucent glass ensures a flowing look on the surface of the table. The robust stainless steel offers durability. Both compete in the pieces from our collection. They stand out from each other thanks to their elegant simplicity.

Due to the puristic design, you can change and adapt your living room furnishings over time without hesitation - the glass and stainless steel coffee table will always remain the constant that follows every change and always blends into the new overall picture with unexcited elegance. This is what is special about a timeless piece like a glass and stainless steel coffee table: It has served you as a fixture in the furnishings for years.

The look and adaptability of the two materials are only a plus. Another important advantage is, of course, that glass and stainless steel are easy to care for. Both can be easily cleaned due to their even surfaces. However, you should be particularly careful with glass with care products, as this can be destroyed by rough cleaning. With the right care, you can enjoy your elegant designer coffee table for years.

How can the coffee table made of glass and stainless steel be perfectly staged?

Because of the simplicity that our glass and stainless steel coffee tables bring, they can be combined with almost any other high-quality material. This not only affects the other furnishings in your living room, but also the decoration that you place on the table. See below what options you have when designing the table:

  • What is better on a noble coffee table than stylish bowls made of different materials. Feel free to set accents here and mix the colors and materials of the bowls.

  • Fresh flowers always look good. Presented in a beautiful vase, they will conjure up a smile on your face for you and your guests in combination with the stylish coffee table. Use seasonal flowers, which gives the table additional freshness.

  • Candles bathe the beautiful designer piece in a particularly attractive light. Simply drape a few pretty candles in a jar or "pure" on the table and create a romantic atmosphere.

  • A coffee table should of course be able to serve as a shelf. Ideally, magazines and the like are presented there in a tasteful container: Place a basket made of harmonious natural materials on the table, in which you can store your newspapers in proper style.

  • If you pay attention to exclusive materials when decorating your coffee table, you will emphasize its elegance even more. This is how you create an unmistakable unique piece for yourself.

Why is the coffee table an important design element?

A coffee table is the ideal rounding off for your living area. Regardless of the shape of your couch, a noble coffee table closes the circle, so to speak: it functions as a complete part. Without the right coffee table, a living landscape looks quickly abandoned and incomplete.

For a harmonious interior design, it is therefore highly recommended to combine a matching coffee table with the couch. The elegant coffee table models from DREIECK DESIGN fit perfectly into any living environment. Due to the simple, puristic design of the tables, you can really let off steam with the look of your couch. In the best case, also pay attention to the power of a timeless classic on the couch, which you will enjoy just as much in 20 years as when you bought it.

With the combination of an elegant coffee table and a cozy living area, you create an oasis of wellbeing with a permanent presence in your four walls. The inviting cosiness of the couch and the sturdy, angular stature of the coffee table form a perfect symbiosis of design sophistication.

If you choose one of the noble pieces by DREIECK DESIGN, you are already taking a big step closer to your tastefully furnished living room. It is never too late for high quality furniture design!



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All our glass cocktail tables are manufactured in Germany with a high percentage of manual work following the highest production standards. Consequently, it is easily possible to manufacture a customized version of this glass coffee table.

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