Coffee tables with metal and glass

Whether seated in leather, linen couch or upholstered armchair: every comfortable living environment requires a coffee table as a supplement. Finally, it needs a suitable storage space for reading glasses, newspaper or remote control. Also for the espresso cup or the occasional glass of wine coffee tables are ideal... Read more...

Glass and metal coffee tables: cool aesthetics for modern living rooms

For those who prefer a sophisticated, cool aesthetic, a glass and metal coffee table is ideal. These two materials symbolize elegance and progress, making them ideal for modern living rooms.

What advantages does a coffee table made of metal and glass offer?

Each material exudes a certain ambience and awakens certain associations. Often, therefore, the combination of two materials produces a special effect: The contrast between the two materials produces an interesting tension and dynamic. This is also the case with the metal and glass coffee table: metal stands for stability and is associated in a special way with the earth. Glass, on the other hand, is light and fleeting - it is more like air. A glass and metal coffee table balances the effect of the two materials: it appears stable and safe, but not too powerful.

At the same time, the two materials harmonize exceptionally well. Because both glass and metal stand for clarity and straightforwardness. Metal and glass coffee tables are therefore ideal for environments that have a progressive, puristic look.

Glass and metal coffee tables in many designs: square, round or rectangular?

When buying a coffee table not only the material plays an important role, after all, the shape of the table must also correspond to your own taste. At DREIECK DESIGN you have the choice between a multitude of glass and metal coffee tables - in a wide variety of designs and shapes. Whether round, square or rectangular: The main thing is that the look appeals to you and that the furniture fits well into its environment.

Variant 1: round

Our coffee tables with a circular table top are in the truest sense of the word a rounded matter. Especially as a coaster for plants or decorative objects round coffee tables are very useful - it is very effective to combine several tables in different heights.

One of our coffee tables, which is round and made of glass and metal, is the model NEX by designer Jürgen Sohn. The glass plate rests on a foot of solid metal and has a circular base plate. NEX is available as standard in three different heights, but on request it is also possible to manufacture an individual custom-made table with the desired height.

A special extra feature of the round glass coffee table SLIDE: The foot made of high quality steel is height-adjustable, so that the table can flexibly vary in height between 46 and 76 centimeters. Thus, SLIDE can be used for different purposes and can serve as a coffee table, side table or dining table.

Variant 2: square and practical

A coffee table made of metal and glass, which has square form, fits perfectly in U-shaped seating landscapes. Due to the uniform side length, the couch is everywhere equidistant from the edge of the table.

A prime example of the square metal and glass coffee table is the MILES model by designer Helmut Koppenhagen: beneath the square tabletop is an innovative cross-shaped base in polished steel. Here, the pedestal can be mounted either in a rectangular orientation or as a diagonal of the square top plate.


Variant 3: classic - rectangular

The rectangular coffee table is a real classic among the living room furniture. For example, with two sofas facing each other, a rectangular table fits particularly well in between. In front of a single couch or in an elongated couch corner, a rectangular metal and glass coffee table is also outstanding. However, you should make sure that the table does not extend beyond the ends of the sofas.

If the rectangular shape appeals to you, then browse through our popular designs SIRIUS, FILIO, QUADRO and DAVIS, which captivate with their great variety. They are available in round, square and rectangular form - in different sizes. Naturally It is always possible to change individual details and customize your dream table.

Also a colorful eye-catcher: the coffee table made of metal and glass

A charming look results if you combine the metal parts not with transparent, but with colored glass. Depending on the color of such a coffee table can either be serious or suitable as a luminous accent to loosen up the living room.

Glass and metal coffee table in black

Glass and metal design coffee tables with black lacquer finish are particularly suitable for bureaus, law offices or reception lounges in upscale hotels - always when a sophisticated, tasteful impression should be left.

black paint. Both floors are connected by a metatarsal made of solid stainless steel, thus creating a practical storage compartment for magazines or brochures.

Glass and metal coffee table in white

White furniture reflects a lot of light, creating a bright and friendly atmosphere. It is not without good reason that in the Nordic style in particular, people use a lot of white in the interior to make the most of the sparse daylight.

This effect can be enhanced with a white coffee table. For example, our glass coffee table SLIDE with lacquered top in pearl white or pure white is available. By the way: A satined glass plate also visually achieves a whitish effect. If you want a white glass coffee table, you can also use this option, for example with the model DAVIS SOLO.

Coffee table glass and metal in bright colors

The coffee table is a perfect piece of furniture to set a colorful accent: a complete cabinet in bright red would be a bit flashy, a small red coffee table, however, represents an interesting splash of color.

At DREIECK DESIGN you will find some glass and metal coffee tables, which are available with a colorful finish. For example, you can buy the glass coffee tables NUO and DAVIS SOLO in anthracite gray, gray aluminum, ruby red and pure orange.

Glass coffee table: Which metal is best?

The metal components of our coffee tables are made of either steel, stainless steel or brass. Which metal is the best for your glass coffee table? Each material has certain properties and a specific appearance, so it is up to the individual preference, which metal is selected.

Glass coffee table with steel

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and has a small amount of carbon. Due to its stability and strength it is a very common material in all imaginable applications. Many of our glass coffee tables are equipped with a foot or connecting part made of stainless steel, which gives the furniture a high stability - for example the model MILES by Helmut Koppenhagen or the design SIRIUS and SIRIUS DOUBLE.
In interior design, steel components are very often chrome plated, which gives them a beautiful shiny appearance.

Glass coffee table with stainless steel

Stainless steel is a form of steel with a particularly high degree of purity. Therefore, stainless steel components are often used outdoors or for the bathroom and kitchen. Especially attractive is the stainless steel, that changes its appearance depending on the treatment: finely brushed gives a matte surface, while the shiny look of stainless steel is polished.

For this reason, numerous glass coffee tables from our collection also have high-quality stainless steel components - such as the DAVIS or NEX models. It is up to your taste whether you opt for the matt brushed or the glossy polished version.

Glass coffee table with brass

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with the proportion of zinc being crucial to the color of the metal. Characteristic is a reddish to yellowish color, which often even resembles gold. In interior and jewellery design, brass is therefore a popular material that creates a glamorous vintage look. From our coffee table collection you can order the SIRIUS and SIRIUS DOUBLE with table legs in high-gloss brass.

Which interior styles harmonize with a glass and metal coffee table?

The aim of DREIECK DESIGN is to create innovative and timeless glass furniture that is fun. This means that our glass coffee tables are not compatible with a specific interior design style, but can be integrated into different styles. The following examples are intended as Inspiration, how to combine a glass and metal coffee table.

Trendy factory chic: industrial style

The hip industrial style tries to imitate the imperfect charm of old factories. Characteristics are unpainted walls, pallet furniture and a lot of metal. The factory chic stands out above all through the interplay of cool steel or brass furniture with dark wood and cozy fabrics. A glass and metal coffee table fits perfectly into the industrial style.

Combine it with a lightly worn leather sofa and a rustic walnut cabinet.. Purist and elegant: the modern-minimalist style

The essence of minimalist living is the omission of everything superfluous. This philosophy also applies to many of our coffee tables. The neutral-cool aesthetics of the glass and metal coffee tables therefore perfectly matches a modern minimalist interior design style. With their straight lines and reduced design vocabulary, our coffee tables create an environment of restful clarity and simplicity.

Elegant retro look: Art Deco

The art nouveau style of Art déco follows an almost opposite direction: here it is all about the aesthetic design of everyday life through luxurious materials and lavish decorative patterns. Typical are heavy fabrics such as velvet or satin and furniture made of marble, brass and fine woods. A glass coffee table with shiny brass feet, such as the SIRIUS or SIRIUS DOUBLE models, is an ideal complement to an Art déco-style living room.