Round coffee tables with glass

At first glance, it may seem less noticeable than a cupboard or dining table - but: The coffee table is an indispensable element in every living room. It completes your sofa set and offers storage space for everything you would like to have close to the couch. A coffee table made of glass is particularly light and airy. Read more...

The coffee table: round and made of glass, it is a filigree work of art

In contrast to the rectangular versions, the round coffee table scores with its friendly, soft contours. Circles immediately arouse associations with known natural phenomenas - such as the sun and moon - and stand for perfection, wholeness and infinity. For this reason, circles are found in many company logos.

A round glass coffee table is an excellent way to integrate the symbolism of the circle in your own living room. The circular shape is particularly appealing when it contrasts with other edged furniture: Combine the corner sofa or the rectangular carpet with a round table - this will instantly add some verve and elegance to the living room.

Round glass coffee table: It depends on the diameter

The central measure of the size of a round table is the diameter of the table top. This is a straight line through the center of the circle. Depending on the space of the room, existing furniture and intended use, coffee tables with different diameters are suitable.

Larger glass coffee tables: round with a diameter of up to 100 cm

The largest glass coffee tables with round tabletop at DREIECK DESIGN have a diameter of 100 cm, only slightly smaller are tables with a diameter of 90 cm. In these dimensions, for example, the model SIRIUS and the model FILIO are available. With their generous storage space, these coffee tables provide space for drinks and snacks for the whole family; alternatively, several decorative elements and all the TV utensils can be stored there. Particularly suitable are large round coffee tables for extensive sofa lounges or as a low dining table.

Glass coffee table: round with 80 cm diameter

The round glass coffee table with a diameter of 80 cm is one of the most popular sizes, as it provides ample storage space, but also fits in smaller sized rooms. This diameter length is offered by default for the SIRIUS and FILIO models. You want a different design in this size? No problem! At DREIECK DESIGN you will also receive all models in personalized customization.

Glass coffee table: round with a diameter of 70 cm

The diameter of 70 cm also represents a middle ground between the very large table tops and the smaller models. DREIECK DESIGN most popular model for this category is SLIDE, which has a very versatile design with a height-adjustable foot part, available in ten different colors.

Small glass coffee tables: around 50 to 65 cm in diameter

Our little ones - these are the round coffee tables with a diameter of 50 to 65 cm. A smaller coffee table is ideal for rooms with limited space, and can be perfectly combined. How about a set of three small coffee tables in different heights?

For example, SLIDE is also available in a smaller version with a diameter of 50 or 60 cm. The round coffee table NEX with solid base made of stainless steel has a 65 cm diameter however also comes in smaller sizes.

The innovative coffee table MONDRIAN is designed in the Bauhaus colors: in its round version, it has a diameter of 60 cm. By the way: If you want a specific model in a smaller version, which is not specified by default in the online shop, please contact us for an individual customization.

So choose the right height for your round glass coffee table

In addition to the length of the diameter, the correct height for the round glass coffee table must also be selected. Most models of DREIECK DESIGN are available in different heights, so you can choose a copy according to your wishes. If such a standard variant is not available, we will of course tailor it to your needs.

Basically, the glass coffee table should be about the same height as your other furniture. If you want to eat off the coffee table and sit on a normal chair, you should rather choose a higher model, which is about 70 cm high. However, the classic coffee table, which is often used as a storage surface, has a height of 30 to 50 cm.

A real all-rounder: round glass coffee table with adjustable height

If you prefer a little more flexible, our height-adjustable SLIDE model is recommended: The glass coffee table with round tabletop has a stainless steel base, the height of which can be adjusted between 46 and 76 cm. Thus, depending on the situation, you decide whether you prefer to use the table as a dining table, coffee table or side table.

You have guests and spontaneously need an additional table where they can eat? With SLIDE this is no problem: simply remove all decorative items from the table and set the height to 76 cm, and all left to do is arrange some chairs: The cozy dinner space for two is completed.

Decorating ideas for the round glass coffee table

With some selected decorative items, the glass coffee table can be transformed into an appealing eye-catcher - especially as they can be arranged symmetrically. How about the following decoration suggestions?

Decorate the round glass table top in maritime chic

Maritime accessories are popular classics in interior design, because they immediately provide a holiday feeling. With a little skill, the sound of the sea can be brought into your own four walls: Put on flowerpots, candles or fabrics in the colors blue, white and gray and combine them with classic sailor symbols. Anchor, boat, shells and fish are the most popular motifs here.

Decorate the round glass table top with an Asian flair

The glass coffee table can also be designed as a small Feng Shui oasis. Choose deco elements in rich green, brown, gray and white. Very pretty are, for example, a small bamboo plant, small Buddha or elephant statues and a gold brass singing bowl. Also, a cherry blossom branch in the vase or some pretty stones in a glass exude Asian flair.

Decorate the round glass table top in a romantic, dreamy style

A round glass coffee table is also ideal for decorating it imaginatively and romantically. Combine accessories in white, gold and old rose with warm lighting effects. Adding a vase of flowers - such as white roses or soft pink carnations and a high candlestick made of brass or silver, or some tealights in a crystal glass provide a cozy effects.

Alternative locations for the round glass coffee table

The classic location for the round glass coffee table is the sofa landscape in the living room. In addition to bulky-soft upholstered furniture, a simplistic glass table cuts a fine figure and gives the scene a little lightness.

However, the use of a glass coffee table with round tabletop does not have to be limited to the living room: In other places, its elegance enriches, for example:

In the bedroom: A small round glass coffee table can serve as an exclusive bedside table. A surface for a reading lamp, books and an alarm clock, so they are always at hand. In the doctor's office: A designer glass coffee table turns the ordinary waiting room into a tasteful lounge. Brochures as well as magazines and newspapers can be laid out for the waiting people on the coffee table.

In the office: Whether for the vestibule or in the office itself - a noble glass coffee table with a round tabletop makes a good impression everywhere. Receive customers and business associates in a stylish ambience by using high quality designer furniture.

On the terrace: In addition to the sun lounger, you need a small table for ice cold drinks and refreshing ice cream? A small round glass coffee table fulfils this task perfectly and looks also very elegant.

Buying a glass coffee table with a round design: You should pay attention

Round shapes have their very own charm in terms of design: Circles symbolize perfection and loosen up the room pleasantly. Before you buy a round glass coffee table, however, you should clarify some questions - so you get a fitting piece of furniture that meets your needs:

- Why would I like to use the coffee table? First and foremost, you should briefly consider which purpose the table should primarily fulfil. Would you just like to drop the newspaper there, present your decoration or even use it as a dining table?

- Where would you like the glass consort? Should the round glass coffee table be in your living room or are you looking for a piece of furniture for the office?

- What size should the round coffee table have? Here's the key question of how big the table top's diameter should be. For this purpose, measure the living room exactly, then you can select the right dimensions online.

- Finally, you have to decide how high the coffee table should be - or maybe a height-adjustable coffee table would be ideal?

- Do you prefer a neutral classic or a strikingly colorful piece?

You have already selected the round glass coffee table that meets your expectations but would like to change some details? This is also possible: Simply click on "Special request" on the product page of the respective coffee table and we will gladly produce a special model for you.