Black coffee tables with glass

Bold, timeless and elegant - you will always make the right choice with a black glass coffee table. Are you still looking for a suitable model? Let yourself be inspired by the exclusive selection of designer pieces from DREIECK DESIGN! Read more...

Timeless classic: coffee table in black with glass

Do you want to bring style and elegance to your living room? Then a black glass coffee table might be just the thing. Glass is noble, timeless and an absolute classic. Thanks to its airy character, glass furniture can be included in any living room without being intrusive.

At the same time, they ensure more brightness and openness in living rooms: the shiny glass surfaces reflect the light and throw it back into the room - this creates a pleasantly cozy atmosphere. Would you like to maximize the natural daylight in your living room? It is best to position your glass coffee table across from the window. This is how the dream of a living space flooded with light becomes a reality.

Also practical: glass furniture can be easily combined with different materials. Is your sofa made of velvet? A hand-knotted wool carpet adorns the living room floor? No problem: a coffee table in black with glass always cuts a fine figure!


Glass coffee table in black: puristic nobility

Black elegance! What has long been considered a classic in fashion is now also becoming increasingly popular in interior design: dark accents in the form of furniture and accessories are conquering living spaces. A coffee table in black with glass stands for pure aesthetics and gives your living room an elegant touch.

Black brings splashes of color into your home even more. In this way, special decorative elements, such as an artistic picture or a noble vase, can be skillfully staged. In combination with warm natural tones or delicate pastel colors, the dark look comes into its own: combine your black glass coffee table with a lilac-colored sofa or a cream-white armchair!


Coffee table in black with glass at DREIECK DESIGN

Are you looking for a coffee table that is functional and stylish at the same time? Then you have come to the right place at DREIECK DESIGN. Our pieces of furniture are characterized by their refined design and the high proportion of handcraft. Your black coffee table with glass becomes the centerpiece of your apartment in no time at all!

Noble combination: coffee table in black with metal and glass

Stability meets elegance: a black coffee table with glass and metal combines two different materials that complement each other perfectly. While metal ensures the necessary stability, high-quality glass rounds off the elegant look.

A prime example of a successful mix of materials is the DAVIS SOLO model by designer Helmut Koppenhagen. This table not only impresses with its refined design, but can also be used in a variety of ways: horizontally it serves as a coffee table, when set up vertically it can be used as a stylish glass console. The high-quality frame made of brushed stainless steel harmonises perfectly with the 15 mm thick plate made of float glass or Optiwhite glass.

Do you love modern design? Then you should take a look at the NUO model. This coffee table in black with glass and stainless steel gives your living room an exclusive touch. Two almost floating glass angles are connected by a central column made of high-quality stainless steel. The lower glass plate is painted black and thus sets an elegant accent. The straight lines and high-quality materials make this coffee table an absolute statement piece!


Black glass coffee table: square and stylish

Thanks to its square shape, the QUADRO DOUBLE glass coffee table harmonises perfectly with U-shaped sofa landscapes. Particularly practical: the table consists of a glass surface and another intermediate shelf - so you have two storage areas for magazines, snacks or the remote control. The table feet made of brushed stainless steel complement the stylish look and provide the necessary stability.

Natural mix of materials: coffee table in black with glass and wood

Elegant and practical at the same time: The TRAY model by designer Klaus Bergen glides along on rollers and can therefore be easily positioned at the desired location. The body made of welded glass elements makes the coffee table a stylish eye-catcher. One or two wooden trays made of oak or walnut find their place on the upper glass surface. These are removable and can therefore also be used as a practical serving aid for finger food or drinks.

Coffee table in black: a dream made of glass

With the THEBEN model, you can bring a very special designer piece into your living room: between the two transparent table tops there is a drawer with lacquered glass. This offers enough storage space for magazines, the remote control or a good book. The glass construction is supported by four table legs that are painted to match the color of the drawer. A real dream made of glass!

Living room table made of glass in black: these furnishing styles go well with it

A glass coffee table in black with glass by DREIECK DESIGN can be combined in many ways. Our goal is to create high-quality and timeless designer furniture that will become real favorites. For this reason, our coffee tables also harmonize with several different furnishing styles.

Less is more: the minimalist style

The minimalist furnishing style is about doing without the superfluous and concentrating on the essentials. Clear lines, smooth surfaces and beautiful materials are among the characteristics of minimalist design. Uniform color palettes of beige, gray or white round off the clean look and bring the feeling of calm and relaxation into your living space. This elegant furnishing style can be perfectly complemented with a black glass coffee table!

Chic and simple: Scandinavian furnishing style

The Scandinavian furnishing style is also inspired by the minimalist design. You won't find any splendid furniture with elaborate decorations here. Instead, the focus is on simple and modern forms. Natural materials such as wood, wool, felt or linen also play an important role in the Scandinavian style and create a cozy atmosphere. A subtle coffee table with wooden accents like our TRAY model can be perfectly combined with it.

Industrial style: charming and rustic

The industrial style is characterized by its factory charm: unplastered walls, metal elements, smooth leather and untreated wood create a cozy feeling of living. A coffee table in black with a glass top and metal feet corresponds exactly to this rustic aesthetic. Complete the furnishings with an old leather sofa and the industrial chic is complete!

Made-to-measure design: coffee table in black with glass

You have already found your coffee table at DREIECK DESIGN, but would like to change individual details? No problem! We can also provide you with all models made to measure. Our exclusive designer pieces are made in Germany with a high proportion of handcraft. That is why we are able to meet almost all special requests. To order your individual glass coffee table, simply click on the "Customize" button on the product page. How to get the perfect black glass table for your living room!