Height-adjustable coffee tables

Regardless of whether it is used as a shelf or dining table: with a coffee table - height-adjustable and made of glass - you will always find the right position. This adapts to the moment and makes relaxing on the sofa even more comfortable. Thanks to its aesthetic appearance, it also gives your living space an elegant touch. Find your perfect height-adjustable glass coffee table at DREIECK DESIGN now! Read more...

Flexible coffee table: height adjustable and made of glass

A high-quality coffee table has to meet different requirements in everyday life: On the one hand, it serves as an elegant storage space for magazines, decorative elements or the remote control. On the other hand, it is also often used as a work or dining table. While a low table at seat height is suitable for the former, the latter requires a higher table position. You are therefore always right with a coffee table that is height-adjustable and made of glass!

This can be used as a coffee table, side table or as a dining table. Our SLIDE model is a particularly sophisticated piece of furniture. The elegant glass coffee table is height adjustable and adapts perfectly to your needs. By turning the high-quality glass plate, the table is unlocked and can be adjusted to your desired height. The shiny chrome-plated steel base plate rounds off the stylish look and makes the table a unique designer piece.

Glass coffee table with height-adjustable function by DREIECK DESIGN

A coffee table that is height-adjustable and made of glass facilitates various situations in everyday life thanks to its adjustable position. With its tasteful design, it also enhances the entire interior of the home. Are you still looking for a suitable model? At DREIECK DESIGN you get your dream coffee table made to measure. Regardless of whether you prefer a certain color, size or special materials - we can meet almost any special request. Just ask!