White coffee tables with glass

Whether cozy Nordic style or elegant, puristic designer look: a white glass coffee table harmonises with many different furnishing styles. The trend color white reflects the light and, together with the glass, creates a particularly open living atmosphere. Read more...

Modern elegance: coffee table in classy white with glass

You couldn't go wrong with white furniture in recent years. The decor in bright colors has shown itself to be a continuing living trend. No wonder: white creates a light-flooded atmosphere and makes the room appear larger.

And how could the look be implemented better than with a glass coffee table with white accents? The combination of glass and white appears light and airy - but at the same time it exudes elegant chic. After all, white stands for clarity, minimalism and noble restraint. In connection with the refined designs by DREIECK DESIGN, tasteful works of art result that enhance every living room.

Coffee table made of glass with white high-gloss finish

The glass coffee table with a high-gloss white finish looks particularly elegant. The smooth white surface throws the light back into the room and creates the impression of flawless beauty.

Shiny design - in the truest sense of the word - can be found, for example, on our glass coffee table NUO by Jürgen Sohn.

A transparent glass plate rests on a stainless steel base, which can be polished to a high gloss by hand. Below that is a second floor, also made of glass, but this time painted glossy white.

The URANUS model by designer Stefan Schoo is also an exciting creation. This masterpiece of modern design consists of two rectangular elements that seem to float on top of each other. On request, URANUS is also available completely in a glossy white finish.

Coffee table made of glass in white: interplay with other materials

Some of our white coffee tables contain other high-quality materials such as wood or metal in addition to glass. The combination of the different materials creates an extraordinarily interesting look.

Friendly Nordic: coffee table in white with wood and glass

Components made of wood look natural and give the piece of furniture a homely touch. A coffee table in white with wood and glass pleasantly combines the cool-looking glass with the warm flair of wood.

Last but not least, the combination of white and wood is currently very popular: in the popular Nordic living style, preference is given to white furniture and combining natural fabrics such as wood, rattan or linen.

For example, our TRAY glass coffee table by designer Klaus Bergen is perfectly suited to the Scandinavian style. The rollable table made of clear Optiwhite glass is available with white lacquer on the underside. On the top floor, the table is equipped with two decorative wooden trays, optionally made of light oak or fine walnut wood.

Cool chic: coffee table in white with glass and metal

Those who prefer it to be clear and puristic may find the combination with metal even more appealing. A white glass coffee table with metal elements is characterized by its cool chic and fits particularly well in a living room in a minimalist style.

Our model SLIDE is a good example of this: the classic coffee table in a timeless design consists of a height-adjustable foot made of high-quality chrome and a round glass plate resting on it - with pure white lacquer on request.

Exciting-futuristic or classic: which coffee table style should you like?

Modern, tasteful design - that distinguishes all glass furniture from DREIECK DESIGN. In addition, our models vary from timeless and classic to the avant-garde eye-catcher.

Exciting designer pieces

Are you looking for an exciting eye-catcher that reflects your enthusiasm for art and design? Then you might like the NIC model by designer Jürgen Sohn.

This coffee table is made entirely of glass and impresses with its innovative finish: the white surface is interrupted by individual transparent stripes. This creates an exciting pattern that creates a fascinating interplay of light and shadow.

A real design highlight is the URANUS coffee table by Stefan Schoo. Contrary to the idea of ​​a "classic" table, this model only consists of two solid square elements that are arranged one above the other.

If desired, the two levels can be swiveled flexibly, so that a new look is always created.

Subtle all-rounders that fit into any interior

Perhaps you already have an unusual piece of furniture in the living room and are more looking for a reserved coffee table so as not to overload the room.

Or you like to play with different furnishing styles and are looking for a part that can be flexibly integrated into different styles. Either way: With a discreetly classic glass coffee table in white, you will not go wrong and will definitely demonstrate taste.

How about, for example, with our glass coffee table REMUS: A top made of high-quality glass, either light Optiwhite or clear float glass, rests on four decorative, rectangular feet. On request, these are lacquered in satin matt pure white and can either be flush with the corners or be slightly moved inwards.

Coffee tables in white and glass - with surprising additional functions

Our design coffee tables not only convince with their exclusive design, they also surprise with some practical additional functions. True to the Bauhaus motto "form follows function", our glass furniture combines sophisticated aesthetics with everyday usability.

White glass coffee table with drawer

Do you love to play board games at the coffee table? Or enjoy having a stack of magazines at hand? Then a coffee table with additional storage space, such as an integrated drawer, is the optimal solution.

If you are looking for a coffee table in white glass with a drawer, our model THEBEN is recommended: The pure white body of the drawer is embedded between two transparent glass plates. The highlight: the drawer only fills a little more than half of the area. This slight asymmetry creates an interesting accent that gives the coffee table a little dynamism.

White glass coffee table with wheels

Sometimes it can be very useful to be able to move the coffee table flexibly. For example, if you often have overnight guests and pull out the couch or if you only need the coffee table from time to time. In this case, a glass coffee table with casters is a sensible alternative because it allows the piece of furniture to be moved back and forth flexibly.

Just like our model TRAY by designer Klaus Bergen: The table is equipped with a high-quality wooden tray and moves on integrated wheels. This means that the coffee table can also serve as a practical serving trolley on which snacks and drinks are served.

White glass coffee tables in custom sizes

Whether with gentle curves or with corners and edges: At DREIECK DESIGN you get stylish designer coffee tables in very different shapes. Your desired copy is not included in the official range? No problem!

We are happy to change individual details for you. If you want a table from our collection in a different height, size or shape, simply click on the "CUSTOMIZE" field on the product page.

We will then take care of your request immediately and inform you whether the desired change is possible.

Decorate the white glass coffee table in style

On a white glass coffee table, decorative elements come into their own: the subtle look of transparent and white glass harmonizes wonderfully with more eye-catching decorative items, for example.

A few initial ideas that can serve as inspiration:

  • Flowers in your favorite color: place a stylish designer vase on the coffee table and fill it with matching cut flowers. If you like it romantic and playful, choose peonies, tulips or gerberas in nostalgic dusky pink. On the other hand, daffodils in a strong yellow provide a touch of spring. Dried flowers or artificial flowers are suitable as permanent decoration.
  • Bowls made of gold or brass: golden or brass-colored objects look particularly noble on a white surface - such as an artistically curved bowl or two or three candlesticks.
  • Maritime flair: A white table can also be decorated in a maritime style. To do this, use blue and wooden objects, for example with decorative sand and blue candles. Lanterns in the glass or shells are also maritime classics that can be easily combined to form a white glass table.
  • Green plants: A few strong green swabs give the white table a cheerful, fresh note. How about a set of mini cacti, a small palm tree or an aloe vera, for example?

Buying a white glass coffee table: tips and tricks

Do you need a new coffee table and have you opted for a white glass table? Wonderful - you will definitely get an attractive piece of furniture that fits harmoniously into many styles.

Before buying, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Which white shade is the most appealing to me? Because white is not just white - the palette ranges from the cool, classic pure white to pearl white to a light beige.
  • How prominent should the white color be? Should it just be smaller white accents - a little white lacquered table base - or do I want a white table top?
  • What atmosphere should the coffee table achieve? Depending on whether you prefer a warm, cozy style or a reduced, elegant style, different coffee table models are suitable.
  • Do I need a coffee table with additional functions - e.g. drawer, additional storage compartment, adjustable height or castors?
  • What dimensions should the table have? A very basic question: how high, wide and long should the coffee table be?

Once these questions have been answered, there is a good chance that you will enjoy your coffee table for a long time. If you need a special table in a different size, shape or height - then do not hesitate to contact us! We would also be happy to tailor the desired model for you.