Coffee tables with oak and glass

Do you value warm, natural furnishings that make your living room a cozy feel-good place? Then a coffee table with oak and glass is the perfect addition. The natural material brings an earthy note to your home and is characterized by its beautiful appearance. Discover the coffee tables from DREIECK DESIGN in a timeless, natural style! Read more...

Coffee table made of glass with oak: In harmony with nature

Bring a piece of nature into your home with a coffee table made of oak and glass. The densely grained wood impresses with its beautiful, natural color and uniform grain. These properties make it a particularly popular material in interior design.

In addition, the solid oak is characterized by its durability and robustness. It hardly warps and is extremely dimensionally stable. Your coffee table will remain beautiful even after years and retain its original shape.

Wood stands for warmth and comfort. The natural material is therefore ideal if you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your living room. Combined with glass, this creates an interesting mix of materials that unites originality with modernity. The cool elegance of glass complements perfectly with the homely naturalness of wood. This creates unique pieces of furniture with a charming character!

That speaks for an oak coffee table with glass

A glass coffee table with oak impresses with its special look and high-quality materials. Are you still undecided and wondering whether a piece of furniture of this type will fit into your home? Here are some good reasons to choose an oak coffee table with glass:

  • Wood has a grounding, calming effect and gives rooms a natural touch.
  • Glass, on the other hand, scores with its airy appearance and makes your living room appear brighter and larger by reflecting the incidence of light.
  • The combination of wood and glass creates a fascinating look that makes the coffee table an aesthetic eye-catcher
  • A living room table made of oak and glass can be combined in many ways and goes with many different furnishing styles.
  • Both materials are extremely high quality and durable - with the right care, your coffee table will last for many years!

Coffee table with oak and glass by DREIECK DESIGN

Timeless and minimalist - this is the best way to describe the exclusive pieces of furniture from DREIECK DESIGN. Our products are manufactured in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Partly by hand and with great attention to detail, we manufacture first-class coffee tables with a sophisticated design. Models with oak wood can also be found in our range. Convince yourself and find a suitable model for your home!

Coffee table with oak and glass top: timeless models with a refined design

The SERVA saloon table by designer Vitold Heer stands out with its elegant appearance: The table is made up of welded glass elements - optionally made of float glass or Optiwhite glass. The upper glass plate has a recess in which a noble wooden tray made of oak finds its place. The tray can be removed as required, for example to serve delicious finger food to your guests. When turned upside down, however, it serves as a flush extension of the table top.

Our TRAY model is functional and stylish at the same time. This coffee table with oak and glass can also be used as a tasteful serving trolley. There is enough space for one or two removable oak trays on the upper shelf of the high-quality glass body. The integrated rollers, which are hidden under the lacquered base plate, ensure maximum flexibility. So the table can be pushed from A to B very easily and without much effort. Your guests will be amazed!

Coffee table with wild oak and glass for a particularly elegant look

Pieces of furniture made of wild oak are characterized by their particularly lively grain. Interesting to know: In order to achieve this expressive look, trees with an above-average number of branches are selected for processing.

The REMUS glass coffee table impresses with its simple design with stylish accents made of oak. The model consists of an elegant glass top supported by four square table feet. These are finished with wild oak veneer. Depending on your taste, you can choose the position of the table legs yourself: positioned at the outer corners, a flush, straight design is created. A little further inwards, the table legs make the piece of furniture look even more elegant!

Stylish coffee table made of oak: solid and with glass

With the MONUMENT model, an exclusive designer piece moves into your home: the glass coffee table with oak is hard to beat in terms of functionality, storage space and design!

The square body made of solid wood has a removable tray under which four high-quality storage compartments are hidden. The remote control, games or other objects find their place here. Two integrated drawers also provide additional storage space. The solid wood body is supported by a high-quality glass bracket made of Optiwhite glass, which makes the table almost seem to float. A unique sight!

The right care for the coffee table with oak and glass

A coffee table with oak and glass scores with its high-quality and durable materials. Nevertheless, they should be regularly maintained so that you can enjoy the piece of furniture for as long as possible. The following tips are sure to help you take care of it properly:

  • Glass should never be cleaned dry: Use a soft cloth or sponge and some glass cleaner instead. You can use it to wipe your coffee table at regular intervals. Tip: Always spray the cleaning agent on the cleaning cloth and not directly on the piece of furniture. Elements made of wood can possibly be damaged by the glass cleaner.
  • For a shiny finish, gently rub the glass surface dry with a cotton or microfiber cloth.
  • Particularly stubborn dirt on the glass coffee table can be removed with steel wool. However, the same applies here: Never clean when dry. If your coffee table is made of satined or lacquered glass, you should refrain from cleaning it with steel wool in order to avoid unsightly scratches.
  • Elements made of oak also require special care: Depending on whether the wood is oiled, waxed or varnished, you should always refresh the surfaces with the appropriate treatment. Regular cleaning with a dry cloth will help to remove dust and dirt from the wooden surface.

Made to measure: the perfect coffee table with oak and glass

You haven't found the right coffee table with oak and glass yet? Then you have come to the right place at DREIECK DESIGN. We can also provide you with all models made to measure. So you can design your living room table according to your personal ideas. After you have given us the dimensions, colors and materials, you will receive a non-binding offer and - if you wish - your perfect made-to-measure coffee table soon!