White side tables

Because of sober and boring: With a white glass side table you bring lightness, freshness and elegance to your living area. At DREIECK DESIGN you will find an exclusive selection of tasteful models. Let yourself be inspired and find the perfect side table in white with glass! Read more...

Side table in elegant white with glass

Regardless of the furnishing style in your living room: you will never go wrong with a side table in white made of glass! The color white stands for light and purity and conveys simple nobility. It goes well with all materials and colors and makes eye-catching decorative elements even more effective.

White surfaces and pieces of furniture also give your apartment a particularly stylish atmosphere and ensure a tidy appearance. Because the color reflects the light, rooms furnished in white not only appear brighter, but also optically larger.


Stylish and elegant: side table in white with glass

The combination of white color and glass makes your side table a timeless favorite! Thanks to its neutral character, glass can be easily integrated into any living room - regardless of whether it is a minimalist style or vintage chic. In addition, it can also be wonderfully combined with other materials: accents made of wood or stainless steel look even more valuable in combination with glass!

We at DREIECK DESIGN know that furnishing is something very individual. For this reason, we also offer custom-made products for all of our models. You are guaranteed to find the perfect side table in white with glass for your home!