Black side tables

Timeless elegance - with a side table in black made of glass you give your living room style and nobility. The noble all-rounder fits every furnishing style and is an absolute classic. Let yourself be inspired by the selection at DREIECK DESIGN and find your designer piece! Read more...

Simple elegance: side table in black with glass

With a side table in black made of glass, you can set tasteful accents in your home: A black side table is ideal as a discreet storage space next to your couch, as a bedside table next to your bed or as a decorative element in the entrance area, where keys and other little things find their place.

Black goes well with all materials and is particularly effective in combination with other colors: next to a velvet green sofa or in front of a colored wall, a black side table is guaranteed to cut a fine figure. Warm nuances, natural materials and plants loosen up the black look and create a cozy atmosphere.

A side table in black made of glass allows numerous design options: Regardless of whether you are more into the minimalist style or your apartment is kept in vintage chic - the little black one can be easily integrated into any furnishing style and exudes noble charm.


Side table made of glass: black and timeless

Hit the bull's eye with a black glass side table! Because not only the neutral color, but also the material stands for purist aesthetics. Glass is timeless, elegant and stands for cool nobility. Thanks to its airy and light character, glass furniture can be easily integrated into its surroundings without appearing intrusive.

Decorative elements located underneath are also visible through the glass plate. You can display your favorite books, a stylish vase or dried flowers on a lower level of your side table.

The nice thing about glass: It can be combined particularly well with other materials. Accents made of wood or stainless steel provide that certain something and turn your side table into an exclusive statement piece!

Side table in black with glass by DREIECK DESIGN

A side table for your home needs to be well chosen, after all, you should enjoy it for as long as possible. At DREICK DESIGN you will find designer pieces with a high proportion of handwork that are made in Germany.

The CASKET model by designer Klaus Bergen is a very special eye-catcher. The multifunctional side table has an integrated storage compartment with a removable cover made of solid wood: This means that you always have important things to hand and at the same time stowed discreetly. A charming detail are the mitered glass edges, which give the side table a noble touch.

Do you need a slightly larger storage space? Then you should take a look at the TRAY model. This side table in black with glass also cuts a fine figure as a minibar or serving trolley. The attached rollers ensure maximum flexibility and the removable tray made of oak or walnut serves as a stylish serving aid.


Side table in round shape: black with glass

Circles and soft lines bring peace and harmony to your home. So what is better than a round side table in black with glass?

The DISC model by designer Jürgen Sohn is a particularly sophisticated piece of furniture and is characterized by its puristic design. The side table consists of a round glass plate, which sits enthroned on a high-quality chrome base. The specialty: the frame has a slight kink. Round lines with angular edges complement each other and together result in a coherent work of art.

The side table JAMES is functional and stylish at the same time. This model comes on castors and can be easily moved: So you always have your side table exactly where you need it. Its elaborate workmanship makes it an exclusive designer piece: the table is milled from a single glass element and then ground and bent into shape. A colored accent on the upper glass plate serves as a visual eye-catcher.


Side table made of glass with metal: black and classy

It's all in the mix! For this reason you will also find black side tables made of glass with metal at DREIECK DESIGN. Here timeless elegance meets robust stability.

With the ROTON model you bring an extraordinary statement piece into your home. This side table is the epitome of modern industrial design and consists of three different materials: the table base is made of concrete, while the top is made of glass. The middle piece made of high quality chrome connects the two parts. Together, this mix of materials creates a harmonious overall picture and gives your living room an extravagant note.

Are you looking for a subtle classic? Then the LIDO model is just right for you. The side table in black with glass impresses with its minimalist design and fits into every living room: as a shelf next to the sofa or as an additional decorative element in the dining area. The high-quality base made of solid stainless steel provides the necessary stability, while the noble glass top rounds off the elegant look.


The right care for your black glass side table

The good news first: Glass is extremely easy to care for. However, fingerprints can quickly tarnish the transparent surface. However, cleaning is simple and straightforward: Put a few splashes of glass cleaner on a cotton cloth and wipe it off - your side table will shine like new again!

So that you can enjoy your glass furniture for as long as possible, here are a few more care tips:

  • The best way to remove dust is with a soft cloth or frond - this will avoid unsightly scratches.

  • Always use clean water for cleaning: Small dirt particles can cause a scouring effect and leave scratches.

  • Remove stains of any kind as soon as possible before they become encrusted or dry.



Made-to-measure design: side table in black with glass

Furnishings and pieces of furniture are very individual things: a side table should not only serve a specific purpose, but also reflect your own taste. For this reason, DREIECK DESIGN also offers all models as custom-made products.

To do this, select your favorite product and click on the “Special request?” Button. You now have the opportunity to notify us of your change requests. You will then receive a non-binding offer for your custom-made designer piece from us.

We produce all of our glass furniture with a high proportion of handcraft in Germany - this also applies to made-to-measure creations. This is how you can bring an exclusive piece of furniture into your home that is perfectly tailored to your needs!