Jürgen Sohn



Designer Jürgen Sohn

Designer Jürgen Sohn

Jürgen Sohn, born in 1964, designer and owner of SOHNDESIGN.

Illuminating what is already there, questioning it, being curious, setting tasks - this is the basis of every design development. Since SOHNDESIGN was founded in January 1994, our focus has been on the interdisciplinary development of design solutions.

Creativity and competence come first. With a pronounced understanding of aesthetics, shapes and dimensions, we try to create something special with every design development.

Designing products whose design language arouses emotions and impresses with continuity is the goal of every development work. SOHNDESIGN, based in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, is for one
international customer base and has been working for DREIECK DESIGN since 2002.


These products have been designed by Jürgen Sohn:

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