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Cleaning glass

Glass cleaning
is usually much easier than often assumed, you should only follow some important basic rules.

Most importantly, all glass furniture should never be dry-cleaned. When you clean glass dry, the smallest particles of sand or dust are enough to scratch the glass. This is avoided if you always use a damp cloth.
Here every clean kitchen cloth, every clean sponge or of course soft paper towels from the roll is suitable.

For glass cleaning, it is best to simply use some glass cleaner and then wipe off the entire glass surface completely. To remove grease and dust from your glass table. After the wet cleaning, simply wipe your glass table with a soft cotton cloth, microfibre cloth or paper towels.

Should still be coarse contaminants, such. Glue residues or encrustations are on your glass furniture, please follow our tip steel wool!

Glastisch reinigen



Davis Couchtisch

Insider's tip steel wool:

Most people who hear about using steel wool for glass cleaning for the first time are usually very surprised or take it for a joke.
But rightly, there is no better way to clean coarse dirt on glass than with steel wool.

You can safely use 000 or 0000 steel wool for cleaning almost all glass furniture, if you follow these cleaning tips:

1. Glass should generally never be dry-cleaned, this is especially true for steel wool. It is useful to use glass cleaner, but steel wool can also be used with water or other liquid cleaners. Only never without liquid!

2. Steel wool should only be used on clear glass plates, if you should use it to clean a lacquered glass table, the steel wool should only be used on the unpainted side. The same applies to a satined glass table, never use the steel wool on the frosted glass side, but only on the clear (smooth) side!


Now your glass table should be clean.

If streaks or stains are still present on the glass, we recommend that you spray a soft cotton cloth or classic paper towel with a little glass cleaner and wipe your glass surface again.

Now your glass table should shine like new again.