Vitold Heer



Designer Vitold Heer

Designer Vitold Heer

Vitold Heer was born in 1968 in the USSR. After studying fine arts, he traveled to Germany in 1994 and devoted himself to studying product design in Münster. Since then he has inspired with his creative ideas and brings a breath of fresh air into the furniture world.


  • Born in 1968 in Karaganda USSR

  • 1986 - 1990 studies of fine art in Karaganda and works as interior designer and artisan

  • 1994 entry into the FRG

  • 1996 - 2000 study of product design in Münster

  • Freelance work for Manufactum, Fibo, Budde Design since 2000

  • since 2009 cooperation with the design office Federdesign and others Design for companies Severin, Emsa, Melitta and DREIECK DESIGN


These products have been designed by Vitold Heer:

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